Waiting …

Yeah, I’m just waiting. Otherwise known as faffing. Waiting for the scores for the Archery round from the computator supreme. Waiting for Patch 5.0.4. Waiting for September 25th. Just you know, waiting for stuff.

I’d like to thank That Was an Accident for the idea to dance on Varian’s head. Couldn’t get anyone else interested, but that’s okay. Dancing on Varian’s head can be enjoyed solo or with a group.

Got to thank Bubbles of Mischief and The Crimson Hammer for reminding me about the dog whistle. Yay! Finally got it!

Yeah … that last one. Shouldn’t really blame that on anyone else. That’s kind of me … doing the WoW equivalent of contemplating my navel I guess. And what’s really creepy is, it was a lot longer. I cut it short to save you the pain.

Rest assured that reporters are standing by to bring you the Mogolympics news as soon as it breaks. In the meantime I’ll have to go looking for some more last minute shopping to do while I wait for the world as we know it to change once again.

15 Responses to “Waiting …”

  1. OK I wasn’t sure what you meant about dancing on Varian’s head until I recognised the spot from the video. 😛

    Yay on the whistle 😀

  2. Man, Houndmaster Loksey is getting some major facetime recently, lol. Grats on getting your doggy whistle!

  3. It’s trinkets like those I wish, wish, would grow with us – they are far too cool to have and not use! Perhaps a “vanity” trinket slot, a third one, where we can keep our fun ones like this one. I still want to call the servants, or the dog, or the whatever, to come out and help me, dammit! Minions! To my side!

    And as far as the waiting goes, I hope we all don’t turn blue and pass out from the collective holding of breath. This could get ugly.

  4. If Varian Wrynn didn’t want his noggin to be danced on, he shouldn’t have made the statue that damn big!

  5. Banesidhe Says:

    I feel you, soooo much. I feel sort of disconnected and dissatisfied with most of my usual messing around right now, because I want the new stuff now, now, now! Even the stuff on my bucket list feels like work right now. I gotta find some silly, quick things to do to keep myself occupied!

    • I know, bucket list things do seem like work now.

      I finally found something I could manage that didn’t seem like work. I went and resumed beating up Kael’thas in the hope of a pet. Didn’t get one but did get a beautiful robe so I was happy!

      • Banesidhe Says:

        Ha! After beating him up for three years for that mount, I’ll happily never see his face again, but I love knowing other people are still kicking him in the butt!

  6. Ha! I picked up my dog whistle on Anou just last week! I thought to myself: This would probably be a good time to run SM for the dog whistle.

    Double Ha! I just noticed Banesidhe’s comment above mine also started with “Ha!”. 😀

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