Tyrian Vacation

Pssst! Over here. Yeah … it’s me. I’m a strapping young Norn Necromancer who’s … wearing a garter on one leg? Yeah, I’m not sure what that’s about either, kind of came with the outfit. Personally I don’t really think a Necromancer would use a fashion accessory like that, but that’s just me.  I think she’s more the necklace of dead kittens type.

So anyway while I wait for next Tuesday I’m going to investigate Tyria. Seems a lovely place for a vacation. As usual I didn’t want to wait to actually learn anything about GW2 before playing, so there were some head-scratching moments early on today. I mean I got that you could use those portal thingys to move from place to place but I kept standing on them wondering if I had to say a magic word or what. OH! Use the map! Okay, got that.

Became concerned when I changed my weapon and then realized all my spells seemed to be gone. At this point I did break to look that one up. Working as intended. That means I’d been spamming a stun at them, no wonder they wouldn’t go down.

Anyway, just wanted to send a postcard from my vacation! Having a great time! Wish you were here! I’ll be back.

14 Responses to “Tyrian Vacation”

  1. Maybe she’s a runaway bride, and after the cake smashing incident said the hell with it – or maybe that’s where she keeps her cabfare? In any case – beautiful!

  2. Here I was thinking that garter was for her eating knife.

    • She better put something deadly in it! So far she’s pretty much getting her butt kicked, lol. She’s level 7 and she’s just been running around exploring, I think I’d better look into some skills for her.

  3. Glad to see you in Tyria, as I mentioned before. JDKenada.9541 if you want to add me to your contacts.

    As Effy taught me, you can adjust your dyes at any point during the game. In your Hero screen there is a little dabber just above your gear that will switch you to the dye UI.

    Necromancers unite!

    • I’m still trying to figure out traits and stuff so although she looks fierce she’s been pretty squishy, bad handler! I’ve added you and Effy and I’m Zorah.8140. Yes, watch out Tyria there are two badazz necros out there!

      • I haven’t really looked at traits and stuff. Eventually I will (especially when I start to world PvP), but I’d rather discover things on my own and just try what sounds good so far.

  4. That looks awesome! I’m still holding off on GW2… Just don’t have the time, unfortunately. Last night, however, someone on my husband’s server said, “Every time I see a Norn woman, all I can think of is, ‘Death by snoo-snoo!'”

    • I had planned on waiting too but oops! Hopefully the desire to see everything in Tyria right now will wear off by Tuesday.

      And so sad, now that the Necromancer’s gear’s been upgraded she’s become more modest and is now covering up more!

      • I’ve noticed on Slevin that his gear just looks….odd compared to the flow of the starter gear. I’ve also changed the colours about a half dozen times as a result.

    • We all have tried to hold off.

      I need to create a Death by snoo-snoo battle cry…

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