Darkmoon Rabbit Revenge is Sweet!

Um … yeah, I feel a little sheepish now … after my, you know, meltdown yesterday. I will give Blizzard this, there may have been a few issues that, er, needed addressing and maybe that restart wasn’t personal, but well, it felt like it at the time. Maybe they didn’t restart just to ruin our raid and save that bunny.

I’m feeling magnanimous today because of my incredible luck. My Warlock had stayed in the cave to monitor bunny traffic. About 24 hours after he’d made his appearance, there he was again. And this time he spawned in the cave, not in 20 feet of water off the coast. So yeah, at least I get to see him. Getting a raid together at 11:00 am a second day is never happening probably.

What’s this? An invite? Yes, please! I can’t believe my luck!

While waiting for agents of the holy light to scour the towns for brave comrades willing to face the dire beast, I was thrilled to see the brave adventurers I was teamed with were very learned about the ways of the dreaded bunny. Bunny scholars if you will. A good omen indeed!

Wise words were spoken while we waited. Stay in the cave was frequently mentioned. Hmmm, on the attempt the day before, this had not been possible as he would run out and reset when we tried that, another possible reason that a restart was necessary the day before along with ready check not working and … okay so yeah, sorry Blizzard maybe the server did need an aspirin.

I consulted an Ancient Tome of Rabbit Craft. Oh! No time, we were full! Ready check’s working, all systems go! Death and chaos everywhere! Dead people running back to battle as fast as the legendary rabbit runs. Knee deep in blood and gore, would we succeed in killing this horrible beast?

YES! This fine company of fighters prevailed! The beast was no more! My personal Deathwing downed! Thank you brave Fenrisians? Fenrans? Fenrisans? Oh, you know what I mean, like ships that pass in the night, we met and bravely downed the most heinous enemy in all the land and then went our separate ways. I salute you.

To others hunting dangerous rabbits I can only say heed the sage words below. He speaks the truth. I warned you. It is the rabbit.

20 Responses to “Darkmoon Rabbit Revenge is Sweet!”

  1. Like I said, we’re entitled to a rant every now and then.

  2. Congrats again. It looked very exciting 🙂

    • Thanks Cym! I noticed someone in the raid say, “That was fun, It’s been a long time since I did anything like this.”

      I have to admit I felt the same way. I’ll probably be haunting the Faire to do it again.

  3. Yay grats!!!! 😀

    Holy kittens that was a lot of people! My graphics card probably would have died there. o.O

  4. Oh tis an a amazing accomplishment indeed! Cheers to you! I seem to find myself stuck in a remote castle with a blinking neon Grail sign…

    • Thanks Matty, I was supposed to be stuck in a remote castle doing actual work yesterday, but come on, fighting rabbits surely has to take precedence over some website getting up a few hours sooner, lol.

  5. That’s too funny Tome! Grats on killing the bunny and getting the achievement! My team went out there too, first day of DMF, but the bunny was bugged and sitting in the water, nothing doing. :/

    I bet that Holy Grail video has never gotten so many hits! 😉

  6. Woot! Congratulations! I saw the bunny on our server, but there weren’t enough people around to put a group together. Eventually the few of us that were there saw an Alliance group forming to kill him, so I gave up and went on my way. Glad your luck was better than mine!

  7. Congrats on the kill, that rabbit has been on my “to Kill” list ever since it patch came out. I’ve just been too lazy to find a group to kill it

  8. Congratulations on slaughtering that rascally rabbit!

  9. Grats! Though… poor bunny…

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