Shared Topic — Three Must-Haves

Matty of Sugar & Blood asks:

With the new patch, and all the new things coming, what are three things that you will absolutely not leave behind? Consider these three objects your virtual backpack- the twist is, a tiny story to go along with each item.

This is harder than I thought, apparently I have a lot of must-haves but I finally narrowed it down.

Haunted Memento is definitely in the top three. I loved the Scourge Invasion event, while many didn’t my bank alt saw it as a challenge. She skulked around Darnassus at odd hours attempting to keep trade flowing. As it turned out no one was buying so she finally succumbed. Catwynn went out in the world  searching for Necropolis invasions and obtained some nice armor that she now regrets not hanging on to. Luckily she’s still got her creepy sidekick for hanging around on street corners frightening the unwary.

Essence-Infused Moonstone was part of the Druid flight quest line. After you received it you could summon Anzu back when he wasn’t just standing there undefended.  Anyone who wanted a shot at Anzu needed to find a Druid for the group. I carry this to remember the people who helped me complete the line and also because after 158 tries I GOT YOU BIG BIRD! After reaching an appropriate level, I used to go in there alone and get ping-ponged around and beaten to a pulp before I even got to Anzu. He’s paying for that now. I never let him rest. All those mounts I have, do I give him a day off? No. Revenge is sweet, run, Anzu, run!

Iron Boot Flask I carry around as a reminder of Storm Peaks, I loved that zone. I loved The Drakkensryd quest, even my Ironman did it. Another important function it performs is forcing me to fish at least five minutes, although I like to fish I don’t like to fish very long. So it’s my fishing egg timer, while transformed I must fish. It is the rule. No exceptions.

10 Responses to “Shared Topic — Three Must-Haves”

  1. My scourge memento is safely tucked away in the bank, when its in my bags I keep thinking there is a rogue behind me which is bad for my nerves 😦

  2. This is wonderful, Tome, completely wonderful! Oh, these irreplaceable things…

    …rumors on the street tell of tales of an “equipment recovery program.” Perhaps a quick email to Blizzard with a request for the lost items is in order…

  3. I can’t believe I tossed so many of those Haunted Mementos out during the event. Luckily I kept one, but by golly I’m kicking myself for not keeping at least a couple more. I keep the one I have left for that same reason. I absolutely LOVED the scourge invasion event. ❤

    • I know! I’d been tossing them around and getting them back and towards the end I thought, hey, what if I don’t get another? I hurried to the AH and bought one, I think it was 9 gold. Lucky, cause I wasn’t thrown anymore!

  4. I’ve said it before, Drakkensryd is my favourite single quest in the game. I can just hear the Indiana Jones theme every time.

    …and yeah, I was among those who did not keep the Haunted Mementos. Who knew?

  5. The Haunted Memento is by far my fav item in the game, although somedays I would say it’s my Formal Dangui, I love them both so much and remember how excited I was on the days I got them.

    • I know, I was trying to clean out my bank yesterday, I have all these useless trinkets but I remember when I got them and just can’t bear to get rid of them. They are like little memory fragments, I have to keep them all!

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