Waiting for Galleon

I don’t raid and I’m okay with that except for this one thing. Well maybe two things but I did the Darkmoon Rabbit. Galleon, I want him so bad. I don’t know why. I just see that giant Mushan standing there being all … I don’t know … bad and I just have an overwhelming desire to kick his butt. I know, I don’t know what that’s about but best not to look to closely at these things. The Sha of Anger can be right in my face yelling insults and nothing, I couldn’t care less. I always wonder if there’s some WoW playing psychiatrist out there reading all our posts going, oh my, THAT ONE has a problem.

So anyway Cat sometimes goes out on the Rumbling Terrace to wait for him. Every time she’s seen him a raid was always already in progress so imagine her delight when she turned up in Valley of the Four Winds and a raid was just forming. YAY! Finally! So we’re getting our ducks in a row, checking this and that when I notice he’s been engaged. Hmm … someone had a case of premature engagement, not uncommon … OH NO! The Horde tagged him!

So yeah, what can you do. I backed off to watch. I then noticed my raid’s health going up and down and had  a “moment.” In my defense I think the sorrow of losing Galleon cooked my brain, just saying, because I though, “Oh, my server’s matured! We’re going to help the Horde! Excellent!” Yes, yes, I know about the whole PvP thing but that’s what my brain decided to think because it wanted to bring down Galleon THAT BAD!

So I commenced with kicking his butt and helping out the Horde. I discovered that I could survive nicely through his stomps and stuff with only my own healing, good to know. I discovered … wait … what? I got an achievement in the middle of the fight? Wait, another?

Well, at this point I came back to my senses. No, my server had not joined hands and weren’t singing about peace, love and harmony. I was getting PvP achievements. WE were killing Horde. Well fine, you do what you want. I’M KILLING THIS GIANT MUSHAN! I don’t care if I’m helping the Horde, I don’t care that I won’t get anything, I just want this big, fat, cheeky Mushan down!

I kept waiting for hurled insults from my side. Apparently they were so busy PvPing they didn’t notice the turncoat whaling away on Galleon’s butt. When he finally went down it was extremely satisfying. Didn’t matter whose side it was to me. That Galleon was toast!

Cat now considers herself something of an ambassador of good will, how’s that bad. She made new friends, had a dance. Yes, I know the Horde probably thought she was a wingnut but who cares. Galleon was down and she helped. Just a word though, she’s still gunning for you Galleon. For some reason you get on her last nerve. Be afraid, be very, very, afraid you big, fat, Mushan.

10 Responses to “Waiting for Galleon”

  1. Good on you, although I’m rooting for you to kill him on your side soon. I was also really happy to finally see him and kill him a few days ago.

  2. Good for you! I very much enjoyed reading this. Thank you for writing it.

  3. I even play on a pvp server, and I’m always shocked when people actually kill each other instead of helping. I shouldn’t be, I know, but … it’s the last thing *I* would do.

    I LOVE the shot of you and the Tauren kitty dancing. That one pic is definitely worth 1000 words.

    • I know, I just don’t get that. These are probably people you know but they’re just playing their Horde or Alliance characters so why not help.

      Druid first! Faction … um … I don’t know, second, third? We kitties stick together!

  4. Ya, loved the pic of you and the tauren side by side. šŸ˜‰

  5. You big fat Mushan. Oh that made me laugh!

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