Reflection at the End of the World

worldsendSo we’re on the eve of the end of the world according to some. If it’s true, I’m going to feel really stupid that I didn’t empty our bank account and buy a top of the line, fastest, bestest, computer ever to use until the end.

Seemed appropriate to spend some time quietly reflecting … just in case. Cat set off to Shattrath to pay a visit to World’s End Tavern, I mean where else would you contemplate deeply at a time like this.

Okay … it’s the end of the line … some deep and reflective thinking is called for. Cat? Cat? Any thoughts come to mind?


I mean I’m not saying they always took her out the first go at her, it generally took one to three tries but this morning I think we had about five tries AND NOTHING!

Really Cat? The end of the world and that’s all you’ve got?

Well no, I have another.

Oh good, that’s a relief. I’d hate to think that at the end of the world all you thought about was pet battles, what else?

Well, my RNG luck has deserted me and I was trying to come to terms with it. I shouldn’t get mad when my luck’s bad, I should consider my RNG luck in other things. I mean I haven’t been struck by lightening yet, or a meteorite. That’s RNG luck isn’t it?

Well … yeah, I guess so. So that’s it? Those are all the deep thoughts you came up with? How many drinks did you have anyway?

Oh, a few. Anyway, I’ve got to get out of here. That stupid, rotten, dumbface Thundering Tamer is not getting away with this. I have to get back there and defeat her one more time … you know … just in case.

7 Responses to “Reflection at the End of the World”

  1. Hey all I know is I am going to breathe a sigh of relief on December 22: maybe Navi can give us a heads up.,.

  2. You go Cat! It’s the next day here Down Under and we’re still here so… yeah…

  3. I’m still here. So that means you guys will be too.

  4. Leave it to our Southern Hemisphere friends to save the world! Hooray!

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