Pet Naming Took a Turn for the Worse

OMG! Cat, you did not just do that. You can’t just steal Matty’s picture like that, did you even ask her? I knew something was up, she’s not usually like this. Redecorating her little place in Halfhill is sign of trouble. My guess is she was trying to cheer herself up so something must have happened.

So after a little coaxing the story came out. Snow Blossom. She took a serious beat down from Snow Blossom. She was really upset. I told her if she had a little PvP experience it might have helped but she wasn’t really in the mood for suggestions, she wanted sympathy … so yeah … Snow Blossom … you … you … BITCH!!! There, I’m lending support.

But it didn’t stop there, oh no, Cat was livid about it. You see where this is going, right. Okay, I’ll stop pretending it was Cat, IT’S ME ME ME! I hate Snow Blossom! Now I may be grown up, but I’m not mature. Just never happened, don’t know what went wrong, so I’m not above stooping really low to get back at Snow Blossom. Oh no.

See my ugly, nasty, nasty, maggot? That’s Snow Blossom! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Stupid Snow Blossom, how do you like me now? YOU YOU MAGGOT!

Yes … well, I knew it might come to this one day. I had meant to only name nice pets for nice bloggers, but listen up out there. YOU KICK CAT’S BUTT and see what’s in store for you! I have many disgusting pets left. Just saying. I have many decaying, infested, oozing, crappy, pets left. MANY!

Stupidhead Snow Blossom. Stupid little Mage. They always give me trouble. I can’t successfully level one and now this. And I thought, quick, LoS. And you know what she did? Reset. Stupid cheater! It seems Cat and I will have to read up on fighting Mages.

So anyway, now that that’s off our chest I told Cat we’ll throw a party for the Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Event. I sent her to get the supplies, thought it would cheer her up. As for me nothing will cheer me until I stand over Snow Blossom’s cold, dead, body. That maggot, Snow Blossom.

12 Responses to “Pet Naming Took a Turn for the Worse”

  1. OMG woman you make me laugh. I mean, I’m sorry you’ve been having such a rough time with that maggity maggot. Here’s to kicking her butt.

  2. Oh dear. See, now, these are the kind of things that scare me away from training to start pet battles… Everyone is serious! >< Plus, I cannot bear the thought of someone beating up poor Xarzith!

    ~ Effy

  3. […] Snowflower (and no, she’s no relation to Snow Blossom) needs actually finish exploring that wandering […]

  4. Perfectly understandable. Now all you need to do is get it killed as often as possible whilst battling and Cat’s (and your) revenge will be complete.

  5. LOL I am glad you have named your maggots after things we don’t like!

  6. But but maggots are awesome and cast death and decay and stuff 😦

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