Rusty Alts and Login Server Busy

The login server says it’s just too busy to deal with me, I guess it’s having a day. Alrighty then have it your way. I’ll just talk about my rusty alt instead.

Oh wait, totally unrelated but I wonder if the Pandaren take that whole lovely and polite thing too far. Every time Cat does the Golden Lotus dailies and has to try to save those Wounded Defenders who are laying there grievously wounded and there are bombs going off everywhere, the first thing the wounded defender says is usually something like, “Tell me of your travels” in a cheery, polite voice.  Seriously? NOW? Do you think we could try to get to a safer place first? Seems a weird time to chit chat.

Anyway, Cat wants some stuff and the person that will have to get it for her is my jewelcrafter/scribe Enhancement Shaman. Back in BC she was my main before Cat was born. I loved that Draenei but as time moved on and the world changed, I fell out of love when wielding a big two-hander was no longer a viable option.

She leveled through Cata sitting in SW doing jewelcrafting dailies. This will not be possible now, she needs motes of harmony and recipes so sitting in town is not an option. Her gear was in the high 200s iLevel. Hmm … probably not going to cut it so Cat made her some new clothes that pushed her over 300 and off she went.

OW! Ouch! Oh sorry little Draenei, really, my fault entirely. I was so focused on her gear I totally forgot I hadn’t a clue how to play her anymore. Yeah, we bombed them real good from the air but on landing in Pandaria we got our butt kicked bad. There was dying … more dying and more too.

We kind of corpse jumped our way to Paw’don Village where I apologized and stopped to do some reading before continuing on our way. I felt really guilty for putting her through all that. She’s made it to 87 now without too much pain. But that girl is just not lucky or else Cat is just extremely lucky. Cat had a couple Spirits of Harmony before she even left the Jade Forest while Lok just made her first one. I wish those things were bind on account.

I have to say the trip this time is more enjoyable without the crowd. I hope it stays that way for all the upcoming trips. I don’t know who’s going next. Herbalist/Alchemist? Miner/Blacksmith? Enchanter/Tailor? I can’t decide, maybe I should let them work it out amongst themselves. Maybe draw straws or something.

So Cat’s fine with this, she’s moved into her place in Halfhill. Oh look, I see she even did a little decorating. There she is taking a nap … I think she’s taking a nap, but what’s in all those bottles by the bed. I hope she didn’t make a spectacle of herself in front of the Tillers. Sigh.

15 Responses to “Rusty Alts and Login Server Busy”

  1. Oh, Ancient, you just hit the nail on the head for me! I cannot decide which of my alts to level next!

    I know I should be responsible and level my Miner/JC or my Skinner/LW’er or my Tailor/Enchanter or my Blacksmith/??… but after my dailies are done, I keep jumping onto my baby Monk – who has no professions yet. >< Bad, Effy!

    ~ Effy

    • LOL! I do know what you mean, I have to resist playing my little Pandaren. I keep telling myself if the others go first she’ll have lots of nice things from them. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to hold out!

      • I was trying to be all logical and stuff too, but alas.

        And maybe it’s because I’m sham-pathic, but I M actually really worried about your shaman and wish I could take her under my wing! Poor thing. Funny, cause its my Druid who dies a thousand deaths!

        • I know, I thought of you when I was mistreating my poor Shaman. What would Matty think! It did get better and then she cheered up when she got some nice weapons from a few rares so all is forgiven now!

  2. The way I’ve been levelling alts is to level one through rested XP, park the alt in an inn, rinse and repeat with another alt. I should manage to have all my crafters maxed on their professions by next week’s darkmoon faire.

  3. Please tell me you photoshopped Varian’s portrait in there? Because all I got on my Tauren was the standard woodcut of a cliff overlooking the ocean. Then again, I don’t really want Hellscream’s Eyes literally upon me while I’m trying to take a nap in my cottage, so perhaps it’s best that I didn’t get a portrait of Garrosh in my hut.

    • LOL! OMG! Can you imagine Garrosh’s eyes on you, who could sleep! Yes, I’m guilty, she so loves those human males so I gave her Varian for her place, kind of a house-warming present.

  4. The scary bit for me is that I’ve been leveling Aldonza, who is my Bank Alt, dammit, not Kallixta! Before I could only do the fishing/cooking dailies, that is two quests, and she’d be done. Next she got access to the Dalaran cooking quest. But for the past couple weeks, she had daily Hallow’s End quests plus Candy Buckets and Pet Trainer quests…

    • I know, no more standing in safe towns to level! How is poor Aldonza feeling about all this? It’s a dangerous place out there now that we’re forced to brave the world to level.

      • Flying in to some place, doing something and immediately mounting is her standard practice. With Icy Armor and Blink, even should she aggro something, she can escape. It’s not like she’s up against something within ten levels of her!

  5. I saw that picture on the wall and laughed my head off. Such an alliance house. If that was in Navi’s house it would be for dagger throwing practice.

    Navi adopted that house high above the anglers as her abode. Perfect for a druid with with flightform. She would love to take sasche there for some… Err… cookies and tea sometimes. Not sure what undead eat other than corpses.

  6. I’m actually surprised that I’m levelling my pali more than anyone else right now. In fact, she’s almost 89 but she IS my miner/eng so it helps with my JC and I really want to max my ENG for the rocket – 5 points to go now (DMF will come in handy for that) I’ll be giving it to Cool since he made me his one 🙂

    I also wish the spirits were at least BoA – that would be awesome.

    • I think my Panda will take up engineering as that’s the one thing I don’t have as I deleted mine. What was I thinking. I know, BoA would be so perfect, it seems the characters that don’t really need any are the ones who accumulate them the most. Go Pally!

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