Rearranging Blog Furniture and It Heals!

Yes, servers will be down for who knows how long so rather than go outside and breath that toxic fresh air, I decided to fiddle with this blog. FOR ONCE I’m not going to sneak more links on my blogroll in the dark of night. I’m going to actually tell you who they are.

These are some of my companions who I accompany on daring Laid Back Raids where we mug bravely fight evil in search of really nice looking skirts and pants and stuff. clawsofdanea does haiku! I find poets quite impressive! There’s another poet up there but she disguised herself as Alliance. Probably how the Horde got the intelligence to attack Theramore. I know that’s you Navi the Poet!

I even added a FAQ. Navi was asking me why I wasn’t talking at one of the raids and I thought, damn, what must the rest of these people think. JD brought a bot along to Laid Back Raids? So yeah! My first (and probably only) FAQ!

Tiny WoW Guild organizes Laid Back Dungeons! Check out the schedule! Reputation Grind is frequently our fearless leader in Laid Back Raids on our never ending search for glory and the perfect hat!

So here we are on the brink of Patch 5.0.4. I’m sure everyone else is handling the … you know … information so I’m free to talk about whatever. That’s Anesthetica the Discipline Priest. I have never healed, ever. My Druid doesn’t even heal herself. I don’t have a nurturing bone in my body so making a healer seems like a bad idea, yes?

A friend wanted to start a new Pally tank but has issues with LFD so I said, “Oh, I could roll a healer and go with you.” I’m not sure what came over me. So yeah, Goblin was born.

Fearlessly, (I’m kidding) we queued for Ragefire Chasm and were in immediately. I think I rolled a Discipline Priest because I saw they have a shield thingy and I could just put it up and go about my business, looking around and stuff, but apparently I need to DO other things too. Not much really, as I only had four spells at fifteen.

Wanting to be a responsible Priest, I made a macro telling the group I was a NOOB healer and they were all going to die horribly, to get out while they could. No reaction. But no cursing, racial slurs, sexist remarks, so to me, things were looking good! We commenced running around like squirrels on meth. I know the tank had problems with everyone but me pulling, I might have pulled too. I think I shielded a boss once if that’s even possible.

On queuing two more times we got it again and again so finally quit. We only had one horrible death scene which was totally my fault. This drunk Hunter joined the group and kept asking to kill one more Warlock. The tank was busy chasing the pulling dps. The drunk Hunter said, “Please, can we kill another Warlock.” OMG! He said please!

I looked back and he’d decided to go it alone and was about to die. The tank and dps didn’t seem to be engaged so like an idiot, yes, I’m a sucker for please, I went back to save the drunk Hunter. Results were EVERYONE died except … well … me. That shield thing is handy. I know, I TOLD you I don’t have a nurturing instinct! I’m sure letting everyone but yourself die breaks the priest code of ethics. They might not issue her a hymnal. She might have to be a backstreet rogue healer and stand in dark alleys going, “Pssst … pssst, get your heals here.”

I know the tank and I have differing opinions on how successful our first go at LFD went. I thought it was a great success as WoW pickup groups go. It’s possible that we have differing expectations about WoW groups. My standards are unhappily very low as a result of past experience, he must be more of an optimist.

No insults hurled and a please? Excellent! And well yeah, that Goblin really liked that belt upgrade in her bag of goodies, she’s a little mercenary. So Anesthetica’s probably a keeper. You’ve been warned. If you have a low level alt doing LFD you might want to be careful who you’re putting your life in the hands of … yeah … could be her. Be afraid … be very afraid!

8 Responses to “Rearranging Blog Furniture and It Heals!”

  1. I have faith in you …all the way!

  2. So do I. Hopefully that means something since I am a Disc Priest 😛

  3. I wouldn’t worry about the whole nurturing thingie, I’m pretty much the opposite too but have been successfully healing for years. I think condensed hate* works just as well as a desire to nurture all things when it comes to channelling the light.

    “I’m sure letting everyone but yourself die breaks the priest code of ethics.”

    In the Sprout school of Priesting, letting everyone else die to save yourself is class 101. After all you can res them, although at lev 15 you probably can’t but it’s a good practical lesson for later (or you can write blog posts whilst they run back from the graveyard whining). Basically priority list goes me > whatever is meant to be tanking > the hunter’s pet because it’s got big eyes and a cute name > any other Gnomes > casters > melee > male draenei.

    *It’s a bit like condensed milk only doesn’t taste as good when spooned straight from the tin.

    • ROTFL! Okay, I think you’re talking her language now! I think she can do condensed hate real well!

      It’s pretty funny, I had just trained my res but was never able to find their bodies so this one time the healer relaxed in the instance waiting for everyone else to have to run back.

      I also noticed that being a Hunter and Warlock meant I was as concerned with healing the pets as the people. I kept getting annoyed with the Warlock letting his pet come perilously close to dying.

  4. You are doing LFD? Oh no that means I have to keep my little promise to myself and start levelling an alt. What have you gotten me into!

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