I’m In Your Base, Killing Your Dudes

inyourbaseOr not as the case may be.  I had pretty much ignored Operation Shieldwall until I heard tell of a Rodent Crate that could be purchased with 2000 Domination Point Commissions. Inside this crate lurk Sumprush Rodents and once I found that out Cat became very patriotic (she’s usually not that into killing the opposite faction) and the slaughter commenced.

I hadn’t heard of the achievement I’m In Your Base, Killing Your Dudes until Navi mentioned it in a post. For some reason that just tickled Cat and she wanted to have that achievement but that might prove harder than I had expected.

To get the achievement you must kill all three of the opposing faction’s rare elites. This really isn’t about how to do that, a very detailed writeup can be found at Icy Veins which covers just about everything you need to know. My problem is something different, trust.

Let me back up. Cat ran off to find these dudes and found old Kar Warmaker suspiciously just standing there alone, no guards. Well this is lucky! Not so much, I soon found out why he’s always standing there with no guards. Cracking Blow. I know about it, I watch for it, I run behind him, I AM behind him and BAM it hits me. He’s doesn’t turn around and say HAHA GOT YA, he’s still facing away but every time, I get hit, Shadowmeld and give up at that point.

I decided to wait around and see if I could learn what to do by watching. A Shaman approached and great preparation began. He began by dropping all kinds of doodads and calling up earth, wind and fire and then pulled old Kar. I felt bad for him as he apparently hadn’t read the memo about Cracking Blow because his preparation for the fight ended up lasting longer than the fight.

There must be a way to avoid Cracking Blow but so far I haven’t seen it or figured it out and if Cat gets hit once by that she might as well pack up and go home. Okay then, we’ll try someone else.

How about Muerta. I soon found out that if the Heavy Mook and Or’Dac were alive Cat just can’t survive trying to kill Muerta while being beaten upon by those two, too much for her. Luckily I happened on Muerta alone and the Heavy Mook and Or’Dac didn’t respawn til the end and I managed to loot her and Shadowmeld before she died from them beating on her.

Muerta is not hard if alone, I imagine for a class with the ability to relocate her this fight’s pretty easy.

And then there’s Ubunti the Shade who is usually always already engaged when I come along or just not up. He’s a real comedian because he chose this morning when I didn’t have my contacts in to show up. Har har Ubunti, I’m not falling for that.

SO ANYWAY … I decided to try to get help. I assured people that I didn’t want an invite if it dropped and I was met with either extreme skepticism or silence. If I need help to do these rares than obviously I have NO NEED for an invite I just want the achievement. Nope, no takers. What we have here is a crisis of trust. I can’t say I blame them really.

I don’t know what to do, I’m thinking of giving references to my trustworthiness. Maybe I could offer a list of bloggers who would attest to my honor at keeping my word. Sigh …


So after all this, in an attempt to try to regain our self-respect, Cat and I went to beat up all the Spirit Tamers. YEAH! TAKE THAT! You feeling me Tamer! Who’s the badass now! WE ARE! Whew, it helped. We feel so much better now. Thank Elune for pet battles.

14 Responses to “I’m In Your Base, Killing Your Dudes”

  1. The Alliance ones are pretty tricky, esp when you pull extras running up to tag them. It does help having an extra person though. I would love to help you but my toon is not in Pandaria yet.

    • So far I’ve just noticed Mavis Harms on the dock, I was kind of disappointed that no one ever seems to go after her.

      Sooner or later it will happen, might just be a long while later, lol!

  2. I’d love to help if you’d like. Would just have to get you my battletag but also would understand if you’d rather not.

    • Oh, thank you Tyledres! My battletag is TotA#1973. I am on weird hours though, and half the time WoW is minimized and I’m not really there so you really have to poke me to get my attention some times.

  3. Mr Harpy (combat rogue) solo’d Kar by running around in circles like a lunatic, not sure if there was method in his madness but I know he only got hit by the cone thingie when he killing spree’d at the wrong moment.

    I’d help if I could 😦

    • Thanks Erinys! I know you would, that damn ocean, lol! Hmm, I will look into the running in circles method, maybe it would do the trick!

      • I knew by the time I got a chance to comment you’d have a slew of suitors who’d help you kill stuff, but I’m not offering my help, I’m seeking a CRZ buddy when I get around to that one!

        • Any time you need a crz buddy Cat would be thrilled. Part of her problem is instead of getting decent gear she’s off pet battling all the time, lol. And she really needs to stop forgetting she’s wearing a Safari Hat!

  4. I can’t offer my assistance as Garrosh doesn’t look kindly on traitors. You wouldn’t have seen what he did to Vol’jin but I am sure you understand. Besides I see lots of help being offered which is great! Now are you SURE you don’t want a blood soaked invitation? ?

    • You know I do want one at some point but I’m fine with buying it, don’t know how long it would take to work up my nerve to use it though, lol.

      At this point it really doesn’t matter though as Cat’s in this fevered race to get ALL her pets to 25, she’s gone completely crazy and does little else.

      • lol I bought one, clicked it to get the achievement (and get it out of my bags, space precious space) and promptly forgot all about it. There are pets out there to be battled! Although, there IS a pet to be earned in the Brawler’s Guild, so … yeah. Eventually I will make an appearance there.

        Mind if I make use of your battletag? You’ll know who it is when I send the request. You know I have toons on both factions so if you ever need help you can ping me. 🙂

        • Oh! Then I’ll keep pet battling until it wears off and worry about buying invites later!

          Of course you may, TotA#1973. Just want to warn you that in game I’m a shy introvert that only speaks if spoken to for fear of disturbing someone. I let Cat write the blog posts and she’s much more outgoing, lol.

  5. You do just need to run through him, but sometimes it’s buggy like you saw if you are right behind him. So just try to run further through him to get more space. Ubunti you just can’t let him get far away, but other than that use your instant heals you get with Predatory Swiftness to keep yourself healed up enough to overcome his damage. Muerta was the hardest for me until I learned just save interrupts for Chains.

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