Shocking Expose — Scourged Whelpling Cam

I have long had my suspicions. Then I’d tell myself … naw … you’re just being paranoid. But really, the evidence is mounting up to the point that it just can no longer be ignored. Look at the Scourged Whelpling footage taken by our intrepid reporter … yeah okay … it’s just Cat but work with me here. With the modern miracle of stop-action footage obtained at great cost, she’s captured the torment of flying a rental into the Argent Tournament.

Look at all those bloody Scourged Whelplings!!! Do you see how many there are? DO YOU SEE! Of course they aren’t really there once you land and return. You say, “Yeah, that’s just the CRZ craziness, get over it.” WELL I THINK NOT. I see a pattern emerging here. I think there’s something much more sinister going on here.

Navi had a post about WoW Lead Designers engaging in the community and of course I paid special attention to what Cory Stockton had to say. I carefully listened to his interview at Warcraft Pets. Oh yes, very clever. Talking about the elusive and (I think non-existent) very rare Minfernal. Making us want it even more. WHEN IT DOESN’T EXIST!

Oh yeah … people say they’ve captured it … sure. Navi says it’s real but I smell a rat. Look at her collection … she has a Mini Tyrael! That smells like a payoff to me! They roped her into their evil plan to perpetrate the myth of the Minfernal with payment of a Mini Tyrael. I’ll have to get my investigative reporter Ironsally looking into the collections of other defenders of the existence of Minfernal. I’m SURE we’ll see a pattern!

Why must they torment us so Mechanical Yeti, why? What is Blizzard’s evil scheme? Are they in league with the government to create nerdrage for some reason? Do you suppose there’s some possible weapons use for it? I was recently told my usual normal blood pressure was high. Go straight to your doctor. Huh? It wasn’t high before Minfernal, and Scourged Whelplings, and … in league with the drug companies? Could it be?

Ironsally will get to the bottom of their evil scheme! Mark my words! All will be revealed and …

Huh? What’s up you say?

In a further attempt to unhinge me, Blizzard didn’t take down the servers for maintenance today. Rolling restarts. I have work to do. I was depending on their help. I thought pet battles would be inaccessible to me for at least a few hours. Once again … they conspire.

But never fear, I fought the addiction. I have not logged back in to satisfy Cat’s never ending desire to battle, level and collect pets.


23 Responses to “Shocking Expose — Scourged Whelpling Cam”

  1. Yeah, in my well fed addiction to pet battling, I am home from work today with a bad back. Yeah, my back is really shot. I’m pet battling to forget the pain. That’s it.

    No, I haven’t seen a minfernal or a scourged whelpling today. Maybe I should go try.

    • I’m sure I read somewhere that pet battling is good for back pain. Maybe I heard it in that interview. I’ve been trying it and it’s working out real well for me! Good Luck!

  2. Oh my, poor, Ancient. Poor Cat. *hugs*

    If it is any consolation, I think the Scourged Whelplings and Minfernals are a lie too. 🙂

    ~ Effy

  3. JD Kenada Says:

    I hear this Amateur Dwarf Priest caught one today. Pics at a reliable source, because it did actually happen.

    Hope that validates a few of the less reliable folk out there who’ve nearly steered you wrong. 😉

    • Pssst! JD, over here. Don’t tell anyone but I have a one too. But what’s with tormenting you with a carpet of them when you fly by! It’s unforgivable! Grats on that elusive little bugger, lol!

  4. I have myself caught the Minfernal and Scourged Whelp… however it took MANY hours of waiting and server hopping (via CRZ invites) to find them and only ONE was spawned of each so i felt very lucky >.<

    • Oh no. With all these reports coming in, could it be? Could the Minfernal really exist? Grats on those pets! I’m beginning to think what Cat suffers from is a shocking lack of dedication, lol. I must tell her to try even harder!

  5. I hear the same rumours about giraffe calves too. 😦

    • At the risk of sounding like I’m part of the conspiracy those little guys do exist but man do they take a lot of looking for. I will cross my fingers for you! Come out shy little giraffes!

  6. Scourged whelpings, which are auto corrected to “scourged w helping” do not exist: your film is like the Mcgruder film. There is a grassy knoll and a magic bullet somewhere in this. I know it.

    • Now I’m stuck at “scourged w helping” I’m wondering a helping of what? What do you serve with a scourged? Oh no, terrible images, lol!

      That stinkin’ grassy knoll with NOT ONE Minfernal standing on it!

  7. It’s an evil psychological experience akin to torture. I actually have both a scourged whelpling and a minfernal but then it’s a well known fact that Gnomes are in league with the forces of darkness as our cuteness is powered by the pain and suffering of others (ideally in pvp but we’ll take whatever we can get!).

    • LOL OMG, I knew it! 🙂

      ~ Effy

    • OH NO! Say it’s not so! Erinys, you and Navi are in on Blizzard’s plot to convince us of it’s existence! HORRORS!

      But if it isn’t a hoax it would stand to reason the Minfernal would give up to that scary Sprout! All I find are other people who stand on Cat’s head in an effort to chase her away, lol!

  8. You wonder why I have so many pets? Now you know. I have been paid to perpetuate rumours and spread lies…
    Wait, who’s going to believe that? 😛
    Minfernal is so ridiculously hard to find, trust me if I see one I would tell you! CRZ is good sometimes!

  9. Don’t worry, the same thing happened to me one afternoon in relation to the Scourged Whelping. I saw numerous paws on the auto-flight but there was nothing to be seen once I had flown back to the area. I have managed to catch both before on the beta and on live so they do exist!

    Generally after server restarts it’s well worth logging in to check then. Especially after you now have the ape. Sending you some of my luck as I still need some for the Darkmoon Eye.

    • That Jeremy is really stingy with those Eyes, the drop rate on the Spirit Tamers seems a lot higher than his and to make matters worse he packs up and vacations for three weeks!

      Okay if all you guys say Minfernal is real I guess I’ll keep looking, lol!

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  11. zwingli Whisperwind Says:


    If I could cage my minifernal and scourged whelpling, I would give them to you. 😦


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