Pet Battles — Life as I Knew it Forever Changed

I know that sounds a bit melodramatic but it’s true. My WoW life has been forever changed by something that, pre-expansion, I thought sounded nice for some but I certainly wasn’t interested in it. Other than a few side trips to get to level 90 and get a Cloud Serpent it’s about all I’ve done.

I abandoned the Golden Lotus for pets. I mean they have all those fine overachieving people who grab 8 or ten mobs, so really, why do they need me. I’m sure they’ll be fine, I’ll be back … really … in just a little while.

Yes, here’s Cat doing the Angler’s dailies. WAIT! Cat, you’re supposed to be … oh nevermind. It’s no use. I can’t stop her. I give up, I know I’m not alone in this obsession which is some comfort. I’ve tried to analyses this compulsion, what aspect of pet battling is pulling me in?

Is it capturing rare pets? While I love to get them I haven’t spent time camping them, it’s nice if they’re there and okay if they aren’t so I guess that’s not it. When I’m hunting for a specific pet I’m looking for a rare with high speed, nice to get the first shot in.

It all started when I first met Grand Master Major Payne, he flattened my team. They had done so well up to that point and I realized they were great out in the wild but against mechnicals, humanoids, basically against anything other than beasts and critters they were toast. I PvP battled, I tried to see what worked well. Although logically I know someone didn’t beat my team because of just one of their pets, this began my hunt for pets with spells I liked.

Wiped out by a Darkmoon Zeppelin? Hurry, start leveling yours up. Brutalized by a Fawn? Haunt the starting area until I get a rare and level it up. I seem to be enjoying finding a diverse group of pets and leveling them to 25 hoping that by then I’ll have the right group, a team with perfect synergy who complement each others spells and fight like a well-oiled killing machine. It’s beautiful, like a ballet. Man, this pet battle stuff is deep … stop snickering … I’m not kidding.

And it’s not like pet battling isn’t helpful. Look what I found while searching for a pet to battle. An old axe, apparently it was Lost and Found. By me … cause I was pet battling. See, useful in so many ways.

Okay, I’m off. Got a lot of pet leveling to do. But let me just say Major Payne I’m coming for you. You feeling me? I got you in my sights. It’s only a matter of time. You’re history, we’re going to kick your butt all around the Argent Tournament Grounds. Yeah … in a bit.

16 Responses to “Pet Battles — Life as I Knew it Forever Changed”

  1. I had to turn the little green paw sign off for a bit but I will get back in there; Mrs. W is scratching to get back in the ring!

  2. Battle ALL the pets!

    Stop snickering? Shoot, this stuff is so addictive it’s pulled me back into blogging, just so I can yammer about it 😉

  3. Oh nice, you found the Woodcutter. Grats on the achievement and look out Payne, you’re going to be toast 🙂

  4. I just love watching Bean the Hopling bounce up to stuff, kick it in the face and then lick it to death. Totally reminds me of PvP 😀

    Although come next patch, going to have to level a Harpy!

    • Lol! I know, I probably shouldn’t use pets just cause I like their animations but I love to see my rabbit flying around like the Darkmoon Bunny.

      Yes, you must have a Harpy Youngling and teach it the ways of death-dealing !

  5. Now you know why Magic: the Gathering and Pokemon are popular. Just be careful about that obsession, because if you keep losing sleep we’ll have to stage an intervention. 😉

  6. OH grats on woodcutter! I can’t find those things to save my life 🙂 And pet battles – yes I must have them all! I am so obsessed that if I find something rare, I go through all of my friends in my list to see who needs it and then they think I”m all crazy – I really want to get something for Kallixta and I even have Ratshags friended now so I can find him something too! And did he say he was blogging again? let me go see!
    And fawn… has nothing against my Black Lamb. Ha Fawn KICKED YOUR BAMBI ASS – take that for smashing my poor little parrot!

    • I haven’t checked for baby ape for a while and Miniferal, grrrrrr, never there. Just a boatload of people flying around. Black Lamb? Is he good? Do I have to go back and find a blue? Okay, I’m on it!

  7. I dipped my toe in the water last week with a new character I’m levelling. Cue me not even getting out of Goldshire – spending all my time attacking everything I see with a fawn, cat & rabbit – the dream team 🙂 It’s great you’ve discovered something else in WoW to love – that’s what makes the game so rich.

    • I know! Yesterday I spent my whole WoW day leveling more pets as I’m stumped again on the Cataclysm Grand Master in Uldum. My poor alts are not amused but Cat’s having a great time!

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