Rabid Rabbit Rant

Yeah … a picture’s worth a thousand words, but you know what? I’m still gonna RANT for those thousand words. Maybe it’ll be therapeutic, I doubt it but it’s worth a shot.

Wait a minute, got to login and check for the rabbit. She’s still sitting there, she won’t leave. Just take a sec. Okay, I’m back and this is what she saw … nothing … nada … EFFING ZIP BLIZZARD!

I don’t nerdrage at Blizzard often. A lot of the normal things people do in WoW aren’t possible for me. It’s not Blizzard’s fault, it’s the way I choose to play their game, it’s my fault and I’m fine with that. There will be no downing of Deathwing for me. That’s okay, I make my own achievements, personal ones, and that DAMN rabbit WAS MY DEATHWING BLIZZARD! You STUPIDHEAD MEANIES, YOU …

Deep breath … deep breath … okay, better now. Maybe I’ll just calmly tell you what happened. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do. Calmly. So yesterday I see someone’s trying to get a raid together for the Darkmoon Rabbit. Yay! He’s up! Pick me! Pick me! And the stars were aligned! I had time to just sit around for a couple hours while we tried to get enough people!

Around 22 or 23 people we took a shot. Not enough. Since everyone’s dead half the time and a lot of spells miss because of his level, that didn’t leave enough people alive at any one time. He reset. More searching for cannon fodder. Losing some, got to go to class, it’s around 11:00 am. At last, we got a surge of people! Put us somewhere over 30! Let’s do this!

We had him. It’s slow, but judging from the first try we definitely were going to do it this time, maybe take another 15 minutes or so, BUT DAMN, WE SO HAVE THIS RABBIT!

A message … we apologize, blah blah, EFFING BLAH, whatever it is they say when they do an unscheduled restart.

We redoubled our efforts! Well, really we just kept going and hoped for the best. Alas, it was not good enough and the server restarted with that evil rabbit still alive.

All good, I’m sure everyone will come back … we’ll get him, we have enough people. Deathwing Rabbit WILL FALL!

Yep, nope. That CHICKEN RABBIT DIDN’T RETURN! Blizzard is harboring THAT RABBIT! Blizzard brought down the server when they saw we were about to take him down AND THEY ARE LETTING HIM STAY AT BLIZZARD HEADQUARTERS! Probably feeding him special Blizzard steroid carrots, stupid rabbit.


Sigh … I see I still haven’t recovered. I’m not really ready or fit to join polite society yet. I’m real jumpy today and when anyone talks to me I respond with, “EFFING RABBIT” so I think today I should do something soothing like fishing. Just calm down. Yeah …

Just got to check the island one more time.

30 Responses to “Rabid Rabbit Rant”

  1. Huge…pointy….teeth….


    I was saying those exact same words in my kitchen over not having Have Group anymore. Cross-dressing rogue is very concerned that now that there are shared zones, other hunters will take his resources away as far as taming pets on his hunter.

    I said the efffingeffeff many times yesterday.


    • I’m with cross-dressing rogue. My usual 15 minutes in Icecrown to get my 250 trophies turned into a long arduous task as there were too many freaking people there, lol!

      And he kills you so fast I didn’t even get to see his teeth … I was just dead. I WILL find you wabbit.


    :s Some days are just like that. Blame the rabbit. He knew what was going down. 🙂

  3. Well at least you saw it – even if you didn’t get to kill it that time. Just keep telling yourself “It’s only a matter of time”. I’m in the same boat but that was such bad timing for you all. =/ I can’t really blame you for that reaction.

    • I sort of saw it once when it headed at me to kill me, lol. It spawned under water just off the coast. He is fast! Too fast to be a normal rabbit I know Blizzard is feeding him something unnatural, he’s a beast!

  4. When you do fight him, you have to make sure you stay in the cave. He fears people and if they cross the entrance to the cave, he charges them and one shots them. I just got it down yesterday.

    What is super awesome is Darkmoon Island is a “x-realmable” zone. So you can get your battletag/realid friends to come join the raid.

    One of my friends came on during the fight (on another server) but we had 40 people so I couldn’t bring her in. Brought her in later (group with them – they come to your realm!) to see all the bodies.

    As for the Rabbit pet? The guy who won it was going mad with joy and people were offering 100K – 250K gold for it.

    It is an extremely entertaining fight, well worth the camping! Don’t try it with less than 30 people, 40 is better – that little critter sized boss is level 93 and has 174million health.

    I’m going to put up a post with pictures soon.

    • I was surprised, at 11:30 am the leader managed to fill the group, once he got everyone on the same page about not leaving the cave that rabbit was toast, lol!

      I have my revenge! Now I better get back to work. Guy rolled 100 and won the rabbit, I’m guessing he was kidding when he was offering it for 20,000, at least I hope so!

      It’s good to know that bunny is cross realm for next time!

  5. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!! I feel your pain! Freaking rabbit!

  6. Lol, that is funny, now I’m gonna have to find a raid so I can kill this pesky whittle wabbit!

  7. Now I have the Elmer Fudd ‘Kill da Wabbit’ song running around in my head! *grin* Nothing like a bit of Wagner to make the workday fly by… 😉

    Am glad to hear you got him down later, sounds like it was a lot of fun (if frustrating)! 😀

    • It was really fun. I was frantic to do this early as at least on my server once the new wears off something you can’t find anyone to do it. Now the pressure’s off I hope I’ll get to do it again and this time actually roll for the bunny, lol!

  8. Nerd rage all you want; Lord knows I’ve nerd raged plenty of times before.

    And you’re going to so get that rabbit sometime.

    • It’s fun to nerdrage every once in a while, lol. I don’t know maybe it caused my incredible luck in getting another raid the next day. I thought there would never be than many people around in the morning again but success!

  9. Things like this just serve to make revenge so much sweeter :p

  10. OMG you saw it??? /fans self panting
    Oh i wish I was there!!! I just want to SEEEEE IIIIIITTTTTT

  11. Oh man, that is mean timing! And a mean rabbit!

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  13. LOL! After our bunny failures due toa bug, our guild went into the cave and had a “party”. Hahaha 😉 Any reason to celebrate this late in the game, right?

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