Regrets . . . I have a few . . .

Yeah, no … don’t worry. I’m not going to start singing. Me breaking into song would mean EVERYONE would have regrets. A little while ago Matty’s post made me stop to think about what I wish I’d been able to do in Cata before Mists gets here. I tried to think of things that would have been realistic to accomplish given that I play “My Way.” Why am I doing this, I don’t even care for Frank Sinatra. Geez … Tuesdays … I get wacky … as opposed to maybe Thursdays when I have everything totally under control.

Anyway after thinking about it, one thing came immediately to the top of the list. Something I tried to accomplish very early in the expansion because like an idiot, I raced to level cap like I had somewhere to go, which I didn’t. This meant I had lots of company leveling up. Yay! If there are group quests there’ll be people around even in the daytime!

Yay! Crucible of Carnage! I loved the other two! Great! Let’s do this thing! Yeah, well, never happened. I seemed to always group with people who had zero death tolerance. First few groups we were all wearing the equivalent of hand-me-downs and didn’t know the fights but one wipe and everyone would leave. Tried some more, and before the first fight the two other dps start dueling each other. I KNOW! What was that about. There was another time when the Horde showed up and again things devolved into PvP and the fight was forgotten.

There was a lot to see and I forgot about it, although I would occasionally go there to see if any groups were forming, but no luck. So, without a lot of hope I thought, it’s not too late. Go hang out there and hope for some daytime action! It could happen!

So Cat goes to the Crucible of Carnage and takes a seat with a view. Does a /who, no one around. Just be patient. If you sit here they will come. Yeah, so it’s a little boring. I alt tabbed to read blogs for just a few minutes. I’ll check in a minute. I think I must have been gone longer than I thought. I come back to see Gurthock yelling, “I DON’T BELIEVE IT! WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION OF CARNAGE!!! Our big, bad beefy challenger has been defeated by a ragtag crew of nobodies! Incredible finish!

A Paladin and a Hunter had just done it while I was AFK. I wonder if they saw the stupid Druid sitting there while they were trying to get a group together. The AFK blog reading Druid. Sheesh, if it weren’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all sometimes. It’s almost like I was born under a bad sign. I’m linking that one as it’s someone I like, unlike old Frank. Well I started off with the whole “My Way” thing so I thought I should go out that way.

So anyway, I have a month. Maybe I’ll get lucky. If not I’ll come back when I’m 90 and pound the crap out of all of them. Take that! But as you can see I’ll be leaving Cata with a handy Tol Barad Searchlight. See, I did get SOMETHING accomplished. I’m not a COMPLETE goof-off. I think next time I’m taking that thing with me and I’ll set it up at the Crucible of Carnage and see if I can attract some attention, I can’t be the only one with bad luck.

Totally unrelated. Totally, but it’s Tuesday. LOOK! Testing GTFO for cars! Come on, the person who thought this up has to play WoW.


7 Responses to “Regrets . . . I have a few . . .”

  1. Oh I wish I could have helped you with that! You know I would. What a shame serial altitis and anti altitis are not compatible. Hmmm. Idea!

  2. I would have loved to help with this as well. Times like this esp. I wish you were in my Guild >.>

  3. battlechicken Says:

    Argh, add me to the list of people who would help you! I take people through it all the time. The Crucible needs a new champion!

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