How to Complete Eastern Kingdoms Safari

babyapeThe last day of the year was filled with both joy and anguish. It finally rained on Jaguero Isle and the Baby Apes appeared! The final pet to complete Eastern Kingdoms Safari! Yay! Yay … um … it didn’t complete, what the heck?

I wasn’t getting credit for the Wharf Rat or the Crimson Moth. This morning I decided to go to Stranglethorn and try recapturing those two pets. Yay! It works! So if you find yourself in the same situation just try recapturing whatever pet you’re not getting credit for. I had captured those two pre-patch 5.1 so I’m guessing anything you capture after 5.1 won’t have that problem.

So on the first day of the new year Cat is ecstatic! Thank you Mimiyah for hanging out there for me! I hope all that leather you skinned while waiting sells and you make lot’s of money. Hopefully Mimiyah will buy a pet with all her proceeds.

Anyway, public service announcement number one of 2013, I hope it helps someone! Happy pet hunting!

10 Responses to “How to Complete Eastern Kingdoms Safari”

  1. marthabechtel Says:

    Congratulations! 😀 What an awesome way to start out the year! ^_^

  2. Will this work on Kalmidor side too? It’s not crediting me for Crested Owl.

  3. At long last! What a great start to the new year. It’s an omen I tell you.

  4. Woot! So glad you can finally mark that baby ape off your list 🙂

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