Easy Quests Make for Lazy Druids and Stop Nagging Me

fearfulfaceTwitter keeps nagging at me to make my profile “stand out” by uploading a header. I got annoyed and made the one above with old scary faces. I don’t have any new scary faces because I haven’t been in a “mood” for a while. I was going to upload it but then though maybe people would think the one on the right was actually me, so reconsidered.

twitterSo hey Twitter, give it a rest will you. Also because what I thought was a 15 minute downtime is actually somewhat longer so I can’t login and take a screen shot of my lazy Druid and I have to have SOME kind of picture so there you go.

I had complained about old Snow Blossom the Shado-Pan companion kicking Cat’s butt the first time she attempted the Challenger’s Ring quest. I realized I’m so used to everything being easy that I’ve become a very lazy Druid. Doing dailies I’m frequently guilty of just finishing off mobs with auto-attack. Lazy. But there are only so many Mogu you can get excited about really.

So the second attempt was successful because this time when she Ice Blocked me I didn’t stand there like a deer caught in headlights thinking, “Hey, hey, no fair!” I shifted like a proper Druid should, geez.

Around the same time I had read a post about slow-paced and fast-paced players at Sheep the Diamond. There’s no doubt that I’m a slow-paced player with a few quirks like Ironman challenges. It was interesting and I certainly agreed with the post especially the part about slow-paced players rarely being the ones looking down on fast-paced players. WE certainly don’t behave that way.

Well … oops.

So I finish off that Snow Blossom and start to leave when another challenger approaches. I was appalled! You could indeed say Cat looked down on such behavior. He brought friends! I think he had a healer and another dps with him. Just wrong, tsk tsk. So not only did I find out I was lazy I found out I wasn’t above … well … looking down.

Old slow-paced Cat feeling all superior, shame on her. It’s just as well the servers are down right now. I think she deserves a time-out for that.


8 Responses to “Easy Quests Make for Lazy Druids and Stop Nagging Me”

  1. Twitter has been badgering me about that too. Love your reaction though.

  2. This gave me a lot to think about. I am not sure I want anymore to think about. Mostly I am just confused. Twitter puts pressure on its users to be beautiful? Sigh. Do you ever feel like we’re doing all the heavy lifting?

  3. And when i tried to update that Twitter thing, I get the “Sorry we did something wrong” message. Annoying as hell.

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