Derp Queen’s Red Letter Day

A kind of funny story, it’s at someone’s expense but since it’s me that’s okay. One day Navi was telling me about a pet battle she had. It was looking really bleak until she called on her Gregarious Grell, who came in and saved the day. And against a team with a crab, I’m very fond of crab battle pets so I was very impressed.

I looked up my Gregarious Grell and told Navi, “Oh, mine’s poor quality.” She of course said, “But they’re rare.” I said I know, geez, why is this happening to me. Navi was wonderful, instead of telling me, “Ancient, you dope, it can’t be poor quality.” She sympathized with me.

So around about this time, yes, my mind takes a while to kick in, I thought, but hey … I don’t remember buying a Grell. Why do I even have one. Yes … well, I don’t. It came up as gray because I don’t have one. I told Navi and we ROTFLMAO for a while.

So today Navi said I should check my email. There in my inbox was the code for a Gregarious Grell!!! SQUEEEE! Of my very own, and RARE QUALITY not poor like my last one.

In six years of playing WoW do you know how many times I’ve walked past Landro Longshot in Booty Bay wishing for a word or a glance. I mean he’s The Black Flame! Nothing, he never knew I existed. UNTIL NOW! We’re like BFFs now! So not only did I get a wonderful pet, I was acknowledged by none other than Landro, finally! I mean is that a red letter day or what!

So today, the Navinator was born. In time, all will fear the Navinator. They will tremble at the sound of the name. They will forfeit at the sight of the Navinator! YES! THERE WILL BE LAMENTATIONS OF THE WOMEN TOO!

So no kissing up to the Shado-Pan or The Klaxxi today, no sir. Navinator’s training will begin. I will use my best coach to guild them. My Emperor Crab. I will have to pick a worthy leveling mate for him. I must speed level him to level 25! Leaving death and destruction in our wake! Beware! We’re coming for you!

Thank you again Navi!

11 Responses to “Derp Queen’s Red Letter Day”

  1. I am glad you like him and omg you named him after me! πŸ˜€

  2. hahahaha awesome name! I got mine from Arv and he is the core of my humanoid dragon-busting team. ^.^

  3. That is fantastic! You can keep your chocolates and roses…give me pets!

  4. Heehee, Ancient, you’re adorable! And so is Navi. πŸ˜€

  5. I love my Grell. Her name is Lucy (as from Peanuts comic strip). I stole her from my daughter. She’d bought the card at Gencon this summer but hadn’t turned in the code yet. She that hesitates… loses her Grell. So I have a Grell now and she’s getting a new one in the mail soon.

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