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Lazy Picture Post

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I was going to call this post 5.1 in review but that implied that there might be actual, usable, info … so no. Don’t want to mislead anyone. Yay! We have an Erinys now! No luck yesterday but early this morning I caught sight of her. She’s being shy in this shot, probably because she’s in a semi-clothed state but I told her lots of her friends are waiting in the stable for her arrival. Probably throw a party for her.

I had purchased a Mourning Glory from the Tillers and forgotten to try it out. I STUPIDLY decided to let one of those Order of the Cloud Serpent guys kill me forgetting about the long hike back but hey, it’s a nice flower, so totally worth it.

Little Liwu left the Wandering Isle on her quest to gain riding skill. She’s level 16 now and helping out in Redridge, won’t be long now.

Cat was lucky, lucky, on her first Molten Core pet run getting both the Corefire Imp from Magmadar and the Ashstone Core from Golemagg the Incinerator.

And yes! They do exist. I spent hours and hours battling and I was beginning to think these things were a myth. I hadn’t thought about what kind of trouble obtaining one would create. Who do I pick. I will have to consult the works of the learned elders of battle pets. I am frozen with indecision. I’m leaning towards the Tranquil Mechanical Yeti. This will take some serious research, I mean what if I never get another chance at this … so much at stake.

Waiting for Galleon

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I don’t raid and I’m okay with that except for this one thing. Well maybe two things but I did the Darkmoon Rabbit. Galleon, I want him so bad. I don’t know why. I just see that giant Mushan standing there being all … I don’t know … bad and I just have an overwhelming desire to kick his butt. I know, I don’t know what that’s about but best not to look to closely at these things. The Sha of Anger can be right in my face yelling insults and nothing, I couldn’t care less. I always wonder if there’s some WoW playing psychiatrist out there reading all our posts going, oh my, THAT ONE has a problem.

So anyway Cat sometimes goes out on the Rumbling Terrace to wait for him. Every time she’s seen him a raid was always already in progress so imagine her delight when she turned up in Valley of the Four Winds and a raid was just forming. YAY! Finally! So we’re getting our ducks in a row, checking this and that when I notice he’s been engaged. Hmm … someone had a case of premature engagement, not uncommon … OH NO! The Horde tagged him!

So yeah, what can you do. I backed off to watch. I then noticed my raid’s health going up and down and had  a “moment.” In my defense I think the sorrow of losing Galleon cooked my brain, just saying, because I though, “Oh, my server’s matured! We’re going to help the Horde! Excellent!” Yes, yes, I know about the whole PvP thing but that’s what my brain decided to think because it wanted to bring down Galleon THAT BAD!

So I commenced with kicking his butt and helping out the Horde. I discovered that I could survive nicely through his stomps and stuff with only my own healing, good to know. I discovered … wait … what? I got an achievement in the middle of the fight? Wait, another?

Well, at this point I came back to my senses. No, my server had not joined hands and weren’t singing about peace, love and harmony. I was getting PvP achievements. WE were killing Horde. Well fine, you do what you want. I’M KILLING THIS GIANT MUSHAN! I don’t care if I’m helping the Horde, I don’t care that I won’t get anything, I just want this big, fat, cheeky Mushan down!

I kept waiting for hurled insults from my side. Apparently they were so busy PvPing they didn’t notice the turncoat whaling away on Galleon’s butt. When he finally went down it was extremely satisfying. Didn’t matter whose side it was to me. That Galleon was toast!

Cat now considers herself something of an ambassador of good will, how’s that bad. She made new friends, had a dance. Yes, I know the Horde probably thought she was a wingnut but who cares. Galleon was down and she helped. Just a word though, she’s still gunning for you Galleon. For some reason you get on her last nerve. Be afraid, be very, very, afraid you big, fat, Mushan.

An Unexpected Gift

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Yesterday I belatedly started to level poor Sasche, my Forsaken Warlock, in preparation for a LBR. Blizzard’s site said iLevel 355 was required for Firelands. She only made it to 351. She’s really annoyed all those Alliance characters are already into Pandaria and she isn’t. I promised I’d make an effort from now on, but I have developed such an aversion to Garrosh it’s difficult.

I whispered JD, master of ceremonies, that I’d be little help in Firelands but he said to of course come and to also make a character on his server. Okay, maybe his guild is having a party. Maybe they have a glut of D.I.S.C.O.s to use. It was really hard to not get hung up in the creation process but I managed to only change the character’s hair. I showed great restraint I think. And of course it was a Warlock.

So we all get to Ironforge and yay! A party! But then we were all given a wrapped party gift, what’s this?

OMG!!! OMG!!! JD in the guise of the incredibly suave persona of  Elcombe had given us all Panthers just … just … BECAUSE!!!! Those that could, mounted up! It was so exciting and wonderful! Thank you again JD! I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of auctionating that went into that!

I don’t know about the others who were there with level 1 characters, but I wanted to immediately level up so I could ride like the wind! But I’d promised Sasche so off she went to Firelands.

Notice in this screen shot my obsession with pets. There’s all kinds of great stuff going on and I’m fixating on shots of Navi’s pet. With the experienced leadership of the writers of Reputation Grind and The Crimson Hammer, even in her hand-me-down clothes Sasche got to participate in downing some of the bosses before I had to leave.

So what’s with the Padaren up at the top? Well, leveling another of many Warlocks scattered around all the servers didn’t seem special enough. No. This is a most special gift. Funny how a virtual gift can mean as much or more than something in the real world, but it does. So this morning Liwu was created. I think my first Pandaren to level all the way up should be the proud recipient of that Sapphire Panther. Nothing else seems right.  Google translate tells me Liwu means gift in Chinese, they didn’t say whether it’s Mandarin or Cantonese and I hope they aren’t being jokey with me and it’s a dirty word or anything. I don’t know how jokey they are at Google. You never know. I’m pretty jokey.

So I have a lot to do. Liwu is going to be leveling fast, I know. Cat just got Master of the Ways done so she’s fine with it. So if you don’t hear from us it’s because Liwu is wreaking damage and destruction across the Wandering Isle. Everyone is pretty much alright with it, because that was such an incredible gift. Thank you JD.

Derp Queen’s Red Letter Day

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A kind of funny story, it’s at someone’s expense but since it’s me that’s okay. One day Navi was telling me about a pet battle she had. It was looking really bleak until she called on her Gregarious Grell, who came in and saved the day. And against a team with a crab, I’m very fond of crab battle pets so I was very impressed.

I looked up my Gregarious Grell and told Navi, “Oh, mine’s poor quality.” She of course said, “But they’re rare.” I said I know, geez, why is this happening to me. Navi was wonderful, instead of telling me, “Ancient, you dope, it can’t be poor quality.” She sympathized with me.

So around about this time, yes, my mind takes a while to kick in, I thought, but hey … I don’t remember buying a Grell. Why do I even have one. Yes … well, I don’t. It came up as gray because I don’t have one. I told Navi and we ROTFLMAO for a while.

So today Navi said I should check my email. There in my inbox was the code for a Gregarious Grell!!! SQUEEEE! Of my very own, and RARE QUALITY not poor like my last one.

In six years of playing WoW do you know how many times I’ve walked past Landro Longshot in Booty Bay wishing for a word or a glance. I mean he’s The Black Flame! Nothing, he never knew I existed. UNTIL NOW! We’re like BFFs now! So not only did I get a wonderful pet, I was acknowledged by none other than Landro, finally! I mean is that a red letter day or what!

So today, the Navinator was born. In time, all will fear the Navinator. They will tremble at the sound of the name. They will forfeit at the sight of the Navinator! YES! THERE WILL BE LAMENTATIONS OF THE WOMEN TOO!

So no kissing up to the Shado-Pan or The Klaxxi today, no sir. Navinator’s training will begin. I will use my best coach to guild them. My Emperor Crab. I will have to pick a worthy leveling mate for him. I must speed level him to level 25! Leaving death and destruction in our wake! Beware! We’re coming for you!

Thank you again Navi!

Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Event 2012

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It’s once again time to celebrate all we are thankful for. Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Event 2012 is here! Last year’s event was responsible for my Twitter account and finding many new blogs to read, so I’ve been thankful for that all year. So, what to do to say thank you.

Since I’m thankful for everyone who stops by, I’m thankful to all the blogs that I read, many know who they are and many don’t as I’m still a lurker when on my iPad. How to thank them all?

A PARTY! That’s it! I sent Cat off for supplies. She didn’t seem familiar with the COOKED turkey concept but she did remember to get many, many, umbrella drinks so it should work out okay.

I would just like to say that I didn’t set out to do a Blog Azeroth porn video, honest. It appears the new Model Viewer has some issues with transmogrification, if it’s not transmogged it isn’t there. So all those bloggers unwise kind enough to leave me a trail to their character had them wrenched kicking and screaming out of Azeroth in their underwear, sorry, happened to Cat too.

Cat picked the venue, up on top of the Gate of the Setting Sun. There is a small mantid problem but nothing we can’t handle with boiling oil.

So the party’s started and we’re waiting for you! It’s going to be great! All are welcome! Get over there!

For those who don’t speak turkey he’s saying, “Thank you all you wonderful bloggers, readers, commenters, Blog Azeroth and Amerence!” Or it could be thank you for not cooking me, I’m not sure. My turkey’s a little rusty.

I’m not sure what Cat put in the drinks. Is that Navi? OMG! Look at her go! And it looks like Matty is giving the Azerothian finger to someone, I hope it’s not me, but then I did drag her off in her undies. And look at Tum, such a gentleman, fully dressed. And there’s … maybe I should be quiet now. Maybe people don’t appreciate being revealed dancing around in their underwear.

WHAT? So, what of it. Yes, I speak turkey. Should that really come as a surprise?

Pet Naming Took a Turn for the Worse

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OMG! Cat, you did not just do that. You can’t just steal Matty’s picture like that, did you even ask her? I knew something was up, she’s not usually like this. Redecorating her little place in Halfhill is sign of trouble. My guess is she was trying to cheer herself up so something must have happened.

So after a little coaxing the story came out. Snow Blossom. She took a serious beat down from Snow Blossom. She was really upset. I told her if she had a little PvP experience it might have helped but she wasn’t really in the mood for suggestions, she wanted sympathy … so yeah … Snow Blossom … you … you … BITCH!!! There, I’m lending support.

But it didn’t stop there, oh no, Cat was livid about it. You see where this is going, right. Okay, I’ll stop pretending it was Cat, IT’S ME ME ME! I hate Snow Blossom! Now I may be grown up, but I’m not mature. Just never happened, don’t know what went wrong, so I’m not above stooping really low to get back at Snow Blossom. Oh no.

See my ugly, nasty, nasty, maggot? That’s Snow Blossom! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Stupid Snow Blossom, how do you like me now? YOU YOU MAGGOT!

Yes … well, I knew it might come to this one day. I had meant to only name nice pets for nice bloggers, but listen up out there. YOU KICK CAT’S BUTT and see what’s in store for you! I have many disgusting pets left. Just saying. I have many decaying, infested, oozing, crappy, pets left. MANY!

Stupidhead Snow Blossom. Stupid little Mage. They always give me trouble. I can’t successfully level one and now this. And I thought, quick, LoS. And you know what she did? Reset. Stupid cheater! It seems Cat and I will have to read up on fighting Mages.

So anyway, now that that’s off our chest I told Cat we’ll throw a party for the Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Event. I sent her to get the supplies, thought it would cheer her up. As for me nothing will cheer me until I stand over Snow Blossom’s cold, dead, body. That maggot, Snow Blossom.

You are in the Wrong Zone

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I’m beginning to feel paranoid, no matter what zone I show up in I’m told I’m in the wrong zone. What’s up with that. Is someone snooping in my list of quests and seeing that I’m not where I’m supposed to be to be productive? None of your business. Bugger off.

Anyway over the weekend I got the most chilling message I’ve ever seen. FAILURE TO CREATE PET BATTLE. Over and over again, OMG did I panic. I rushed to the forums and finally found it would happen when the instance servers were down or restarting. I’m telling you, I had a MOMENT. So I went and made some coffee and when I got back things were as they should be. Worst fright I’ve had in a while.

I checked in on my Shaman who’s supposed to be leveling as fast as she can because Cat wants a Jeweled Onyx Panther mount and sometime before she’s too senile to ride it. So yeah … is she hurrying? No, I found her on that island playing with those Zandalari Voodoo Cauldrons. Seriously I have to supervise everything or these guys get off track. I don’t know if she’s even half way through 88 yet.

And then there’s Cat who does nothing but pet battle. In a comment Erinys said I should name my pets after bloggers and OMG, is she psychic? I do have pets named after bloggers but hadn’t mentioned it as I didn’t want anyone to take exception to my choices. I am waiting for Harpies to arrive to own an Erinys. I have a cute, butt-kicking, healing Fawn named Navi. I have a lovely, dangerous, sleek, Panther Cub named Matty and pictured above is my Giraffe Calf whose name is Godmother.

I want a Euphyley but the only pet that would do is a Mulgore Hatchling and I can not convince my Warlock to go to the Argent Tournament and joust when everyone else is off to Pandaria or pet battling. She absolutely won’t budge. She said have some of those rich Alliance buy it. Well, she said more than that but that’s close enough for print.

I’m going to have a Ratshag but that’s taking a while. I have something like 15 different varieties of rats and picking the very best one is important so I’ve been observing them closely, watching for a sign that one is Ratshag. Right now I’m betting on the Yakrat but it’s too close to call yet.

Well, it’s time to change zones again. See you later, I hope I don’t step into the wrong one