Survivor Round Two — Mortal Who?

kabalSo I really didn’t think I’d survive the first round as my history with Mr. RNG is not very good so I wasn’t prepared when I made it to round two of Amateur Azerothian’s Amazing Transmog Survivor Contest. I know nothing about Mortal Kombat but JD supplied a link to characters so I just thought I’d go for it.

I decided on Kabal pictured above who’s wearing a respirator. All righty then. A little research later, the only transmoggable somewhat respiratorish helm is mail, Boundless Gaze. Here’s my effort at Kabal.

mykabalI was not very happy with him, I think leather may have been a better fit for him but alas, no leather respirators, so back to the drawing board.

After looking through Mortal Kombat characters I found Kira. Now that girl has attitude, I like that.

kiraI thought about all the races of Azeroth and one always comes to mind when I think attitude, Goblins. They got it. They flaunt it. They are all about attitude to me. So the entry I sent JD is Kira portrayed by a Goblin.

kirasmThe lovely and deadly Kira is wearing:

Primal Batskin Jerkin

Marauding Belt

Wolf Rider’s Leggings

Shadefiend Boots

Dire Wolf Handler Gloves

Silvermoon Royal Cloak

Razor Blade

18 Responses to “Survivor Round Two — Mortal Who?”

  1. You know, I told Cool I would have liked to enter this round because of the theme and when I said it was Mortal Combat I asked “is that like Chin-Li?” but he said “no, wrong game” LOL. Good thing JD linked that list.

    Love the set by the way. I’m not normally into goblins (even though I have one) but she looks like she means business.

    • I hope my Warlock doesn’t read this but I think my favorite Horde race is Goblin, well except for having to level my way off that island again, lol. Yes, I wouldn’t want to cross her!

  2. Great mogs Ancient! OH my god when is the deadline? SERVERS ARE DOWN!!!

  3. I love it, even the hair matches!

  4. I never played MK either, but your mogs are amazing!

  5. She turned out pretty darn good Tome! Even the face is a pretty reasonable match. 😀

  6. Great sets, Tome! Your Goblin is definitely a perfect model for Kira 😀

  7. Your Goblin is adorable and definitely matches up to Kira in attitude if not in height.

  8. I did Kira but haven’t posted her yet 😉

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