Galleon, Third Time’s the Charm!

facemaskI guess that’s not strictly true, more like 3 1/2 time’s the charm cause the first time I killed him I was assisting the Horde … so yeah … no chance there. YAY! YAY! YAY! Facemask of Unrepentant Banditry! Thank you, thank you Galleon … oh sorry … guess he can’t hear me.

Let me tell you, Cat was overjoyed. I’ve never seen her so excited since she managed to best Major Payne. She called out Larry to admire her new hat. Yeah, okay so it’s not all that attractive maybe. Larry! Larry! Stop that, that’s not funny, turn around and look at me!

larrywontlookLarry replied that he wasn’t turning around until she did the decent thing and turned into cat form to protect his eyes. Or at the very least turn off display helm. Sheesh, Larry’s such a drama queen.

Anyway, this was a red-letter day for Cat. As Cat buys her gear by collecting valor 5 at a time from dailies and only groups for holiday or world bosses because of her fear of commitment to strangers, this was huge! She now doesn’t have to spend those slowly collected valor on a hat! Happy days!

I’ve never figured out the whole grouping comfort level thing. Let’s see, scenarios are okay, the possibility of enduring two jackasses for about 15-30 minutes seems acceptable, and that’s really never happened. Holiday bosses, four strangers for about (usually) under 10 minutes, fine. World bosses, 40 people, not sure how long. Guaranteed some jackasses, absolutely doesn’t bother her at all.

Waiting in a queue for upwards of an hour AND THEN getting thrown in an instance with rude miscreants for Elune only knows how long is her limit. Apparently there’s a time component involved in her ability to withstand abuse.

Cat has TinyDPS installed but never looks. She’s too scared. She was so chuffed about her new hat she even decided to take a peek. Twelfth place! Yay! Wasn’t too crappy … unless … unless … what if they were all healers?

15 Responses to “Galleon, Third Time’s the Charm!”

  1. Yay! Congrats! So happy to see you got a kill and loot no less. It does look a bit wacky though. I s it me or did Galleon evaporate when he died? All I see are the cannons…

    • Poor Galleon kind of deflated didn’t he! All the guy wants to do is graze a little and as soon as he appears, bam.

      Yup, I’ll have to stop whining now about my bad luck although no Battle-Stones have dropped for days and days.

  2. Grats on the kill and the loot! And think of it this way: if they were all healers, than that means you solo DPS’d Galleon and that is pretty awesome! 😀

    ~ Effy

    • LOL! Thanks Effy! I’ll tell Cat, she will be so proud of herself! Hopefully she won’t do anything stupid like spit in the Sha’s eye on the way by!

      • That’s awesome! And I wonder what is going on with the battle stone shortage. But you know me, always smelling a conspiracy….

        We need to talk more about these fears of group things….call my secretary and we’ll set up an appointment.

        • I used to get one about every 10th or 12th pet tamer fight and now nothing, grrrrr.

          I still haven’t figured out whether it’s fear of unpleasant strangers or if it’s having to wait all that time and then be disappointed, who knows what’s going on inside my head, lol.

  3. Yeah, I know about fear of grouping.

    -1- Group with strangers, do poorly, know you’re doing poorly and have the strangers be unhelpful.

    -2- Group with friends that would be happy to help, but fear the embarassment of displaying just how bad you are in front of people that know you.

    -3- Never group out of fear.

    There’s a reason Kallixta has been idle and Aldonza busy!

    • I’m so bad that if someone were to yell at a Hunter for having not turned off growl I WOULD feel like it’s my fault, lol. Just because I have a Hunter, I’m not playing it but somehow it must be my fault.

      Only one character’s brief dungeon career was completely without stress or fear of doing poorly. A Goblin healer. Her attitude was, you died? Well be more careful next time why don’t cha!

      At some point I must get her going again, she was the exact opposite of me!

  4. The queue is an hour now?


    I see they’ve never fixed that problem.

  5. Grats on your kills! I’ve managed to only kill him once and nab the achievement with no loot, but I’d like to kill him a couple more times for a chance at the uni

  6. Grats that’s s awesome! Though it puzzles me that someone who has never seen minfernal has seen galleon and killed him more times than I’ve seen minfernal ever! You have used up your quota of luck woman! 🙂
    AND … small steps. You’re doing great! Next you’ll be doing dungeons….

    • You know I realized I lied, I have done dungeons fairly recently. It was that Goblin disc priest who knows no fear.

      I think I’ve seen him about six or seven times, first times just watched as it was already underway. I must be a big, fat, mushan magnet, lol!

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