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Feral Cat’s 2013 Time Capsule

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reacherYeah, I’m feeling really lazy today so screen shots! I just wanted to say I’ve been a fan of Jack Reacher for years so I was thrilled to learn a movie was finally being made. WAIT … WHAT? Tome Cruise is SO NOT Jack Reacher. This is Jack Reacher.

Oh and before I forget. Cain commented on the I’m In Your Base, Killing Your Dudes post.Thank you! Thank you, Cain!

I don’t use a lot of addons … what? Well yes I do have about eleventy billion pet addons but addons to improve your play, not so much. So part of what Cain said was … but other than that use your instant heals you get with Predatory Swiftness to keep yourself healed up enough to overcome his damage.

So I thought about it. I think I’m catching Predatory Swiftness. I think. Doesn’t seem to proc very often though. I reread the description and … hmmm, maybe I should try an addon that will make it EXCEEDINGLY obvious just to make sure. So I downloaded EventAlert and now I get a giant freaking visual cue and a sound to boot.

That damn Predatory Swiftness is going off ALL THE TIME, I barely have time to hit anyone I’m healing so much, lol. I HAD NOT been catching it. So thanks to Cain I finally found Ubunti one of the Horde rare elites and got him in no small part to all the healing Predatory Swiftness does. Still haven’t seen Kar Warmaker again though, must be hiding from me.

What else has Cat been doing? A picture is worth a thousand words.

infernalminThat Minfernal makes Cat’s blood boil. And you want to know what’s almost as bad?

babydragonWhat the hell? I don’t see any damn baby dragon. I came here to level pets specifically because I knew a vet was on duty 24/7. What kind of con are you running here? Want me to up the price? Would 1 gold do? I mean it’s not like you’re doing anything else. What is this about?

studentYeah … got my cooking student. Creepy. I wasn’t a fan of Li Li Stormstout either. I thought she was disrespectful and needed a good talking to. I guess I shouldn’t question Pandaren child-rearing methods because on a whole, the grownups seem to have turned out quite well. Especially considering the shitstorm problems our arrival on their fair shores has caused.

incredulorSometimes you just want to be a level 1 again. I can’t help it. Meet Incredulor. He is my homage to that fabulous Fabulor and Reputation Grind’s Vanicus. These are characters he admires. Their perfect hair, their unrivaled manly, manliness. He will strive to … WTF! Incredulor, what’s with the Lucky Quilen Cub? Put that thing away. Geez, I mean your hair’s perfect (it’s there because I just wanted to listen to it) but you’re going to have a hard time with the manly thing with that pup by your side. Really, come on. Get with the program.

lbrFor a perfect end to her week, Catwynn attended a Laid Back Raid. If you look closely you will see why she soooo enjoyed it. All those good looking human males, mmm … she had a good time as always. And no she didn’t eat a one of them, she admired them.

That’s it! In a year I can come back to see what I was up to in early 2013. A little WoW time capsule. Now I’m going to Trader Vic’s to drink a Pina Colada.

Survivor Round One — Chibi Style

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catchibiThis is great! Something other than pet battling caught Cat’s fancy! Thanks to all the bloggers who brought Chibi Maker to her attention. Here’s her entry in Amateur Azerothian’s Survivor Contest! Yay! I think it’s healthy for her to do something different for a change don’t you? What? Oh, okay. Be that way.

Here’s her actual entry. Oh no. She did take time out to transmog, but look what she says! OMG! The outfit’s all about pet battling! Sheesh, there’s no hope for that Druid.

I am a Disciple of Har’koa, that Har’koa is still one very large dangerous Beast. So if anything were to go wrong and Har’koa decided to go all medieval on my ass butt Beasts have very weak defense against Flying, so I figured better to be safe than sorry just in case Har’koa decides what’s one less disciple give or take.

Cat’s Ensemble:
Helm of the Blind Seer
Passive Resistor Spaulders
Tunic of the Nightwatcher
Hydrolance Gloves
Tomb Raider’s Girdle
Vengeful Gladiator’s Dragonhide Legguards
Boots of Fungoid Growth
Greatstaff of the Nexus

I give up. Cat’s dressed herself up as Big Bird. She managed to make a transmog outfit all about pet battles. Sigh … what can I do. I’m not even going to fight it anymore. Good luck all you Disciples! I wonder if JD had a sleepless night!

Shocking Expose — Scourged Whelpling Cam

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I have long had my suspicions. Then I’d tell myself … naw … you’re just being paranoid. But really, the evidence is mounting up to the point that it just can no longer be ignored. Look at the Scourged Whelpling footage taken by our intrepid reporter … yeah okay … it’s just Cat but work with me here. With the modern miracle of stop-action footage obtained at great cost, she’s captured the torment of flying a rental into the Argent Tournament.

Look at all those bloody Scourged Whelplings!!! Do you see how many there are? DO YOU SEE! Of course they aren’t really there once you land and return. You say, “Yeah, that’s just the CRZ craziness, get over it.” WELL I THINK NOT. I see a pattern emerging here. I think there’s something much more sinister going on here.

Navi had a post about WoW Lead Designers engaging in the community and of course I paid special attention to what Cory Stockton had to say. I carefully listened to his interview at Warcraft Pets. Oh yes, very clever. Talking about the elusive and (I think non-existent) very rare Minfernal. Making us want it even more. WHEN IT DOESN’T EXIST!

Oh yeah … people say they’ve captured it … sure. Navi says it’s real but I smell a rat. Look at her collection … she has a Mini Tyrael! That smells like a payoff to me! They roped her into their evil plan to perpetrate the myth of the Minfernal with payment of a Mini Tyrael. I’ll have to get my investigative reporter Ironsally looking into the collections of other defenders of the existence of Minfernal. I’m SURE we’ll see a pattern!

Why must they torment us so Mechanical Yeti, why? What is Blizzard’s evil scheme? Are they in league with the government to create nerdrage for some reason? Do you suppose there’s some possible weapons use for it? I was recently told my usual normal blood pressure was high. Go straight to your doctor. Huh? It wasn’t high before Minfernal, and Scourged Whelplings, and … in league with the drug companies? Could it be?

Ironsally will get to the bottom of their evil scheme! Mark my words! All will be revealed and …

Huh? What’s up you say?

In a further attempt to unhinge me, Blizzard didn’t take down the servers for maintenance today. Rolling restarts. I have work to do. I was depending on their help. I thought pet battles would be inaccessible to me for at least a few hours. Once again … they conspire.

But never fear, I fought the addiction. I have not logged back in to satisfy Cat’s never ending desire to battle, level and collect pets.


A Cautionary Tale of Battle Pets

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fieldsYes, it’s come to this. Cat’s fields lay fallow. She told me it’s a glitch, it’s Blizzard’s fault … some kind of bug, yeah … right. You know I try to give her her space and not interfere but now she’s gone too far. I think she’s hit bottom. Maybe she’ll snap out of it now.

She has been doing nothing but battle tamers and level her pets. She occasionally goes looking for rares to replace poors and commons but that’s it. And I see evidence of the strain. She practically froths at the mouth in fury when she receives another Well-Loved Toy instead of a Battle-Stone. And oh my … the language!

dendenYes, Den Den took pity on her and gave her a job washing beer mugs. She couldn’t scrap up enough money to pay her bar tab because all she does is level pets. I’m not even hopeful she’ll keep that job long as she’s always late … just one more level … just one more tamer.

Her latest mission is to start leveling the level one greens that can’t be obtained in the wild. Just the special ones, it turns out she thinks they’re all special. I find her optimism that she’ll ever accumulate that many Battle-Stones to upgrade them all a little extreme but I didn’t say anything. Who am I to rain on her parade. But Cat, do something else for a change … something … ANYTHING … but no she doesn’t even hear me. She’s lost in her leveling frenzy.

So if you see someone hunched over the sink in ratty old clothes in the back of the Inn at Halfhill, it’s probably Cat. Learn from her mistake. Be cautious with battle pets, don’t take them lightly, they are DANGEROUS. Don’t let it happen to you.

I’m In Your Base, Killing Your Dudes

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inyourbaseOr not as the case may be.  I had pretty much ignored Operation Shieldwall until I heard tell of a Rodent Crate that could be purchased with 2000 Domination Point Commissions. Inside this crate lurk Sumprush Rodents and once I found that out Cat became very patriotic (she’s usually not that into killing the opposite faction) and the slaughter commenced.

I hadn’t heard of the achievement I’m In Your Base, Killing Your Dudes until Navi mentioned it in a post. For some reason that just tickled Cat and she wanted to have that achievement but that might prove harder than I had expected.

To get the achievement you must kill all three of the opposing faction’s rare elites. This really isn’t about how to do that, a very detailed writeup can be found at Icy Veins which covers just about everything you need to know. My problem is something different, trust.

Let me back up. Cat ran off to find these dudes and found old Kar Warmaker suspiciously just standing there alone, no guards. Well this is lucky! Not so much, I soon found out why he’s always standing there with no guards. Cracking Blow. I know about it, I watch for it, I run behind him, I AM behind him and BAM it hits me. He’s doesn’t turn around and say HAHA GOT YA, he’s still facing away but every time, I get hit, Shadowmeld and give up at that point.

I decided to wait around and see if I could learn what to do by watching. A Shaman approached and great preparation began. He began by dropping all kinds of doodads and calling up earth, wind and fire and then pulled old Kar. I felt bad for him as he apparently hadn’t read the memo about Cracking Blow because his preparation for the fight ended up lasting longer than the fight.

There must be a way to avoid Cracking Blow but so far I haven’t seen it or figured it out and if Cat gets hit once by that she might as well pack up and go home. Okay then, we’ll try someone else.

How about Muerta. I soon found out that if the Heavy Mook and Or’Dac were alive Cat just can’t survive trying to kill Muerta while being beaten upon by those two, too much for her. Luckily I happened on Muerta alone and the Heavy Mook and Or’Dac didn’t respawn til the end and I managed to loot her and Shadowmeld before she died from them beating on her.

Muerta is not hard if alone, I imagine for a class with the ability to relocate her this fight’s pretty easy.

And then there’s Ubunti the Shade who is usually always already engaged when I come along or just not up. He’s a real comedian because he chose this morning when I didn’t have my contacts in to show up. Har har Ubunti, I’m not falling for that.

SO ANYWAY … I decided to try to get help. I assured people that I didn’t want an invite if it dropped and I was met with either extreme skepticism or silence. If I need help to do these rares than obviously I have NO NEED for an invite I just want the achievement. Nope, no takers. What we have here is a crisis of trust. I can’t say I blame them really.

I don’t know what to do, I’m thinking of giving references to my trustworthiness. Maybe I could offer a list of bloggers who would attest to my honor at keeping my word. Sigh …


So after all this, in an attempt to try to regain our self-respect, Cat and I went to beat up all the Spirit Tamers. YEAH! TAKE THAT! You feeling me Tamer! Who’s the badass now! WE ARE! Whew, it helped. We feel so much better now. Thank Elune for pet battles.

Take Me to Your Leader or Survivor!

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worgennutCat’s been sitting outside the Shrine of Seven Stars playing  with MogIt. She wants to enter Amateur Azerothian’s Amazing Transmog Survivor Contest. This is one of her rejected outfits. If I know Cat she won’t be happy until she comes up with an outfit she can wear, so poor Worgen got cut.

The first round is to design a Disciple of Har’koa.  Not the funky folk that have her chained, but use her as inspiration for your toon were that it were a follower of said Spirit.

The deadline for the first round is January 8th so there’s still plenty of time! The more scary Disciple’s of Har’koa the better!

A Holiday Reenactment and Most Visited Posts of 2012

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atetoomuchI don’t know about you but I went on a food eating orgy of epic proportions for a WHOLE WEEK!  I feel ill, I feel stuffed. What were people thinking?? Did they think it was alright to give me about eight boxes of chocolates and everything would be fine? Did they? Don’t they know me? I had to eat everything before today so that I could diet. I had to clean out the house of everything bad. So yeah … I ate it.

Anyway I couldn’t take pictures of me prostrate on the couch moaning, so my dog agreed to a reenactment. So yeah, imagine that’s me and I’m moaning about how I don’t feel that well.

howdidoMOAN! MOAN! How’d I do? Huh? Huh? Did I do good, where’s my treat? He’s such an extortionist, nothing’s free with him. Anyway, I just thought it had been too long without dog pictures so there is my holiday reenactment. I should be ashamed, but I mean one box came all the way from Germany, I couldn’t IGNORE IT could I?

I got my nice WordPress report, it’s very interesting but not a big surprise. Apparently us WoW players are interested in looking good while riding a really cool mount and being nude. What’s not to like there!

1 Let the Mog Madness Begin!
2 Reins of the Phosphorescent Stone Drake
3 Stuck in Uldum with no more Quests
4 Mysterious Camel Figurine or how I met Dormus
5 Synchronised Swimming Nude Accident

I’m a little unclear as to at what point the transmog comes off and the nude part starts, maybe they ride nude but run around town in outfits. Anyway, thanks for stopping by last year all you nude rare mount riding transmoggers!