Over Coffee at Halfhill

navinatorMy pool of time to play WoW and talk about WoW is shared. There’s so much to do now that I’m sacrificing the talking and doing the doing. I like to think we met at Halfhill Market and did some catching up over coffee, so here goes.

There will be fear in the ranks of the Pandaren Pet tamers when they get wind of this! Navinator is 25! Muhahaha!

level20Liwu hit level 20, trained riding and no, they are really serious, she can’t ride that baby until she hits 40 but I can’t blame her for trying, you never know it might have worked!

euphYay! We now have a on our team! Cat’s just yawning, she’s not going to eat her. And while I’m on the subject of pets, I read BBB’s post about a Warlock wanting to bring a class action suit over not getting his promised quest. Yeah, that reminds me, where is:

  • Pet Battle music is now more appropriate for the type of match being fought.

That’s what I want to know. At the very least I had expected that when I brought out my Tranquil Mechanical Yeti I would hear something like Thunderstruck. I mean come on Blizzard, get with the program. And, and, my badass Devouring Maggot would get something like Du Hast and my … okay, I’ll stop. But yeah, pet battlers we should unite on this, consider me battle pet music nerd raging right now!

And for any pet battlers who haven’t seen this yet, PetBattleArena is amazing. You can check on your own pets and see what stat combinations they have so you have a better idea which low levels you might want to level up next. Love it.

Oh yeah, this next one is kinda creepy. I should back up though. Bravetank posted about her book Life Shift being available on Amazon. It was about alternate universes, definitely my kind of reading so I got it. I had hoped I could give her an unbiased opinion after I read it but the whole time I was reading it I just kept thinking, OMG Bravetank wrote this! And I had a picture in my mind of Bravetank slaving away over it’s creation in a Stormwind library. So I don’t think I was unbiased. Very clever girl that Bravetank, I wonder if her handler has read it yet.

So that’s not the creepy part, this is.

darksoilSo I look out the window and what do I see? Here in real life? I have a real life screen shot to prove it. Dark Soil! Right here! The separation between my universe and Azeroth’s has become weakened, my real life and digital world are merging! I have an alternate universe predicament RIGHT HERE! OMG! WHAT’S NEXT!

So that’s some of what’s been going on. I missed a LBR last night so I hope they had fun but not too much since I couldn’t go. Oh, I can’t stand it, I gotta go. I HAVE TO go out and pick up that Dark Soil before someone else finds it, you never know. The neighbors might know what it is and beat me to it!

16 Responses to “Over Coffee at Halfhill”

  1. I dunno…..that Cat looks pretty hungry to me. šŸ˜‰

  2. My separation of real world/warcraft is weakening too. I have, in the last two weeks, had two WoW related dreams. In one, I was totally failing at taming a rare (GO FIGURE), and in another I was defending a class of 90 students from a mob of skeletons (kinda like the little weak ones at the end of the one side of Stratholme) by Arcane Blasting all the things.


    • OH NO! You have the dreams too! I had one where I was tasked with skinning 10,000 beasts and even the dream me thought that was over the top. I think it was when I was doing the the Hemet Nesingwary quests in Nagrand.

  3. JD Kenada Says:

    I took Tum halfway across the Jade Forest due to my wife’s addon telling me there was Dark Soil. I wound up on an island of 90’s and when I got to the supposed location, the arrow changed and said it was somewhere else. Aside from avoiding death, I said to hell with it.

    I’ll find my first one yet. šŸ™‚

  4. She has just read it and she is over the moon at your kind words!! Thank you. Would have been great to have actually written it in Stormwind Library though. šŸ™‚

    • It’s so funny that I imagined your character writing for some reason I kept thinking the author was Bravetank. Really great twist on alternate universe plot, I enjoyed it!

      • Desperately trying not to feel like too much if a failure now: no pets, no panther mounts, no novels, and no dark soil. Hmmm….still have my looks? Oh well. The only dark soil in the Matty shack requires Tide and hot water. To the dryer sheet buff! Hooray!

  5. I have to laugh at that Dark Soil. And I thought I was the only one looking at the ground IRL seeing WoW things…

  6. ZOMG, DARK SOIL! What loot did you get? I am a dark soil addict so I would have totally taken a picture of that like you did. Lol. My main is an herbalist and I find myself seeing flowers along the roadside irl that remind me of in-game herbs. In fact, just last week I spotted some Silkweed on my way home from work.

    • I feel so much better now knowing I’m not the only one who sees herbs irl! When I got outside to pick up the dark soil I forgot I was exalted and couldn’t pick it. I hope someone else finds it, lol.

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