Scenarios and Surprises!

OMG! OMG! Theramore’s burning, quick get … what? What do you mean that’s so five minutes ago? Yeah, so I’m a little late to the party. And that I managed to survive the party at all was thanks to JD at Amateur Azerothian. He has the patience of a saint, being Saintvache on occasion that’s no surprise. Yesterday we got in the scenario and then the server restart message appeared. I think we got to the end of phase three and poof.

This morning we queued once again. Success! Okay, you 400+ iLevel wearing people won’t get this but crap, what would happen if three iLevel 353 dps showed up for one of those? I don’t think it’d be pretty. No seriously you guys, take a bunch of your clothes off, about 45 iLevels, you’ll see what I mean. What? No, it’s not a devious Catwynn plot to get you all naked! Of course not!

Anyway, thank you Tum! I wouldn’t have made it without you! I think part of my problem is that Cat is my favorite character by far but I hate melee dps. Quite a conflict, I guess I just like her personality. Maybe I should try it with my Warlock who squeaks by with an iLevel 358 and see how it feels.

So while waiting in the queue I got a whisper! It was from Kallixta of Kallixta’s Notes! She he was here! I never know the proper etiquette, should you use the character’s gender or the handler’s? Anyway, this was so exciting, I was Kallispammed! It’s like it’s spreading! Yay! I didn’t get to chat long but I was thrilled to learn of Kalligrafi, Horde side. So hopefully Sasche and Kalli will be able to get together later. All this excitement before the dog walk even! So a red letter day! I’m going to go check the mail, maybe I won a sweepstakes or something too … hey … it could happen!

11 Responses to “Scenarios and Surprises!”

  1. Good to hear you finally made it into the scenario. Let me know if you win the lottery πŸ™‚

  2. I had fun as well, and it really was no problem at all. I enjoyed it immensely.

    • Me too! But I was a little puzzled by the fireworks, are we Alliance celebrating the fact that that dirty rat Garrosh nuked out town? Maybe I’m over-thinking this, lol!

      • Like my wife said, “we fought some Horde in Theramore and all we got were these lousy fireworks and a t-shirt.”

        Besides, if you were oblivious to the internet and actual lore, you wouldn’t know it was Garrosh πŸ˜‰

  3. We decided the fireworks were an extra insult, we’ve razed your town, killed a load of people and generally annoyed you, here are some fireworks to cheer you up!

  4. Oh, well you’ll hate the bad taste item that the horde side gets… a mini mana bomb.
    Well I’m glad that you got it done! πŸ˜€ And yay for being Kallispammed, I really like Kallixta πŸ™‚

  5. dangdangfool Says:

    I think etiquette fears my appearance. Or gets flustered. It doesn’t hang around.

    Since I’m a happy resident of ambiguity, I’m not insulted being called either.

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