Lazy Picture Post

I was going to call this post 5.1 in review but that implied that there might be actual, usable, info … so no. Don’t want to mislead anyone. Yay! We have an Erinys now! No luck yesterday but early this morning I caught sight of her. She’s being shy in this shot, probably because she’s in a semi-clothed state but I told her lots of her friends are waiting in the stable for her arrival. Probably throw a party for her.

I had purchased a Mourning Glory from the Tillers and forgotten to try it out. I STUPIDLY decided to let one of those Order of the Cloud Serpent guys kill me forgetting about the long hike back but hey, it’s a nice flower, so totally worth it.

Little Liwu left the Wandering Isle on her quest to gain riding skill. She’s level 16 now and helping out in Redridge, won’t be long now.

Cat was lucky, lucky, on her first Molten Core pet run getting both the Corefire Imp from Magmadar and the Ashstone Core from Golemagg the Incinerator.

And yes! They do exist. I spent hours and hours battling and I was beginning to think these things were a myth. I hadn’t thought about what kind of trouble obtaining one would create. Who do I pick. I will have to consult the works of the learned elders of battle pets. I am frozen with indecision. I’m leaning towards the Tranquil Mechanical Yeti. This will take some serious research, I mean what if I never get another chance at this … so much at stake.

11 Responses to “Lazy Picture Post”

  1. I see what they did. They increased the size of the pet journal because they also ADDED A TON OF NEW PETS! ARGH!!! I will spend the rest of my days culling that darn thing to make room for more.

  2. This reminds me that I need to take more screenshots… Seems like I just don’t stop to enjoy my surroundings as much as I used to, anymore. And that kinda makes me sad.

  3. Hey congrats on your new additions. I think I may have to buy mine with the lack of luck I have in farming them.

  4. Yay for Harpies and grats on the rest of your new found friends. I’m getting ready to run a bunch of old dungeons so fingers crossed. It’s the stitched pup I really want but would settle for anything this first week.

    • Good luck, may the RNG be kind to you! I really want that Stitched Pup too, I still need to figure out where all the news pets are and I haven’t even finished getting the old ones, my work here is never done, lol!

  5. Grats Ancient! Wooo! And OMG it’s one of those stones that I have heard about but never seen. Thank god you screenshotted it so I can have faith in it.

    • I know, I was battling like a crazy person trying to get one, now that I know they’re really out there I’ve calmed down, lol. Now I just need for someone to tell me how the hell do you win against that thundering spirit tamer guy.

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