You are in the Wrong Zone

I’m beginning to feel paranoid, no matter what zone I show up in I’m told I’m in the wrong zone. What’s up with that. Is someone snooping in my list of quests and seeing that I’m not where I’m supposed to be to be productive? None of your business. Bugger off.

Anyway over the weekend I got the most chilling message I’ve ever seen. FAILURE TO CREATE PET BATTLE. Over and over again, OMG did I panic. I rushed to the forums and finally found it would happen when the instance servers were down or restarting. I’m telling you, I had a MOMENT. So I went and made some coffee and when I got back things were as they should be. Worst fright I’ve had in a while.

I checked in on my Shaman who’s supposed to be leveling as fast as she can because Cat wants a Jeweled Onyx Panther mount and sometime before she’s too senile to ride it. So yeah … is she hurrying? No, I found her on that island playing with those Zandalari Voodoo Cauldrons. Seriously I have to supervise everything or these guys get off track. I don’t know if she’s even half way through 88 yet.

And then there’s Cat who does nothing but pet battle. In a comment Erinys said I should name my pets after bloggers and OMG, is she psychic? I do have pets named after bloggers but hadn’t mentioned it as I didn’t want anyone to take exception to my choices. I am waiting for Harpies to arrive to own an Erinys. I have a cute, butt-kicking, healing Fawn named Navi. I have a lovely, dangerous, sleek, Panther Cub named Matty and pictured above is my Giraffe Calf whose name is Godmother.

I want a Euphyley but the only pet that would do is a Mulgore Hatchling and I can not convince my Warlock to go to the Argent Tournament and joust when everyone else is off to Pandaria or pet battling. She absolutely won’t budge. She said have some of those rich Alliance buy it. Well, she said more than that but that’s close enough for print.

I’m going to have a Ratshag but that’s taking a while. I have something like 15 different varieties of rats and picking the very best one is important so I’ve been observing them closely, watching for a sign that one is Ratshag. Right now I’m betting on the Yakrat but it’s too close to call yet.

Well, it’s time to change zones again. See you later, I hope I don’t step into the wrong one

21 Responses to “You are in the Wrong Zone”

  1. Hey! You’re in the wrong zone!

    No blasters allowed here!

  2. My money’s on the Tainted Rat….

  3. I am honored; I miss my Cougar Club from my old guild … This suits me just perfectly!

  4. OMG :O

    I have a Battle Pet named after me *o*

  5. Named after bloggers! That’s awesome! I’m also slightly jealous. Why isn’t one named after me! *cries*

    (Just kidding, just kidding — don’t you dare feel guilty!) πŸ˜›

  6. I’m sorry but you really need to change Navi’s one to a skunk πŸ˜›

  7. I’m honoured to be considered for a pet name. I also have to admit I have a pet in mind to name after Cat, just haven’t acquired it yet.

  8. Oh you named a fawn after me? That’s so awesome! Now I can happily share with you that I had already named my black panther cub Catwynn, because I didn’t want you to name a pet after me just because I named one after you πŸ™‚

    • I logged off and forgot to ask what I was, yay! Now I know! She will be pleased to know she’s got a panther cub named after her! I just hope she’s nobody’s maggot or disgusting oozeling, lol.

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