An Underachiever’s Guide to 90

Yep, that’s it. Stop it, stop it, stop it with the pet battling already. Simple, easy. There’s my guide. I was feeling like such an underachiever that I finally decided to get to 90. I got really excited when I realized I would be able to queue for Coren Direbrew who I’d totally forgotten about. In an hour and a half I didn’t get in. A group was formed once but a dps never accepted. Weird, maybe everyone’s off battling pets.

As soon as Cat hit 90 she rushed off to train flying. I wanted to take a screen shot of the momentous occasion but she refused to turn around. Yeah, she’s not looking too good, she’s embarrassed. She has a new stun, the Stun of Unbelievably Awfulness. Come out of cat form to caster form to stun your opponent with clashing colors. They will stand there starring for probably ever or until dead. Handy.

I did have a bad moment on my farm. Wild crops? Hmm, that’s a new one. I see I have two buttons, I guess I’ll use them both although the interrupt doesn’t seem to interrupt anything. I continued using my powers to no avail, so yeah, google.  So thank you kind person for the information that you have to use the controls to build up a buff on yourself. Once you reach 50 stacks, the vine goes away. Thankfully, planting can resume which is very, very, important. Cause I want The Tillers to really like me cause who doesn’t want a riding goat, right?

But that’s the problem, who next? Order of the Cloud Serpent because yes, Cloud Serpent. I also feel kind of bad. When I hit 90 I left those Shado Pan in the middle of Townlong Steppes without so much as a goodbye. I’ve even been avoiding their representative in the Shrine of Seven Stars because I feel guilty I abandoned them. I’ll have to go back and help them out.

Just … um … not right now. I have work to do for the Golden Lotus because leatherworking patterns! Cat really needs some new clothes even if it means losing The Stun of Unbelievably Awfulness. Looking good is not without its price.

26 Responses to “An Underachiever’s Guide to 90”

  1. Grats on 90!

    The pet battling is definitely playing on my desire to catch everythings. Mr Harpy even spent 45 minutes running around on Jaguero Isle until he got a rare baby monkey. It seems to be sucking everyone in regardless of their gaming interests prior to it’s introduction.

    • I know, before the expansion I thought maybe I’d want to collect a few pets but that’s all but the reality is I’m addicted! Grats to Mr. Harpy! I saw one but the place was too crowded and someone got to him first.

  2. Leather gear in MoP is so very ugly. I’m really jealous of all the pretty cloth gear I see people wearing. One of my Priest friends who’s really into transmog only has two pieces ‘mogged right now because his random cloth gear is so beautiful. Me? Well, I showed him what my gear would look like if it wasn’t ‘mogged and he nearly died laughing. Yeah… I don’t care if I’m getting upgrades practically every day, and I don’t care how much gold I’m throwing away on looking pretty — I’m still transmogging every new piece I get because the ugliness burns!

    • Yeah, poor Cat in those red and green PvP shoulders and that pink and purple cloak. Since she’s hardly ever NOT in cat form I’ve been able to resist transmogging anything but if I had to stay in caster form you bet I’d be erasing that stuff, lol!

  3. Pet battles got me too! And I’m not even lvl 90 yet… although I’ve had technical problems that prevented me from logging in and I was sick with the flue for 5 days. But pet battles brought me through it. It offered that perfect combination of being entertaining, but not too demanding, not too flashy and not too intense. Now I’m well again and I need to get back to leveling! I might be a worse underachiever than you! 😀

    • I hope you’re all better now! The last time I had the flu it was so bad it actually got me to get flu shots now, when I remember.

      That’s so great that you had something to entertain you while you were feeling bad. It’s also great when I’m waiting for a call. I can stop in the middle with no dire consequences!

      Happy leveling!

  4. Grats on 90 for Cat! Fortunately, Dufit has not discovered pet battles 🙂

  5. I can now confess that one of the things I was most excited about seeing in the SoSS was the transmog vendors. Yup. Gotta look good to play good? Yikes. Better check my grammar and prioriies, but I’m with Cat on this one!

  6. Not that I want to feed the beast, but you know there are pet battling addons now, do you? Obviously they’re designed to kick ass the most, so I’m not sure if you want to go down that path, but…..

    • LOL! Yes, this beast doesn’t need feeding! I have the glow one and the PetJournal Enhanced one and the PetBattle Teams one. Maybe I should look into others. Oddly I don’t care to know what kind of dps I do but when it comes to battling pets I must have all the addons!

  7. The Procrastinator’s Guide response is being written. Well, it’s going to be written. Real Soon Now.

    Kallixta managed to get to Pandaria, but she’s still in sight of the ship she rode in on. She got distracted.

    • ROTFL! As a procrastinator extraordinaire myself I’m sure it will be along any minute.

      Oh, she’s enjoying the sights and stopping to smell the flowers, I heartily agree with her!

  8. Eva Marie Says:

    YAY FOR YOU. Yeah, I did pet battles for four hours today but am still 89. You’re so ahead D:

    • Thank you! I always start out an expansion thinking I’m going to take my time and not rush ahead but I kinda lost it and rushed to take care of a baby Cloud Serpent, pets, they are my downfall!

  9. There’s too much to do! 😦 *makes sad panda eyes at all the new things to level*

    I have been good, I have been leveling and quest chains and exploring– and then I got distracted by Farmville. *headdesk*

    (Good note: You can ask City Panda how to help the crops and he’ll tell you what to do. Otherwise my onions would still be bug infested. :p)

    To compensate I have contented myself with the glyph of ‘constantly change cat colors until you get dizzy’ in order to combat the horribly horribleness of my wardrobe. (It has a PhD in horribleness!)

    I am sure no one thinks I am a badly programmed bot– mostly.

    And then I pop Cat Armor just because I can. *runs around being a doofus in armor* Whee!

    • It’s so funny, I’ve never played Farmville and now I see I’d better stay away from it, addiction to my WoW farm is enough! I keep pinging around from one thing to another.

      LOL! I’m sure no one thinks you’re a bot they probably think you got into the catnip!

      • Martha (Perish Twice) Says:

        … Now /that/ would be an awesome thing to have! 😀 Can you imagine the fun of something that would make folks in cat form get drunk? (out of combat of course) Best. Buff. Ever! hehehe

        Making everyone in the crowd dance is nowhere near as much fun as just making some of them start to hiccup and walk in circles… Mwahaha

  10. […] not yet 90 myself, I’ve been trying to follow this: An Underachiever’s Guide to 90 by Tome of the Ancient, but I keep failing at the one and only step to […]

  11. Congrats on 90… so Cat and Brad have finally met now? 😛
    PS. What’s this Pet Battles you speak off? sounds nasty…

  12. Grats on 90! Oh I know what you mean about being… stunning. I went to LBR and Draynee said I looked different… omg going out and about unmogged? The shame.

    I am with Cym… what pet battles? I want to hear more of this thing.

    • Oh that’s right! I won’t recognize you when I ever get back to a LBR!

      I am crazy with the battling, I managed to overcome the insanity for a little while to level but I see it’s back!

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