Pro Pet Mob the Insane

khizzOhai. I’m hoping I can get back to normal now. At some point in the raising of 75 pets to level 25 it became some sort of mental disease. It really reminded me of the old Insane grind, there seems to be a tipping point where I become unhinged on these things. At least the holiday company was gone when it hit. Would have been ugly to see.

So yay! We have a Singing Cricket named Khizz, because Khizz is a singing cricket irl, er, singing human! I thought Khizz might want to see Ironforge at Winter Veil time, so we cruised the town checking out the light displays.

There is no doubt that the grind for the Pro Pet Mob achievement could take less time if you just leveled pets in the 22 to 23 level range instead of ones you like or who have cool animations but where would the fun in that be, so for the most part I leveled favorites. Scorpids, yes! Bandicoons, yuck.

Even aside from the leveling of pets, Cat’s just gone crazy. At some point she’s going to starve because she’s just living off the lousy 11 gold 40 silver the pet tamers give her, because THAT’S ALL SHE DOES. And she’s really becoming a poor winner. I’ll have to have a chat with her about doing that dance after she wins. I don’t think that’s appropriate. Really. Poor losers are bad enough but this taunting the tamers has got to stop.

grohlWhen I complained about her obsession with pets she quickly pointed out that she’s been taking advantage of the cultural activities available throughout Pandaria. She attended a performance by the famed Drum Master Grohl Grohl. It was good to hear she was doing SOMETHING other than pet battling.

waitingapeAnd yes, she’s enlisted the help of her Horde Cenarion sisters. Mimiyah has camouflaged herself and is hiding out on Jaguero Isle hoping she’ll be there when it rains and catch a Baby Ape. I think that’s very nice of her since she’s not that into pets.

fluxfireCat seems to have a new favorite pet. She does this a lot but this time it might stick, she’s fascinated by her mechanical kitten and has hope that she will go far.

She has a few complaints. She’s fine with pets losing levels when captured but it is hard to bear when you’re battling a rare with stats something like speed=415, power=378 and yay! Success! And on looking at the stats they’re now speed=260, power=260.

She’s had some good luck, she finally got her Pandaren Fire Spirit and a Porcupette but the Thundering Pandaren Spirit refuses to drop a Pandaren Earth Spirit.

She’s a little worried about the part of the 5.2 patch notes that says:

  • Fleeing a pet battle will no longer despawn the pet that was being battled, but doing so will now inflict some damage on the fleeing pet battle team.

I wonder if that counts when forfeiting to Tamers. She’s ashamed to admit that to best the Thundering Tamer she forfeits until he leads with Sludgy the critter. So if it does, taking damage each time is going to eat a hole in her supply of bandages.

There’s no time to waste, we need that Earth Spirit to drop before the patch. That’s her excuse anyway.

/wave! Nice to get to talk to you! Got to go, Cat’s pulling on my sleeve, haven’t beat down that Thundering Tamer yet today. Today might be the day he gets tired of us and gives up that Earth Spirit!

16 Responses to “Pro Pet Mob the Insane”

  1. Wow congrats on your achievement and new pets. Here’s hoping you get the earth spirit soon too.

    • Thanks! He didn’t give it up for me today, I practiced letting him start with the Earth Spirit and it went okay so I guess I don’t need to worry about the 5.2 changes if he doesn’t give it to me before then!

  2. Oh! How do you find these wonderful things?! Kodo drumming!? I am so THERE

  3. Holy moly!!! 75 pets at level 25…that really IS insane! Grats! 😀

    • I know, somewhere around when I realized I had about 65 pets I lost my sanity and started relentlessly leveling like a maniac. Hopefully now she can go be a lackey for those Klaxxi for a while, lol!

  4. That is an amazing feat, grats! =)

  5. Yay grats! Now that she’s stopped levelling pets…what is she doing? Oh I know, I forgot. She’s doing pet tamers… every day.

    • That’s the thing, it didn’t seem to stop her, lol, she’s still leveling pets like a maniac. Occasionally she stops to fly around seeing if she can replace the poor, commons and uncommons with rares. I thought this would cure her but maybe not.

  6. Wow, that’s a lot of pets at 25! Grats on the achivement. 🙂

  7. Grats on your 75!! I also tend to forfeit to the Thundering Spirit until Sludgey starts so I’m more than a bit worried about the 5.2 change myself. So now that you have time to re-reaquire your sanity — what’s next?

    • Thank you! I let the Thundering Spirit go first to see how it went and it went better than usual! I had changed to using Rapana Whelk and it seems now there’s no problem at all. Now to try to at least catch a glimpse of the fabled Miniferal!

  8. OMGOMGOMG! I almost missed the pet named after me! D:

    I’m so sorry! I was out of town for the holidays and while I was gone my blog feed bloated to over 150 posts and it was just exhausting to even think of reading through the backlog, so I ignored it until this morning when I saw that it had ballooned to over 250 posts! So I finally kicked myself in the butt and started reading through my backlog.

    Thank you for naming your cricket after me! That’s the sweetest thing ever! 😀 *hugs*

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