1st Rule of RNG: You do not talk about RNG and Bargain Transmog

aqpetSince I opened my big mouth in my last post about how many Battle-Stones I’d received the above is the only “luck” I’ve had since. Lucky would actually have been if the Twin Emperors had dropped something instead of the easy first guy but that sounds ungrateful. So instead I’ll have to go back and be beaten to near death again by those two jerks. Oddly I also found out that I no longer have any idea whatsoever on how to be a bear, had to do them as kitty. I’d better do some studying up. Apparently bears have changed a little since the expansion dropped, who knew!

So, 1st Rule of RNG: You DO NOT talk about RNG.

Porcupette … another urban myth. Supposed to drop from the Sack of Pet Supplies. All I’ve been getting is belly button lint and stupid well loved toys. For me at least I think Porcupette is going to be another Anzu. A multi-year epic struggle that may or may not ever yield a payoff.

Yes, I know I sound testy, pay no attention to the whining it’s how I get this time of year. I have to do my annual house cleaning. You think I’m kidding. I am not. This place is dustbunnyville. I call it a protective layer of dust, it protects all our valuable stuff but once a year I’m called upon to dislodge it all so new dust can accumulate for another year. Kind of a Winter Veil tradition. And there’s the whole cooking stuff for everyone to eat thing too. I must go out and hunt for food. I think I will go hunt a Great Ham. If you leave me in charge you’re not getting turkey cause I don’t even like turkey. So that’s it. Great Ham and cookies FTW!

Oh and yeah, I can stand getting a bag of crap from the Pandaren Tamers but really after repeatedly banging your head against the Pandaren Spirit Tamers for a Sack of Pet Supplies I think you should be assured a bandage or something. I mean they are a little  more challenging than the rest. Whine. Whine. Whine. Oh, suck it up.

bargainHere’s better news! Cat has found a way to look festive and pulled together this holiday season! Her bargain transmog secret is add one Disgusting Oozeling and there you go! No more worrying about mismatched gear, she was so pleased.

Okay what else. Oh! I know. Every time I take the quest to battle Aki the Chosen before I engage her she always says, “Travel safe,” like she’s hoping I’ll just leave. HAHAHA! I have her intimidated. Yeah Aki, just hand over the bag and I’ll give you a pass. No? Sorry, your pets are history then woman!

I was so happy to finally get to 55 exalted reputations. I just assumed that would give me the guild achievement United Nations. I really want it because, yes, another pet is the reward. I found they have to be specific factions not just a random bunch, so that means I STILL have to stop battling and go help out the Klaxxi and Shado-Pan. Sigh.

veggiesSince I seem to have a whole theme of complaint going here I might as well get this off my chest. I don’t care how many virmen I have to slay or alluring crops or any of the others but I HATE Wild Crops. Hate them. I’m thinking of just leaving them there from now on. Yep, just let my farm turn into a bunch of waving vines.

I think my favorite is Runty Crops. I have to be careful though. My head knows that how hard I hit the key in no way determines the outcome, but my thumb on the other hand does not. It feels the necessity to bang that key so hard it’s in danger of dislocation.

Geez, that’s a lot of complaining.

Okay, this was nice but I felt bad. Since I’m always alone I seldom pay close attention to chat. To get my attention you’d pretty much have to jump up and down in front of me. I noticed a lovely Blood Elf while doing the daily fights at the Temple of the White Tiger. She waited each time for me to finish and wait for her respawn. I finished and went on my way and only then saw that she had been /cheering me and giving me encouragement through each fight.

I was so upset with myself for not noticing. A nice player and I’d ignored them. They are a rare and special commodity that should never be ignored. So Thalliya, thank you! I know you won’t see this but to you and all the friendly players out there who take time to be nice to strangers, thank you!

I’m talking so much because I’m trying to put off my responsibilities. I need to go hunt the Great Ham. I need to go clear out the dust bunny warren. Holidays … dangerous business.

Happy Winter Veil!

15 Responses to “1st Rule of RNG: You do not talk about RNG and Bargain Transmog”

  1. Okay – seriously?!? Why do we get those pest control thingies and they do NOTHING. In fact, I think they attract vermin! They send out a pheramone, complete with thumping “come and get it” signals…

    I realized yesterday that I had a WEEK before Christmas, and not a single gift was bought: to this fact, I became overwrought. However, I thought, I’ll do just one thing and tip; the evil milkman Brad before in my nog he spits. (He would do that, don’t you know, in rain, sunshine, or snow.)

    • I really think you should be able to buy something at exalted to combat these things, it could be super expensive I don’t care. A giant garden bomb perhaps!

      Oh you still have that same evil Milkman? Why do only the nice people change jobs, lol.

      • (Did you notice my little prose I had going at the end there? It’s a curse when one thinks in verse…) And yes: I think my milkman still hates me.

  2. I agree that the Wild Crops drive me nuts – even more so before I realized they are created for button-mashing. It used to take me FORever to get them to submit, but one day I was so angry with them, I just started smashing “1” and only pausing to hit “2” to interrupt his slam. It makes them submit MUCH faster.

    Hope that helps. 🙂

    ~ Effy

    • Oh boy, when I first did it I was there forever, lol. Thankfully looked it up and someone explained the technique to get to 50 stacks and I STILL hate it beyond belief. I even refuse to clear them out on the quest to pick weeds but when I get that weed bomb I get so much satisfaction bombing them! Everyday I hope for that quest to get my revenge!

    • I just ignore 2 completely.


      It takes a few seconds longer but it doesn’t chip a tooth.

  3. When you’re done herding dust bunnies, care to amble over to our place? I’ve got more than a few you can wrangle up…

  4. Oh no the elusive ham. I need to get my gun and go shoot one myself. That and a bag of potatoes for au gratin. Perhaps I’ll go easy on myself and buy roll dough instead of making my own this year. And pies. Don;t remind me!

    • I know, those hams are crafty little things. I’m still trying to get a consensus on what else everyone wants. If they don’t make up their minds it really will be ham and Christmas cookies, lol.

  5. So glad I’m not alone, my farm right now is a mix of nasty vines and rustling vermin.

  6. As I said before, I wish I could give you some of my pet luck. And I think I like thirsty and bugridden crops the best. THey’re super easy.

    • You’re right! Those two are so painless I forgot about them! Those Pandaren Spirit Tamers have a sick sense of humor. I keep getting the Water Spirit over and over, because I already have it!

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