Juicycrunch Carrots, I Hate You

OMG! I know, your poor eyes! Okay, it’s not quite as bad as the BC era but it was still a shock to be throwing on anything that came your way. You can even tell the boots are still Cata. Cat doesn’t come out of Cat form at all right now if she can help it.

Yes, the servers came down just as I was going to recoup all the money I stupidly spent on those Juicycrunch Carrots. I wanted to get started on my cooking and the first agility food requires them. I think the questgiver told me that the Verman in the area might carry them. I don’t know where she got her information but it’s bad. No carrots anywhere. I soon tired of that and paid 200 gold for five carrots.

After that I then realized that I’d been given a token just for saying hi to her when I arrived at the Halfhill Market. I checked, and yes, you can buy a giant bag of carrots with a token. So anyway, I hope everyone isn’t reading up on carrot buying techniques while the servers are down because if they are, I’m not going to be able to make a killing in the carrot market.

Yes, Navi and I have it bad. There we are searching for Spirit Crabs, and not just ANY Spirit Crabs would do, no, we want rare ones. I think it was some ungodly hour of the night for Navi and my husband was waiting for me to pick him up from the repair shop. In my defense, it’s also a Harley dealership and I thought he might enjoy the time to look around, right, don’t you think? I finally came to my senses and left to get him but I was happy to hear Navi didn’t give up and got a rare crab. Pet Battling’s no joke, you must search all corners of the world getting just the right pets!

So I was stealthing around looking for quest items to collect. I see this sparkly thing right next to this guy so I’ll have to kill him. Only then did I notice he had a name and was a rare! Yay! He didn’t drop anything I needed but I did get an achievement,  A Worthy Opponent. Morgrinn was a rather easy opponent, so thanks for standing in the way there. Turns out it wasn’t even my quest item.

Been having a great time. There is even an upside to the masses of people killing all the quest mobs. My skinning and leathercrafting is leveling effortlessly because they leave great heaps of beasts to skin, so I don’t mind waiting for the respawns.

Servers are supposed to be up in 12 minutes, I’d better prepare. Want to be the first one on listing my overpriced carrots. Hey, do me a favor and don’t tell anyone they can just buy a bag of them with a token. It will be our little secret, okay?

8 Responses to “Juicycrunch Carrots, I Hate You”

  1. Thank you do much for this information! I am pretty sure WarnerBrothers pays Bugs Bunny in carrot currency, but your revelation for the rest of us is so appreciated! I am trying to play smarter, not harder, but damn…I would have never known! Thank you!

  2. I will happily buy your overpriced carrots to fund your yak 🙂
    I named my crab ghostwalker. I think it may be a tad unoriginal. Might have to change it to Greg or Nerfpallies.

    • I feel kind of guilty, I sold about 40 carrots at 200 gold per 5. They sold out in minutes. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who got tired of waiting for them to drop!

      I like Nerfpallies!

  3. Ooh I didn’t realise there were spirit crabs but unfortunately the pet battles are broken on the EU servers so they’re just going to have to wait a bit 😦

    Also rogues, druids and monks definitely got the short carrot when the designers sat down to draw the clothes. I hate one sided shoulders, it just looks so broken. Like some little rogue snuck in and stole the other shoulder pad.

    • I didn’t know either until Navi took me to Ghostlands, they’re along the shore.

      Oh no, I hope they fix it soon. I didn’t see it coming but I’ve become addicted to battling these pets and looking for rares.

      Those rogues are always up to mischief, I should have known that’s who snatched one off my shoulder!

  4. When you start your farm make sure you leave some plots for carrots. I always leave one for Farmer Yoon’s daily and the rest for whatever – usually a good number for what the drunk tells me (otherwise it’s carrots). Today I started my farm and three are carrots right now…

    Good to see you’re seeking some of the rares out there. When I started on live on Wednesday, the first two I captured were both rares.

    • I guess the price of carrots will go down once everyone starts growing them, I’ll be glad when I can grow my own!

      I really need to get back to Pandaria but I’m obsessed with leveling my battle pets, going to be hard today as it’s a family birthday day. Don’t think anyone but my son-in-law would understand if I sneak away to battle pets, lol.

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