The Year in Review … or Not

huckleWell yeah, that’s sort of a big, fat, lie. It’s more like the last couple of months in review, and last night in review. If I think of something better before I stop writing I’ll change it.

So I asked Cat if she had something to say NON-PET RELATED. So she sent me the above screen shot. It doesn’t count Cat, you weren’t even there! That sullen Warlock Cimmeria went to Amateur Azerothian’s LBR last night. She won’t admit it but she had a good time. She was in a snit cause I made her wear a gaudy sweater and sing carols. Sheesh … Warlocks … no holiday spirit at all.

Great fun was had and guess what? Another Greatfather Winter showed up! Yes, I know that looks like a Gnome Shadow Priest but it’s really Greatfather Winter! After we finished Molten Core and Blackwing Lair, Greatfather Huckle pulled out many glorious pets we could roll on! Wontan was the big winner, I think everyone was afraid to roll against a stabby, little, Gnome Rogue. Cimmeria won’t admit it, but she’s scared of stabby, little, Gnome Rogues. Scary guys.

Azilem of Frost and Claws was there looking incredibly good in her holiday finery. And she’s even got a strategy for Razorgore posted so since he was stingy last night I can now return with a plan!

Kamalia was there under Alliance cover. I guess she thought we didn’t know who she really was and confessed to all sorts of things! :O

I was so happy I finally got the right night and right time so I could make it to the last LBR of the year! As always, JD and the Missus threw a great LBR!

I’m running out of space for the whole year in review thing. I always feel I’m pushing my luck if I natter on too long. Okay, I’ll just ask Cat if she’s got anything to say for herself.

earthspiritYay! Take that you stinkin little Thundering Spirit! Nah nah na na nah! Who’s the woman now, huh! I did it! I did it! I got your Earth Spirit right here! And you know what? I’m not leaving you alone … no, I’m coming back every day until you give me another and another and … pssst … hey Cat, mature much? Want to move it along? Anything else?

rodentYeah, I’m doing dailies again. Oh good, working for the Shado-Pan and Klaxxi then? Um … well no. It’s this whole Operation: Shieldwall thing, well it’s for the King!

Really? Is that REALLY why you’re doing that instead of what you SHOULD be finishing? It’s not perhaps something else? Something like RODENT TRAPS! Oh geez Cat, really. I know, I know, you just have to have a Sumprush Rodent. I should have known it would be battle pet related.

Any final words for the year? Been up to anything else?

craneUm … I’ve been thinking of taking a remedial reading comprehension class in the new year to better myself.

Really Cat? Any particular reason?

Um … yeah … no. Just might prove helpful, save money on repair bills and all. I didn’t really notice that Huntsman Blake said, would WE … WE as in multiple people, like to fight that Crane … it was a costly mistake.

I see … anything else you’d like to share? No, I guess not. I’ll save my quest to get the achievement, I’m In Your Base, Killing Your Dudes for next year. I don’t want to kill the holiday spirit with too much talk … talk of death.

I see. Well I guess that’s it for 2012. I guess Cat will review it next year. Happy New Year and take care out there!

16 Responses to “The Year in Review … or Not”

  1. That was pretty cool of Huckle. Halinka is going to have to think up something nice to do in return 🙂 That Crimson Lasher is a pretty cool pet. It throws flame and sets things on fire!

  2. Hurray! Good to see you finally got the spirit pet. Happy New Year to you too when it rolls around.

  3. Happy New Year and grats on the Earth Spirit pet, Tome!

  4. I wish I could have stayed for BWL, but I didn’t realize there would be more when I told a friend I would help in Terrace after I finished MC. It’s funny today figuring out who more of the people are who were there last night by reading about it on all the blogs, putting a face in game with the blogs online.

    • Hopefully there will be many more so come again! I tend to get my days mixed up all the time so I was so thrilled with myself for actually getting it right for the last LBR of the year. Hope to see you again!

      Cat’s much nicer than that old grumpy Warlock anyway!

  5. Happy New Year and grats on your pet! Good luck with your future pet hunts 🙂

  6. I am a bit concerned over these new dailies of war…think I just got snockered (?) into more…more….more…

    And Happy New Year! ((HUG))

    • Happy New Year Hug! Yes, Cat’s all about war now. Be interesting to see if she keeps doing those dailies once she gets her Sumprush Rodent, we’ll see then how much is about Varian or is it just about another pet she wants!

  7. Yay on the earth spirit! And what’s that, you are getting a sumprush box? 🙂
    Happy New year my friend, and may your new year be full of more brilliant blog posts and bring joy to all your friends and readers.

    • HA! She only needs about 1,750 more of those token thingys to get her crate of Sumprushs! Any day now she’ll be releasing them!

      My friends and readers bring lots of joy to me! Happy New Year! You’ve already started on it!

  8. And yet again I find myself wishing I happened to live on the other side of the ocean :p

    Grats on the Earth spirit and here’s hoping 2013 is even better!

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