Pet Battle Fever Diminished?

I feel compelled to post today as there is the possibility I might be off-air soon. All week the drama queen weather people have been ranting about the coming Frankenstorm and they do this all the time so I don’t pay attention to them.

This morning I checked the National Weather Service who I’m more likely to believe. Oops, you too huh. Well, it’s too late to go racing off for supplies, we have sufficient dog food and I know they would share. The last storm that knocked out power for a day and a half was almost my undoing, I was jonesing for internet after five minutes, that and the whole waiting for a huge tree on the roof thing. That one scares me as I think we’re really tempting fate by having a brand new roof. It already attracted one large tree limb.

In our neighborhood we’re THOSE PEOPLE, yeah, every neighborhood has to have them. In the aftermath of the storm, if the power’s out the neighborhood will sing with the hums of five thousand dollar generators except at our house. We did look at them but the ones that seemed affordable would only power a coffee-maker so that seemed like overkill for just coffee. So if I stop talking it’s because the power went out and I’m driving around looking for a Starbucks to get wifi on my iPad.

Anyway, I meant to wait to do the Pandarian Trainers until I leveled a magic pet but I just could not wait. Hyuna of the Shrines I think was the longest fight. My crab and her turtle battled it for about a half an hour, lol. But my crab Rangoon prevailed, he’s a very patient crab. I’ve done PvP battles where when I brought out my crab the other person forfeited. Apparently they don’t like long, drawn out battles with a crab that won’t die.

None of the fights stood out as really hard, I would have to try a different mix of pets sometimes until I got just the right one, but the crab is my one constant.

So Cat has a new title and she wanted a screen shot of her prize winning crab. And she finally got some bandages from Aki the Chosen. So I thought maybe she’d get back to helping out the Golden Lotus guys now. Nope, not a chance. She’s flying around trying to get her four hundred pets right now. And the language, oh my. Damn you Miniferal, Damn you! Now I know how Navi felt. And that’s just one of the pets that keep alluding her, there are many more.

Pet Battle Fever continues undiminished. She was crushed when she found out the Qiraji Guardling was only available in summer months but of course she had to go look just to make sure. So I’m off to accompany her in the few remaining hours of power. NOVEC? Could we be best friends? Could you try really hard to keep the power on for Cat, I’ll send cookies … enchants … glyphs … ANYTHING … my Sinister Squashling will be yours, just name your price. Not to even mention if this storm messes up Halloween I’ll be stuck in this house with a metric ton of candy. NOT GOOD … so pretty please.

Oh and while I’m ranting, Hurricane Sandy? Really? Who names these things anyway. If these things come in leaving destruction in their path I really would rather say I was hit by Acidmaw or Brutallus, now these are substantial scary names with weight. Sandy? If it had been Hurricane Brutallus I might have paid attention and gone out and stocked up on toilet paper, just saying.

15 Responses to “Pet Battle Fever Diminished?”

  1. I was hugely disappointed that we missed the Guardlings by only a few days but Blizzard have compensated a bit by providing Harpies next patch.

    I hope you avoid the worst of the weather (or should that be that the worst of the weather avoids you?).

    • I know, she was crushed but the news of the coming pets in 5.1 kind of cheered her up, she wants her own Harpy too!

      The worst thing about this weather is that one of the dogs WILL BE WALKED no matter what occurs so I’m going to have to put a leash on him and run him outside and back in real quick to make him think he had a walk, he’s very demanding, lol.

  2. Grats!

    I also picked up my “Tamer” title yesterday. Interestingly, I went with a completely different strategy against Ms Aki. I went with maximum dps, and burned hers down fast and furious. I do enjoy how there is no “right” way to do these things.

    Hope all goes well riding out the frankenstorm. Wish it was heading our way – the rain would do our aquifers good.

    • Thanks and to you too! I know, it makes it fun to get together teams with differing strengths and try them out. When a magic pet would have helped I was able to make up for it with two healers who wouldn’t die, they just annoyed the trainers to death. lol.

  3. Hey congrats on your latest achievements! Hope to hear you weathered the storm ok.

  4. I should read your blog in the morning rather than night time. You probably wonder why I have no sympathy or am just insensitive. I hope you weather these natural disasters ok. Grats on knocking out all those master tamers. Imagining your house full of Halloween candy… well at least you won’t starve to death if you’re stranded I suppose but you may not have any teeth left.

    • Lol, no that never occurred to me and the bad part’s not here yet, just a ton of rain now. Tonight’s when I’ll be crossing my fingers and hope selfishly for the power to miraculously stay on here!

  5. Stay safe Tome, and hoping for no interruptions to your Internet! I too have gone to a Starbucks for its coffee and WiFi, and totally get this jonesing!

    • I know, it’s not the freezing with no heat or no cooking or no lights, it’s the internet, I must have my internets, lol. Although I got an automated call from the cable company talking about outages so even if I had power I might not have internet anyway. How did I used to live like that? No internet, ridiculous!

  6. JD Kenada Says:

    Four. Hundred. Pets.


    Well, I’m about halfway there, I suppose. And crossing my fingers you guys make out just fine as Sandy decides a detour is in order. 😉

    • I’m getting close to four hundred but it’s getting harder now, some of them just won’t show themselves to me!

      Thanks we can live with the rain and no power just don’t blow a tree down on us Sandy, I haven’t even paid the bill from the last tree yet, lol.

      • They suggest we might catch the edge of the three systems combined, but I won’t hold my breath. After all, I think all winter last year we might’ve gotten an inch and a half of snow…

  7. Ugh, silly Sandy has been giving us terrible weather as well. The Internet’s being all silly and spastic. The power has only flickered a bit – just due to the high winds. Too far away from ACTUAL Sandy for it to do damage besides rain and wind!

    • Oh no, you too! So far lots of rain and just little wind gusts but cable has been wonky. I had to stand in Dawn’s Blossom for about a minute before any NPCs appeared. We are lucky too, unless it changes course we’re just on the edge.

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