They Mock Me

Just look at them. I don’t think it’s just me, don’t you think they’re smirking too. I knew it. I have no quarrel with some of them. Three of them would require interaction with strangers so they have a pass. Some of them aren’t around this time of year so we’re cool. But some of them I do have issue with and I’m looking at you Miniferal, Jade Oozeling, and Giraffe Calf.

I’m beginning to think their existence is some big, elaborate, hoax being perpetrated ON ME. I mean I actually have seen a Baby Ape being captured by someone, but those three. Nothing. Lots of people hanging around but nothing. Maybe they spawn at 3:00am or something. Where’s insomnia when you need it.

I guess I’m just not being vigilant enough, maybe I should enlist more alts into service. Maybe I should be checking RIGHT NOW instead of complaining, but I ‘m waiting for a phone call. This client is very nice, but he’s an all business former FBI agent calling to discuss his law firm’s website. I just know he wouldn’t understand if I suddenly shrieked, MINIFERAL! MINIFERAL! I’LL BE RIGHT BACK! HOLD ON! And what’s worse I’m pretty sure that’s just what I’d do. So yeah, best I talk to you instead.

While I’m complaining I might as well bring this up too. I am trying to be helpful around Pandaria in between pet battles. I am trying to do my civic duty but WTF! In there somewhere are the Golden Lotus quest givers. It’s usually like a mini-game within the game. I spend more time trying to get the quests than completing them. They’re there too long to be just picking up the quests, I don’t know what they’re doing. They’ve got something against the Golden Lotus? Don’t want them to get any help? And look at the guy in the foreground, he’s looks pretty pissed about it too. I need to remember to check the bank for any leftover Baby Spice I might have.

Okay, I’m tired of waiting for that call, I’ll just login and check for Miniferal quickly. If he calls I can just drop the phone or something if I see a Miniferal … yeah … that should work.

I’m excited about Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Event 2012 because last year I got to know so many great bloggers through it. I don’t know what to do though. I don’t rhyme, cartoon, tell good stories so I’m going to have to give this some thought. And I’m already falling way behind on my pet names, at this point I may have to resort to Curly, Moe, and Larry. I’d better get busy, maybe I should go out and buy a baby name book for my pets, although I don’t think I’d find many names appropriately fearsome enough. I’ll have to google fearsome baby names …

21 Responses to “They Mock Me”

  1. FYI: Server reset. Both Calf and Oozeling should be plentiful post mainmtenance. Just log yourself off in the cave or by the Dwarven Digsite in the Barrens…

    Me, I need to have a word with Onyxia about giving up a Whelp… ^^

    • Thank you Godmother! I’ll have to log back in and station people in those locations cause I think there’s a reset in a few hours.

      Onyxia was kind enough to let me have one of her runts, but I was happy to except a poor quality Spawn!

    • ^^^^ this! Server reset is how I got all of the super rare ones – minifernal, scourged whelpling, etc. I left multiple alts around different spawn points and was even able to nab three of them in one day! 🙂

      Also, the twilight fiendlings were in a different phase for all my toons, but if you can get close enough to the edge of one of the corrupted areas and swoop in fast enough to click one of the pets by the edge you can probably nab one. It took some practice for me, but I was finally able to click it fast enough before it phased out.

      • I am just not a good planner, lol. I do have alts spread around but totally forgot about resets.

        Oh, I know, those fiendlings kept disappearing and that’s one of my saddest pet stories. I finally found one and accidentally killed him. Haven’t found another yet.

  2. LOL! don’t you just love when all those big drakes sit on top of the quest givers?

    Static, if it pops, just “create” some instant phone static for delay 🙂

  3. That panda looks downright evil.

  4. The calf I think also spawns as a second pet so check all the things… Jade Oozelings are in the cave – you knew that didn’t you? I usually run round killing all the things in the hope that they will spawn then, or that I might get a bag with a disgusting oozeling in as a side venture 🙂

    • Oh good, I didn’t know if the calf might be a second or third.

      I kill the oozes to have at least something to do when I’m there. Last time I was in there, there were about four 90s running around killing everything, it was pretty funny. Blizzard sure got people out in the world looking for pets!

      And you’re right the chance of an oozeling dropping makes it less painful!

  5. Oh, Ancient, using Baby Spice on people obstructing quest givers and mailboxes with their big mounts is a deliciously brilliant idea! (pun intended) Maybe I should start doing those Dalaran cooking dailies again….

    • I got all excited when I remembered it, I found I had four left but did the dailies early this morning and no one was there but there’s always tomorrow and I think I might do those cooking dailies whenever I pass through Dalaran too!

      • When Kallixta went through Dalaran in WotLK, there weren’t as many big mounts somehow and it didn’t dawn on me how helpful Baby Spice could be.

        Now that Aldonza has arrived in Dalaran, I’ve been accumulating it again. If only it was BOA and I could pass it over!

        • I know, it would be perfect if it were BoA, I have a whole list of things! But Aldonza might find it comes in handy on her journeys. Watch, now that I want to use it nobody will stand on them, lol.

  6. Yes, mocking little buggers, aren’t they? As the Godmother said, server restarts are the time to catch them. That’s when I got my baby ape, and I don’t know anyone who has a minfernal that didn’t get it by logging on immediately after a restart.

    I may need to bribe the missus to catch them for me, since she’s typically home during the daytime on Tuesdays….

    • Yes! Bribery sounds just the thing! I did get my Giraffe Calf finally today and next Tuesday or any resets before I’m going to be ready and waiting in Felwood for that little Miniferal!

  7. harpysnest Says:

    “I’m excited about Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Event 2012 because last year I got to know so many great bloggers through it. I don’t know what to do though. I don’t rhyme, cartoon, tell good stories so I’m going to have to give this some thought. And I’m already falling way behind on my pet names, at this point I may have to resort to Curly, Moe, and Larry.”

    You could combine the two. Name pets for bloggers and take appropriately themed screenshots.

    Good luck in the hunt for your missing pets!

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