Bugs and Disatisfaction

scepterFirst, I TOLD Cat to be more specific when she sat on Greatfather’s lap and told him what she wanted. Saying I want that really cool Tol’vir rare archaeology item just didn’t do it. I mean he’s not a mind-reader Cat, he doesn’t know you’re a big battle pet fan. Be happy with your little bug mount, sheesh, it’s always something.

And then right after that, this … I detect a pattern, not sure where it will end.

redone Anyway, long, long, ago in the days of yore which would be sometime like about last October I remember Cat and I hunting down our battle pets. Oh! Look! I’ve found a Silky Moth! Isn’t he wonderful! OH! And he’s a common! How lucky are we!

Yeah, you get the picture. We were squeeing in delight over everything we found, didn’t matter what quality it was. YAY! YAY! We found one.

Yeah well that sure has changed. Today I spent … I don’t even want to admit how long … just a really long time trying to replace my rare Whelk with a BETTER RARE Whelk. It’s come to that. Not even satisfied now with a rare, it must be the BEST rare ever. It was a mistake to find out about all the breeds. LOOK! LOOK! Formulas! Computations to be made! Aaarrrggghhh! My rares must be the BEST.

Yes, I really have gone batshit crazy here. Those wonderful carefree days of skipping through Azeroth happy with whatever pets I found are over. History.

Cat and I are dissatisfied now if our rares are not best in slot breeds! I KNOW, it’s all kinds of craziness!

So we took some of our hand picked, really SPECIAL rares and did a few PvP battles and had our hat handed to us more often than not. Hmm … where did we go wrong. I must recalculate. We must look for EVEN BETTER RARES!

OMG! Where will this end?

Okay, got to go. Cat and I must find the VERY BEST Dung Beetle EVER!

EDIT: OMG! Navi just linked me an Emperor Crab with INSANE POWER! Forget bugs, I must own the crab of unending POWER!

14 Responses to “Bugs and Disatisfaction”

  1. Hey congrats on your bug mount. I love mine although I don’t get him out as often as I used to… although i did just a few minutes ago in my latest photo op šŸ˜›

    I know what you mean about that site though. I’m slowly going through my collection as well, in fact I recent culled quite a few of them.

  2. shawndrakai Says:

    Since the beginning, it has been all about getting a rare for me. I started a little later, so I knew that the quality mattered. I didn’t now, however, know that there were different levels of rare. Thanks a lot. Now I have to reevaluate my pets every time I change zones.

    Big meanie šŸ˜›

    • I know, I long for that happy time when I squeed over an uncommon! I’m still happy when I replace something with a rare but then I start thinking maybe I could find a better one, it never stops!

  3. The Emperor Crabs are pretty sweet. I lucked into a rare and he’s now one of my go-to pets of butt-kicking. šŸ™‚

  4. You do realise that it’s a perpetuating cycle. Do you remember telling me how you use your crab for everything? I didn’t have a rare emperor crab so I went out to get one and I ended up using a stone. I had the high health one and was happy with that until… someone showed me their hard hitting emperor crab and then I wanted THAT! And so I have been out there trying to get one (accidentally killed one – I was so mad!) and then now I have one, and maybe I shouldn’t have shown it to you because now you’ve caught my disease of greener grass over yonder fence.
    Grats on the mount! Gosh this was a long comment! LOL

    • LOL! I promise I didn’t catch it from you I already had a case of it! I’m always after the exact perfect pet, and the when I get him on to something else. Oh no, we’re doomed!

  5. There is an add-on one of my buddies told me about that describes what you’re referring to I believe…I just…I just can’t….I just can’t add-on one more thing now! LOL!

  6. Grats on your fire and ice bug mounts!

  7. Grats on the mounts!

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