Mogolympics Archery Results

I told my Druid that I was pretty sure my Hunter knew the location where the archery event was to take place. Druid finally caught up with her in Mulgore which seemed a fitting venue for an archery event. That’s when the trouble started. I should have seen this coming. Common sense should have told me there would be a lot of handsomely dressed Human Males there. Oh no … no … NO!

Druid I TOLD you I don’t know their names! I don’t know who they are, I can’t give you his contact information. NO! I will not bend the rules for you! WHAT! You’ll give me a stack of Heavy Savage Leather to make sure he wins and you get to meet him! I can’t do that, are you going to try to bribe ALL the judges? Geez, ENOUGH!

Anyway, enough about my troubles. All the competitors can be seen in their glorious best. Once again, an incredibly stiff competition!

Representing Honor Hold we have the gold medalist.

Thunder Bluff is taking home the silver medal.

And our bronze medalist proudly represents the Bilgewater Cartel.

Congratulations to the winners and all the competitors! A beautiful field of entrants I must say. I’m happy for them … for me not so much, when I login I’m I going to get an earful from that Druid. No Human Males on that podium, she is going to make my life a living hell.

Pssst … entrant number six! You might want to lay low for a while, she’s looking for you … just saying.

26 Responses to “Mogolympics Archery Results”

  1. My hunter approves of this post. +1 for many many new transmog ideas!

    Grats to the winners! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. I just have to say, love how the top 3 are in in skirts. And also. Squee!!! My worgen lady gets a bronze! I suppose now she’ll be wanting me to level her and start trying to track down all the parts so she can wear this. And also, wow, there’s just so much pretty stuff everyone to look at. Idk how the judges can pick and rate all this stuff when everything looks so cool.

  3. Ah, that plateau up between Mulgore and Stonetalon is a perfect spot! So many beautiful bows! (and so many wonderful outfits to go with them ๐Ÿ˜€ )
    Congratulations, medalists!

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  6. Love these videos. Congrats to all the winners.

  7. Grats winners! That gold winning one is definitely a stunner!

  8. Oooooh – those are all amazing. Definitely going to have to search for some of those bows.

  9. I know, I’m hoping most entrants will post their outfits so I can find out what they’re wearing.

  10. […] have an alt of right now, so it was super fun to look through all the different bow models for the Archery event! So many of the contest entries really made me want to level a hunter. I may just have to abandon […]

  11. Ok. Wow. Moving music, awesome choice.

    I am amazed to see all the entries in the archery boasting skirts! Talk about a loud message to Blizz! MORE SKIRTS FOR THE HUNTARDS! (Hehe ;))

    There were so many really good entries in this category, congrats to everyone for the ideas! Of course, medalists, excellent work. Judges too.

    Particular mention to that worgen with the wolf’s head helm. I absolutely loved that. And the shoulders. I think that one was my favorite!

  12. Holy skirts, Batman! Freyana is normally a pants-wearing hunter, but I may have to track down some of those shammy dresses for her to wear.

    Grats to the winners! And a wonderful video as well ๐Ÿ™‚

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