Pssst! Just Between Us …

My Warlock might not be the sharpest tool in the shed. I love Warlocks but I think I might have to roll another to start from the ground up to figure out what the hell to do. How in the world do people buy a leveled character and play it? Oh, and maybe I should see about borked addons too. Although I must say I do like her horns. I’m beginning to think I went way too far in the avoiding “spoilers” department. When Warlock got too frustrating I did the really important things.

Yes, yes. You’ll see a trend here. Could explain my problems with the Warlocks. I’m having trouble getting out of faff mode and into figuring out mode.

So anyway, just wanted to /wave! Now I have to get the Freestyle event finished before JD boots me off the Mogolympics judging panel. I’ll have to get back to Warlock later … maybe she’d like to try out Affliction again, but would she still get horns? Oh, my. This scrunching my eyes closed at mention of Mists has not worked out well. Poor Warlock’s going to have to go back to evil school.

21 Responses to “Pssst! Just Between Us …”

  1. Poor locks! I think I see the problem though Ancient… you seem to be playing with your druid instead of the locks! That’s why they’re feeling confused!

  2. The plate can only get so full before it spills over 🙂 Cat maybe should keep an eye out over her shoulder for head-hunting Locks? LOL!

    • I know, if I’d ever pick one class and stay with it I might be able to learn to play it properly! Having said that after I’ve finished judging I should check in on that Priest, she can’t have changed much or if she did I won’t even notice since she’s just a baby. Be interesting to see how long her mana lasts.

  3. Hmm, maybe I should log on my druid to play around with the new forms.

  4. This patch was both a justification/validation for all my alts and a “why didn’t I just stick to one?” conflicting moment. I had more fun tooling around with my lock and her ‘entourage” of imps (there’s a story waiting for the red one) than just about anything over the past 48-hours.

    • Although I wish I would stick to one I know me too well so that’s not happening, lol. At least I do have a favorite which is probably as close as I’ll ever get.

      Oh good! I’d like a good Imp story!

  5. Banesidhe Says:

    There was a -tower- of druid stags yesterday on Wyrmrest Accord. In a glitch that I’m sure will get hotfixed soon, if you time it -just- right, you can shift into your stag form as you’re mounting onto another stag druid and voila, stag tower. Timing gets trickier the higher it is though, so I think they got to 8 or 9 total.

  6. I haven’t given JD my Freestyle results yet either, too distracted by the shiny patch! So at least we’re both in trouble.

    It’s funny because you and I seem to have done the same thing in reverse! I logged onto Kash, played with her new forms, found out that I couldn’t heal because Healbot was broken, tried some other healing add ons, got frustrated and said, “Screw this! I’m going to go play Frank!” Leveling the warlock isn’t the most productive use of my patch time, but it sure was more fun! 😀

    • I promised myself I’d get Freestyle finished sometime today, hope I keep my promise, lol.

      I’ll bet Frank was happy! I am all over the place, seeing what addons might be updated, making glyphs and then deciding I want something else. Cynwise was right about just trashing all your Warlock’s keybinds and stuff and starting from scratch. I’ll have to take her out for a test drive now!

      • Same here — gotta get Freestyle done today! Especially since I need to write the Equestrian thing ASAP.

        I totally followed Cynwise’s advice too. Took everything off Frank’s bars and rebuilt them from scratch. Everything is so much simpler and organized now, and it feels like he has a rotation and not a huge mass of spells that I’m not sure whether I should be using or not.

  7. Oooh, I’m glad to hear that the Equestrian and Freestyle results are in the pipeline! I can’t wait to see them!

    Both of my Druids are now equipped with the glyph of the Orca, but I haven’t actually gone out to play with it yet. I like the new stag form, but I think I’ll use the glyph of the Cheetah with my Feral Druid because she wants to be a kitty all the time!

    • Cat swam out to greet ships coming in to dock for a while, lol! I was fine with my Cheetah but fell in love with the dancing Stag.

      I do a little judging, log back in, judge, log back in, but I will have that done and to JD before dinner, and can’t wait to see those Equestrian results. I’m always anxious to see if my favorites medaled.

  8. If it makes you feel any better, I’m considering the same thing about Locks. Although in my case I’m going with a Rogue first, and then maybe tinkering with a low level Lock to figure things out.

    • I’m feeling a little better about her now. Decided to run around trying her out while gathering cloth. Nothing was staying alive long enough to get a real feel for the spells but it was so fun I didn’t care.

      Druid will go to Mists first and probably a Warlock second so hopefully by then everything will make sense. And you just reminded me, I’d better go read up on Rogue talents and check in on her!

  9. I spent most of Friday relearning my lock. So many new affliction spells, but I gotta say loving the new harvest life spell. Sucking life from a dozen peeps in a BG or lower level dungeon is quite amusing.

    I’m getting my butt kicked in duels, I was never good in duels anyways, but in top 3 damage for every BGI have been in, which is like 25 now, just trying to get use to playing this new lock!

    I miss my old felhunter 🙂
    The new floating eyeball pet rocks though!

    • After I stopped panicking and started from scratch I really loved it. I haven’t gotten around to looking into affliction my other spec yet so that’ll be fun! Harvest life sounds wonderfully fun! I think that will be next on my to do list!

      • I second the comment about Harvest Life! It’s so amazingly awesome! I have no idea if it’s good for DPS or not, but it’s a ton of fun! Also, when your main target dies it automatically jumps to another mob affected by it, so you don’t have to keep switching targets and reapplying it if your mob dies. Frank approved!

        • I’ll have to pick that talent for her Affliction spec, I’m all about the fun so that sounds like the one for me and it’s Frank approved! What higher endorsement is there!

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