Pandaria — The Cupboard is Full Again

I don’t know if anyone else does this, but sometimes I put off grocery shopping too long. I mean it would be fine if I could buy whatever I want, but it’s tedious avoiding fun food and trying to only bring home healthy stuff. So I procrastinate. What results is constant checking of cupboards. Maybe I missed some lone box of cookies stuck in the back. Maybe there’s a forgotten ice cream sandwich in the bottom of the freezer.

That’s what Cata had become for me, endless searching for one stale old twinkie, although I’m not sure twinkies get stale and they could be classified as food, but never mind you know what I mean.

TA DA! The cupboard is FULL again! I have vegetables, fruit, and ding dongs! I don’t know how long all this is going to last, but right now I’m eating it all! I mean I tripped over a log yesterday and got exalted with the Pearlfin Jinyu! Fifty exalted completed! And I know, I said I wasn’t interested in pet battles, but yeah … pet battles!

Yeah rabbit … you feeling my chicken … come at him … I dare you.

Okay, got to go. Just wanted to say hi, I took some pictures of me eating my veggies and Ho hos!

Note: Sorry Hostess, didn’t mean to pick on you. Really, I have fond memories of you from my youth.

20 Responses to “Pandaria — The Cupboard is Full Again”

  1. Nicely done, you even found one of the rares 🙂

  2. right there with you… if you asked me last week about pet battles, i would have smirked at you. After a few of them, I’m totally hooked. I’m loving the choices; I can quest, I can pet battle… there’s no pressure to rush to 90 as soon as possible.

    • I know! I had thought pet battles, meh, but when the questing areas got overloaded I tried it and really liked it. I even managed to make the best of one crowded quest area and stayed in the lake skinning all the turtles so it was all good!

    • I think that’s the monumental consensus. I mean, I enjoyed Pokemon 15-20 years ago on my original Game Boy. But I’d hardly touched the franchise since (save for always touting how awesome Psyduck is). Then I made the mistake of trying pet battles…lol.

  3. Who are you calling a HoHo? Oh, wait. Sorry. *cough*
    Your analogy is spot-on Tome, and yes, I think I too shall be bowing to the Pet Battles. Maybe I need to think of them more like “Pet Park,” like a dog park, but you get to take all the dogs home you want. It’s not a battle, it’s a public service!

  4. Ding Dongs and Ho-Ho’s, that’s quite the combination. 🙂

    Pssst….I knew you would’nt be able to avoid pet battles, lol

  5. Twinkies do go bad, just like cans of Spaghettios.

    Trust me, you don’t want to know how I know that.

  6. My opinion matches others: “I am surprised at how much I’m enjoying Pet Battles INSTEAD of other elements in the game”. This. This is true.

    And then my brain had to start playing with analogies. See everything said about searching the cupboard was true… until the end of summer when my older boy decided he wanted to lose weight healthily. Suddenly junk food has been banished and when I went for a late night snack… I ended up with grapes.

    And the grapes were good. I knew intellectually that grapes would satisfy my munchies requirement, but they weren’t Ho-Hos. Later I realised I had enjoyed the grapes much more than expected.


    This was supposed to be how Pet Battles were grapes to the Ho-hos, but I think I got tangled and am somehow implying Pet Battles are healthier than Pugs, which wasn’t were I was going!

    • I know what you mean because lately I’ve been trying to eat healthily and so I bought blueberries not knowing I actually don’t like the taste of real ones not in a pie.

      This makes pet battles blueberry, grape, hohos! I mean that’s pretty fancy stuff!

      All I can think about right now is when I log in can my team take that trainer in Redridge!

  7. I love Twinkies. We can’t get any here, but a couple of hours drive south can get me a box or two. But for the record, I don’t know about stale, but someone once told Twinkies never go bad: They DO. I was saving the last one, for as long as I could resist, and it went moldy within 4 months. /sadface

  8. Wow look at all that work you did that’s amazing! And oh my god… pet battles. Loving them 🙂

    • I know, I got so carried away yesterday that I saw a pet I wanted in Pandaria and forgot that my level 6 bear probably couldn’t take on a level 24, poor little bear. His first defeat 😦

  9. Had to post to say I love your analogy! So true. I’ve been nibbling on all the new goodies so far, just a taste here and a taste there and ooohhh have to try that new THING…

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