Mogolympics Discus Coverage!

I was so excited to see the Mogolympics Discus results were up! I hurried to tell Cat but I couldn’t find that Druid anywhere. I knew she’d want to know but where was she?

Oh, figures. She’s the sentimental one. Found her saying her third or fourth farewell to Theramore. Cat! Cat! Stop with the moping in Theramore! Go read the amazing coverage of the Discus Event! It will cheer you up! Tell Sasche Frank’s there! Hurry!

5 Responses to “Mogolympics Discus Coverage!”

  1. JD Kenada Says:

    I know of a couple characters that have visited Theramore lately. I think Siori got tipped off by her friend Matthias Shaw…

    • I think that’s her third recent visit and I’m betting she’ll make one more trip before next Tuesday!

      • JD Kenada Says:

        I remember pre-Cata my Alliance toons would head there as soon as they could. Tethyr’s quest chain was a blast, and even going through that area during “The Missing Diplomat” was fun. I do hope they do something with the island after all this, though. Alliance concentration camp?

        • I know, I visited the island too. I think those mobs get my vote for loneliest mobs in the world. I killed a few to help with morale!

        • JD Kenada Says:

          I remember helping someone with quests out there. For Scepter of Sands perhaps? I just remember her Paladin getting MC’d and annihilating my Rogue.

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