A Holiday Reenactment and Most Visited Posts of 2012

atetoomuchI don’t know about you but I went on a food eating orgy of epic proportions for a WHOLE WEEK!  I feel ill, I feel stuffed. What were people thinking?? Did they think it was alright to give me about eight boxes of chocolates and everything would be fine? Did they? Don’t they know me? I had to eat everything before today so that I could diet. I had to clean out the house of everything bad. So yeah … I ate it.

Anyway I couldn’t take pictures of me prostrate on the couch moaning, so my dog agreed to a reenactment. So yeah, imagine that’s me and I’m moaning about how I don’t feel that well.

howdidoMOAN! MOAN! How’d I do? Huh? Huh? Did I do good, where’s my treat? He’s such an extortionist, nothing’s free with him. Anyway, I just thought it had been too long without dog pictures so there is my holiday reenactment. I should be ashamed, but I mean one box came all the way from Germany, I couldn’t IGNORE IT could I?

I got my nice WordPress report, it’s very interesting but not a big surprise. Apparently us WoW players are interested in looking good while riding a really cool mount and being nude. What’s not to like there!

1 Let the Mog Madness Begin!
2 Reins of the Phosphorescent Stone Drake
3 Stuck in Uldum with no more Quests
4 Mysterious Camel Figurine or how I met Dormus
5 Synchronised Swimming Nude Accident

I’m a little unclear as to at what point the transmog comes off and the nude part starts, maybe they ride nude but run around town in outfits. Anyway, thanks for stopping by last year all you nude rare mount riding transmoggers!

11 Responses to “A Holiday Reenactment and Most Visited Posts of 2012”

  1. Eight boxes of chocolates?


    Ye gods…..

  2. OMG that’s a lot of chocolates. I’m still getting through my first huge Reese cup! I was really looking forward to getting that Annual Report but maybe next year.

    Talk about an eclectic mix of posts there. LOL

    • Okay, I’ll own up. One of the boxes was my husband’s but I feared for his health so ate it so he wouldn’t have to! Such sacrifice!

      I know, nude transmoggers lost in Uldum on rare mounts!

  3. I did not get the humorous WordPress stats as you all did: come on Google, get with it! I finally took off my most looked-viewed posts because apparently the entire world wants to see Tex Avery style cartoon wolf eyes. Who knew?

    • I’m always jealous of gadgets you blogspot guys have so this is my one time a year that I get something cool, I’d still rather be able to show my pet battle team though, lol.

  4. Eight boxes of chocolate, woah…. I don’t think they would have lasted much longer at my house though. We’ve been sick off of sweets since Christmas.

    Love the dog pics. Aww ❤

    • One year that naughty dog relieved us of one box of chocolates, I was on the phone with the vet while she calculated his weight to chocolate ratio, luckily he’s a big boy. Yet another reason I had to remove the danger by eating it all, lol!

  5. I feel ever so slightly sick at the thought of eight boxes of chocolates, although I did pig out on jelly sweeties the other night in a fit of self pity (plus they soothe my throat and therefore are good for me). Your dog is adorable and is clearly taking to this acting lark like a pro, the next lot of reenactment snaps will no doubt be sold to some magazine for mega bucks.

    • I know! I still feel unwell, lol. He does do “lay like you’re comatose” really well and he loves reenactments cause he will do anything for a treat. I’ll have to see if I can find him some Noblegarden‎ bunny ears!

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