Fencing Results!


Oh, I’m sorry. I thought this was about a certain transaction I made recently. Wrong fencing entirely! Just never mind, forget I mentioned it … really. The competitors in the Mogolympics Fencing Event have lunged and parried and riposted before the judges in a incredible display of swashbucklery. The results are in! View them in all their glory at Sugar & Blood! We salute you!

6 Responses to “Fencing Results!”

  1. Oh my gosh Tome – chalk it up to “great minds” or “devious minds” but I was thinking about this same slant! Too damn funny!

  2. So you know what I was thinking when looking at an 1880 Census for an ancestor and finding someone with an occupation of “Fencer”.

    That’s what it said!

  3. Ohhhh I get it now!

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