Starting Fresh … Wait … How?

Having decided not to whine about xrealm servers because of some really nice features, I thought I’d start a character and see if there would be any impact. This is what I found. Hello … hello, human aggressors? Anyone home? THEY’RE ALL DEAD, JIM Zilaah! Okay, Okay, don’t get your knickers in a twist, you already had your allotted rant, just do another quest and come back when there’s a sign of life.

Hello? Burning Blade? I’m here to join your cult, coven, whatever. Where’s the welcome wagon … hallooooo … okay, now I’m getting flashbacks to my first character. I started playing WoW on a Hunter on a server that was a week old. I don’t remember what level she finally got her first pet but she was pretty old. There were so many people around who kindly “saved” her from the animal who was beating her up while she tried to tame it.

Pretty much everywhere I went I arrived to find nothing but carnage before me. Is there some psychotic level 85 rampaging through the starter zones? It’s not the time of day, its afternoon. Okay fine, I’ll go collect Crocolisk Teeth, crocolisk’s are bountiful I’ll have no problem … nope. Yay! They left me some quilboar, there’s one done.

In all fairness I have no idea if the scarcity of quest mobs was due to xrealm servers. My very unscientific study results could have been caused by an overzealous killing machine who lives on my server. The strange thing about it was I never saw them. It was like they were following me from in front of me, no mean feat.

Zilaah soon became frustrated and returned to town. She sat in Razor Hill doing some thinking. It was clear she might have to amend her chosen career path if this situation continued. Last I talked to her she was thinking of setting up shop and leveling by taking in washing and darning socks, poor thing.

And as for me, I’m moping too. I just found out my husband is going to take a few days off. The few days BEFORE his birthday. I think he does this to get out of any possible office celebration. That’s fine and I’m happy for him, there’s only one thing. His birthday? September 27. He will be home on September 25th. He will want to do stuff, stuff that I probably can’t participate in from in front of the computer … OH NO OH NO OH NO noooooooo …

27 Responses to “Starting Fresh … Wait … How?”

  1. Perhaps it was an 85 working on Loremaster? That could explain them being ahead of you and never seen. I would imagine that you would catch up to at-level players who were questing through the zone, as you’re moving faster than they are as they’ve had to kill their way through while you’re able to go through unhindered. Oh god, it’s late here. I hope I make sense!

    • Maybe that was it, it got to be sort of a treasure hunt after a while, I wanted to find out who it was, lol. I kept thinking maybe it’s a stealthy rogue and he’s around but I just can’t see him!

  2. “He will be home on September 25th”
    – Haha oooooh noooo, evil timing. When Cataclysm came out I had to wait several days (or was it a week, I forget…), because of a hand-in. It was okay, but I can’t say that it wasn’t painful.

    ps: Another warlock!

    • I know! Warlocks are my default when I make a new character, especially now as they are even more fun.

      Oh no, then you know what it’s like. I’m trying to tell myself that the crowd will have cleared out and it will be nicer. My other plot is to try to lure him to see it. He doesn’t play but he does like to look at the world, so there’s my plan!

  3. Right there with you in every way. Trust me.

  4. I’m dealing with mobs so phased I can’t target them — but they can target me. And I can’t loot them afterwards! 😦

  5. At least you’ll be able to do the Theramore stuff when it launches on the 18th! Sorry, aiming for small victories here.

    As for the cross-realm stuff, I think that’s exactly what you’re seeing here. I’ve got my hand on my face as I think of the frustration to come when I decide to roll some new faces for Team Amateur. I only pray I can continue the old “kill the rares” for some easy xp.

    • That’s right! Thanks JD, I’ll take small victories!

      I wonder which race is the least popular, maybe their starting area would have low traffic. I think for me it would be the Worgen starting area, I like the Worgen but got claustrophobia in the starting zone.

  6. I was levelling my lock today and saw quite a lot of people in the starting zones. Every one I highlighted was one invading my server. Someone was complaining that it took him 10mins before he could get the boss kill but funnily enough I didn’t have any trouble when I got there.

    • Next time I login I’m going to check the Night Elf starting area, it would be kind of nice if there were some people there since it’s been so dead for so long. Glad your Warlock had no trouble!

  7. I can tell you that Teldrassil is still just as dead as ever.

    The other day, I remembered the cross-realm stuff and ran a /who on Teldrassil, and there were four people there. F-O-U-R. So, I figured that the /who was for my server alone, so I went out hunting to see who I could find.

    Sadly, that four was in the ballpark. I think I found about twice that, total.

    • Oh poor Teldrassil, I remember it back in the day. I remember being in Darkshore when I first saw another race and was awed that an intrepid Gnome had made it all the way to Kalimdor.

      Oh, and I remember seeing my first flagged Tauren, /runs as fast as she can!

      Didn’t know he couldn’t get me, lol.

  8. Did I just see you make another warlock ! Lol
    I am laughing that your husband will be at home… I thought I was bad when I was wishing my husband’s conference extended beyond the 25th say like till W9 so he wouldn’t notice if I took a day or two off work to play… or pull some really late night’s playing…

  9. Ohhhh! I really haven’t come across any x-realmers yet, I’m kinda glad. I *like* my dead zones!

    But my word, tell your hubby to back off and have his birthday some other damn time. 😉

  10. So far Thelsamar is pretty quiet. 🙂

  11. You could tell your husband you’re working on his birthday present which will require lots of peace and quiet and time sat alone looking at your computer. :p

    I won’t really be starting my levelling until the friday simply because we’ve got so much work on atm and one of my colleagues is bailing for a belated honeymoon in Dubai meaning that we’re all going to be working even later than we currently are to shift it.

    • Sounds like I won’t be the only one missing the starting bell on the 25th!

      Hope you can get caught up on work so on Friday you can enjoy the weekend of Mists without dreading Monday.

      • I’ve got that covered. We’ve got the following monday, tuesday and wednesday off because it’s my husband’s birthday at the start of October :p

        Our respective colleagues think we’re having a romantic long weekend away although I suppose technically we are, just in Azeroth rather than some real world destination.

        I might have to take some work with me though but I’m sure I can manage a bit in between questing.

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