Xrealm — A Visit from Mini Changed my Mind

I had this whole post thought out. I was going to be whinging and moaning about xrealm servers. I was going to say that I don’t want to sound like I don’t appreciate all the company, but I don’t appreciate all the company. I was going to talk about the fact that when I went to Silithus to farm for a Disgusting Oozeling, there was NOT ONE Dredge Crusher or Striker or dredge ANYTHING left. They’d all been slaughtered already. There were people in Silithus! YES SILITHUS!

Enough! Enough with all the company already! But I’ve totally changed my mind. I now love xrealm servers.

Cat received a party request which she accepted, who could this be? Yeah, yeah, work with me here. Pretend I don’t know. Cat meets up with her in front of Stormwind, she’s a beautiful Draenei who I’ll call Mini! Mini and Cat flew across Elwynn Forest, Mini was interested in visiting Tekton so we headed to Agee Tyler’s cosey mountain cabin.

Cat admired the beautiful Draenei Mage’s look so much she decided to copy it.

Aren’t they lovely. They continued on to visit Agee, chatting and excitedly anticipating petting Agee’s Docile Sheep. On arrival they found something amiss. Although all the sheep considered themselves to be sheep, many were actually pigs, although Mini and Cat politely refrained from mention of it. No one called the pigs out over their deception.

They talked and danced and enjoyed the view. Cat’s dog was well-behaved around the sheep but there was an unfortunate accident. Repeatedly.

I would never have guessed Cat had a mean streak, but there’s no other explanation for her behavior. On finding Tekton among the herd of sheep/pigs she immediately dispatched him sending Mini, the dog, and quite a few sheep flying. Agee had a lot to say to her, which she deserved, so I assumed that was the end of it. But no, every time that Tekton respawned she’d send everyone flying again. Really embarrassing, especially in front of company. She said she wanted to see what Agee would do about it, kind of egging him on. Really lucky he didn’t come out with a shotgun and make venison out of her.

If it weren’t for xrealm servers I would never have been able to enjoy a visit from Mini (Navi’s Alliance double agent) in person. I’ve changed my mind, I love xrealm servers, the hell with the Disgusting Oozeling, I’ll be happy to compete. I’ll happily scrounge around with all the other companion pet lovers who don’t want to pay AH prices.

I got a visit IN THE PIXEL FLESH from Mini, that’s priceless. I’ve been Minispammed, which is a Navispam in disguise, so really I’ve been Double-Navied!

So yeah … I’m going to stop being a curmudgeon about too much company.

15 Responses to “Xrealm — A Visit from Mini Changed my Mind”

  1. I thought that name seemed familiar 🙂

  2. Oh, xrealm meet-ups are wonderful; I still have reservations, however, about shared servers without invitation or notice. But then again, my NIMBY attitude is not very friendly or cooperative, and I need to step up my Ambassadorial attitude a tad more. But to be visited by Navi in any pixel form is lovely anytime! What fun! A far cry from Stinky McBooger poachers, indeed!

    • Every time I fly through a zone I can feel the bump and I check my time and I’m on a different server. I think when Navi visited we were in your time zone.

      I’ve long tried to figure out how to get all the Stinkys on their own server, like calling one the “pro” server might work!

  3. I’m still not entirely sure I understand the point of crossrealm zones.

    • I don’t remember reading anything about Blizzards reasons but I’m sure they must have given one. I just like that you can get together with friends on different servers without being in an instance.

      If I remember correctly it’s only in lower level areas so we shouldn’t have to compete once Mists gets here. In fact, now I’ve got to go look it up and see what they did say about it!

  4. Honestly, I noticed it while using Mrs. Amateur’s computer. There are now some zones that result in slower fps than cities. Hopefully they can get that sorted out.

    It’s a step in the right direction for people like all of us bloggers as it allows us to hook up outside of dungeons as well…I think.

    • Being able to get together is really nice, I did notice some weird lag though in certain areas, didn’t know if it was me or the zone. I hope they get it straightened out. I kind of like it except for the having to give in and BUY the pets off the AH part, lol!

      • Nevermind that. Some of my lowbie toons I’ve been just going around killing rares for the quick and easy xp. So much for that. lol

  5. I was totally going to whine about x-server zones myself .. until I realized on Saturday night that my main two servers share the same grouping!

    Now I just have to get Elgar to Dalaran at the same time I am there on my belf so we can have a x-faction dance party. 🙂

  6. Well I just want to say it must have been a blue moon because pigs were flying…
    But that was fun. And I only JUST noticed that the sticker says minispammed!!! XD

  7. Xrealm in groups you can see people outside instances, which is absolutely cool. You end up on the leader’s server, which is how the poaching raids were doing what they were doing. The one downside to this is that a certain death knight who just recently got her red drake is on a PvP server, so we all got flagged when we went outside to show it off. Luckily she didn’t have to save us from anyone. 🙂

    Blizzard’s public reasoning for the zone merges is to make Azeroth feel more alive. I think they’re also working toward preparing Azeroth for when the last expansion is written. I have my thoughts about Blizzard’s plan, for no good reason than I don’t think one company can really do justice to supporting two MMOs. Just sayin.

    • LOL! I’ll have to take care to be aware of what kind of server the group leader’s on! I didn’t know that.

      I try not to think about the last expansion, typical me, if you ignore it it’s not happening, probably not going to work but it’s all I have and I totally agree about support for two MMOs.

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