Still Flying and Other Patch Phenomena

Very important mission this morning, are they still there? Yes! We’re still flying! What’s not to like there, flying monkeys still around and a chance to honor Captain Mal. There are some other patch additions that I do have problems with though.

Probably just me but the new loading screen has what I assume is a tinkling bell in the background. Every time I hear it I STILL, STILL, glance at the phone right next to me and wonder why it’s not ringing when the phone down the hall is. Am I going to do that for the whole expansion? Probably, I still haven’t adjusted to my new password. I get halfway through typing my old one before I remember.

And look at what’s happened to my sensible banker. Instead of making oodles of money with my scribe’s talent she instead is wasting her pigments on fun stuff for herself. Said she needed company. She has that water thingy but apparently that’s not enough for her. Since she handles everyone’s money I guess it’s best to humor her.

What else. Oh, I always loved my Warlocks but now sticking with them through good times and bad has paid off. FUN! FUN! I’m not sure they’re happy about it though. They used to feel “special” and if word of this gets out, there will be nothing but Warlocks EVERYWHERE, they’ll be as common as squirrels so they’re feeling conflicted.

I use very few addons, but in my wisdom I’ve picked the ones that don’t work now. How is that even possible? I had 62 pages of LUA Errors I think. And this is after I got the Patch 5.0.4 compatible addons. Turning everything off and waiting is fine except for one thing. I can’t see what armor looks like. I had no idea this was going to be such a problem for me, but it is. Every time I get a piece of armor I have to go to Wowhead to see what it looks like. Might be pretty, don’t want to vendor it.

Cat found out that she is not as stealthy as she was. She was stealthing through The Wellson Shipyard like she always does and picked up a train of about six mobs on her way to do Bombs Away! which was unfortunate as she also seems a lot squishier.

Apparently after barely making it out with her life, she decided to do some blogging. I see she’s added another blog to the blogroll. I’ll have to take a look, UNTAMEDHELLCAT, oh, no wonder! A feral kitty blog!

Okay, the restart must be over by now. Got to go, got to make sure my monkeys are still there, very important business to attend to. That and wasting more pigment making glyphs enabling them to walk on water whilst shooting rainbows from their … whatever. Lots to do!

EDIT: Sad to report that after the server restart the flying monkeys were no more. But on the upside I did find my scrap of paper with the other blogs I wanted to add. So yay! I no longer have to hijack Navi’s blogroll to get to Azerothian Life and  Tastes Like Battle Chicken!

2 Responses to “Still Flying and Other Patch Phenomena”

  1. Two most excellent blogs i have to say! Oh wait, three! Untamed Hellcat is awesome too!

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