Connecting …

Since I can’t login I thought I’d let you know I have been reading. Just on the iPad though, if I’m near the computer I’m playing, can’t stop myself. So when I visit on the iPad the most I can manage is a “Like” if you have one. I just don’t want to fight with auto-correct.

So I did read JD’s post about pinking it up and I DID mention it to Cat. It’s very hard to get ahold of her right now. After some discussion she told me she just can’t take a break from pet battling right now to look for clothes so instead she said she would battle with a pink pet instead in support. Yeah, me either. I don’t think that counts Cat.

TROUBLE, trouble, trouble. Worry, worry, worry. After 158 attempts I do not want to have a monotone bird. I don’t think that’s fair. What is happening? Have the servers become Sha-Infested? When I returned to Stormwind, that was hinky too so I finally remembered to check for a driver update for my graphics card.

Okay, still can’t login. So let’s see … what else.

Oh wow, this is embarrassing. Just how derpy can one be. Well, it was Cat not me really. She’s been on the hunt for a Sand Kitten. She has three battle pet teams for low, middle and high level battles. She saw a Sand Kitten and excitedly landed and clicked the kitten and without checking which team was up, sent a level 25 at that poor kitten. Really wish there was an “oops” pause attack button. Dead kitten.

On her next check for the kitten, she saw one! Landing and … yeah … excitedly began battle without … you know … checking. It was her low level team, kitten killed them all. So all I can say is I really need to get a battle kitten. They apparently do some kind of mind control from a distance. A derp gun perhaps. Those suckers are dangerous!

16 Responses to “Connecting …”

  1. Sand kitten!!! BEWARE

  2. Hey there! “like” buttons are good 🙂

    This connection thing after rolling restarts looks like it’s becoming habit forming, lol.

  3. Sand Kittens are the smallest minions of the Sha of Anger sent to wreck havoc across Azeroth. Your tears make them stronger!!!1!

  4. Oh good luck for your Sand Kitten! I still have my little minfernal out there somewhere who is just waiting for me to adopt him. I hope I remember which team I pull out for that… fingers crossed for you!

    • One will be mine! Just have to learn to get over the urge to click before I check. My new rule is not to enter Tanaris without equipping the level appropriate team. Good luck on that elusive Miniferal!

  5. I got the gray/white body and mount too. I wonder, do you remember if you “stole” money (trash loot) sparkling off one of the many shrines in Pandaria? The only thing I could see what that I had this debuff saying I recently stole from a shrine or something like that… Anyway, no manner of log-in/out helped, but when I logged back on and the debuff was gone, Octavien was back in color. Maybe that did it?

    • LOL! Oh no! We’re both thieves! Kind of our punishment for looting the box. Well if it was that that caused it I certainly learned my lesson. No more stealing from shrines for me!

  6. Maybe the Sand Kittens were taunting you for not wearing pink?

  7. I also got the monotone bug thing…. but Kerridwen and Cat are both druids. Do you have the chameleon glyph, by chance?

    • No, I don’t have that one. It’s funny though that it didn’t happen right after I stole, er, looted that box but a while after but I did still have the buff. I wonder if it’s intentional or a bug. Kind of makes sense to brand us as looters but my poor mount wasn’t involved!

  8. The monotone mount looks like the effect you get from looting the money bag from the shrine in Jade Forest. You get a Chastised buff from stealing from the dead.

    • What’s interesting to me is that my graphics card had no problems the first week. It was only after this happened that it went completely crazy and the game became pretty much unplayable. Stormwind was just a sea of red, new driver seems to have fixed it.

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