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Who are you … (Cymre Watch Out Ugly Face Incoming)

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greenfaceWho who who who. I woke up in a Stormwind doorway … sigh. I’m in a mood, not a HUGE mood. You can always tell by the amount of effort I put into my ugly face and today … yeah, phoning it in.

But really doesn’t it seem wrong that while “playing” a “game” I FREQUENTLY worry about the future of the human race and I don’t like the odds.

Okay, that was my wordless rant. I’m done. To those that deserve it consider this a BIG FU from me to you.

Do You Know the Fight?

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warmakerThis picture has nothing to do with anything, Sasche just felt sorry for Kar Warmaker because apparently he’s old news and nobody wants to fight him. She told him that apparently the word is out that he cheats with that Cracking Blow ability. If he’d stop it maybe he’d have some company.

changefWhat she really came here to say is Blizzard WTF! How dare you! What kind of crack is that? What the hell are you trying to say? Okay, you disguised my hair a little but why are you thinking that ANYONE would want to change from a beautiful Forsaken to a Blood Elf. I resent the implication that I’m less than attractive. Really, how could you.

I thought I should post today although I don’t have any of my usual helpful information to give you … HAHAHA! Yes, that Sasche said that, she’s quite the jokey Undead.

The REASON I thought I should post was because it might be my last chance to say: Hi, you guys! I’m hoping I don’t get booted off WordPress. A while back I was contacted by someone from the New York Film Academy. Apparently they have a game design program and wanted to do a guest post.

I know I would be interested in hearing what’s involved in becoming a game designer so I said sure. Hopefully since I’m getting nothing in return this isn’t in conflict with the whole WordPress no advertising thingy. I’m looking forward to reading it.

Lastly I had to add to my FAQ page. I get this a lot. I need to clarify. I get variations of, “You all know the fight.” Do you know the fight?” “Everyone knows this one.” NO I DON’T EFFING DO! I do not know one single fight! Over the years while you all are spending your time watching videos and studying strategies I have been sunning myself on the beaches of Tanaris and Thousand Needles.

What? Yes, I’m very lazy but everyone enjoys the game differently and if I think it’s fun to go back and pound on unsuspecting bosses with a bear 20 levels higher than them so that mechanics never have the time to become an issue then that’s what I’ll do. 20 levels though it would probably be my Cat pounding on them. Whatever. Cat is in a one person guild and has refused to pug since BC. Trust me, she doesn’t know the fight.

So in the interest of full disclosure. No. I DO NOT KNOW THE FIGHT! That is not why I play. I play to kick goats off of cliffs but if you still want me to come YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

JD and Laid Back Raids knows this and yet they still let me come … I know! How crazy is that!

Finally! My WoW Life Complete!

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flyingtableDid I obtain an unattainable weapon? Reach a lofty iLevel? Big Love Rocket drop? Reach It’s Over Nine Thousand! yet? HAHAHA! Oh hell no, but I now have a Flippable Table! I worked long and hard currying favor, exchanging Mushan Ribs, doing dailies and now IT’S FINALLY MINE!!

Aki’s stupid Dragon dodged THREE attacks while beating the crap out of my pet?


Courageous Yon dares to give me another ball of lint as a reward. SLAM that table into his little cave!

It really works for everything. Love Rocket didn’t drop? FLYING TABLE OF RAGE! Someone got to the rare you’d been camping right before you! Beware! FLYING TABLE OF FURY!

So satisfying. Really.

What? Yes, it’s Tuesday and not just a maintenance day a REALLY LONG maintenance day. So I felt like talking although I have nothing to say. I do have a doctor’s visit lined up for the later half of the maintenance so I’m sitting here trying to be all zen and calm thinking about how satisfying it is to flip my table.

Every time I go to the doctor’s and they take my blood pressure lately they say it’s too high. I have TOLD THEM it’s HIGH because I’m at the doctor’s office for heaven’s sake. It seems only doctors don’t get this. She says that’s not true. Harumph. You are too scary, I’m going someplace where they might find out I only have six weeks to live and TELL me and on top of that they make me wait in a waiting room for OVER an hour with country music blaring the whole time. WHAT ISN’T STRESSFUL THERE!

And just for those country music enthusiasts, I like OLD country music but what they were playing was pop to me, I guess expecting heavy metal or something at the doctor’s is out. So yeah, I really don’t think I have high blood pressure. I just think the whole experience is too stressful. It was high at the dentist when they were about to extract FOUR TEETH! Well, duh.

Sorry, got off topic there. What else? Let me see. Got this search term, lazy tome. HOW DARE YOU! I am not. It just looks that way. It’s the danger of playing with a loner. As a loner when infrequently in a group, I don’t expect to be healed … ever. I’m not used to it. Unless I do something extremely stupid which is always possible, I will take care of myself.

The other day in a scenario I felt bad. This works both ways. I’m not paying ANY attention to what you’re doing, I’m not looking at chat. I’m just dpsing that bad boy down and trying not to step in anything. I happened to look at chat after it was over and saw, “ON ME!” “TWO ON ME!” from the healer. Wow, sorry. My bad. Didn’t occur to me to look out for them because I’m always alone. So it’s not laziness it’s lonerness and makes me very dangerous to hang around. Because you’re thinking I’m paying attention to you and I’m not. So see, not lazy tome, loner tome.

Oh well. Bout time to head to the doctor’s. I just wish I could flip my table a few times before I go. I think it would help with the blood pressure, instead I’ll just have to take earplugs and hope the absence of country music works.

Cat Does Pandarian Shake

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Yeah, I know I overindulge her. But really, what she SAID was she wanted to show off her Vile Fumigator’s Mask. Okay, that’s cool. I didn’t know she was going to cause a scene in the Seat of Knowledge and upset poor Lorewalker Cho!

Really Cat it’s been done to death, even Grannies did it.

What are the Tillers REALLY Growing and When Worlds Collide

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tillersgrowIn this shot it looks like he might be mid-jump but he floated like that all the way down the hill. You have to wonder just what kind of crops those guys are growing. Jade Squash, Striped Melon and maybe some Happy Time Weed. Well, whatever … I’m not ratting them out. I like these guys, it’s probably something medicinal.


Yeah … there he was this morning, I wanted to cry. People have said they never see him. I see him A LOT. I’ve concluded we keep the same awkward hours. 6:30am server and my time. He’s an early riser too. Sasche was first to see him but chat didn’t look promising. Horde side said it was too late to get a group together. Logged into Cat to check and an Alliance group was trying to form.

I think they had three people so far. I had fifteen minutes; my non-gaming husband is off until next Tuesday. Today is the day scheduled for car maintenance. I’m to take him to the repair shop to drop off his truck in 15 minutes … would a yell downstairs of:

“I will just be another half … or maybe whole hour while I wait for a Galleon group to form dearest,” work?

I think not. I think it might generate ire. Sigh … these mixed marriages can be difficult sometimes. He would never understand the importance of a Galleon group over a timely radiator flush.

In a RIDICULOUS show of optimism I logged in 3 hours later to see if he was still there … yeah … how stupid is that. Don’t you hate it when real non-game and real game-game worlds collide. But there it is, what are you going to do. Til we met again Galleon. Love you, man.

Since I’m here I gotta say, this is the ultimate slap in a pet battler’s face.

slapYou stand there through three dodged spells … you’re down to your last courageous pet. Your team prevails! Your last pet wins with 6 health left! Yay! What a win!  Yes … WHAT … you’re giving me a damn worn out useless stuffed toy? I just won an epic battle and that’s what I get? You’re killing me here.

battlesupAnd while on the subject of pet battles I’ve noticed Cat has developed some … I don’t know … pet battle superstitions I guess. She HAS to battle from the left. To not do so would mean certain defeat. I’ll have to check her socks. Could be she even wears lucky battle pet ones, who knows.

Anyway, I’d better go. I hear footsteps. Might mean I have to do more rl stuff. Go out for breakfast or something. These non-gamers, there are perfectly good Taverns in Azeroth if ONLY he would try it.

I Excel at …

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Procrastination! It’s my best thing! I wanted to do Matty’s Movie Mog Contest and I picked the classic, Blade Runner because I wanted to do Pris up there. I really didn’t think this through though. First, Sasche insisted she wanted to be the model … um … that’s not really what I had in mind but to keep the peace I relented. sasche_prisThere’s Sasche as Pris, the “basic pleasure model” replicant. Yeah Sasche, I’m just not feeling it. Oh well, as long as you’re happy. Someone would have had to have been on one LONGASS space trip or something to consider Sasche “basic pleasure model” material. WHAT? I’m sorry, I’m sure you were quite the beauty before the whole undead thing happened. Really.

So my problem is I just can’t get a handle on how to dress any of the other characters. I guess I could kinda cheat and do Roy from a scene where he’s only wearing pants. And I wanted to do Deckard but I can’t seem to come up with anything.

So I decided to show Matty that I AM trying and post what I have so far. I know it’s not much but hopefully if I procrastinate a little longer I just might be inspired. Or not. Who can say.

So that’s where I stand, how are you doing?

EDIT: Yay! I’m done! And under the deadline! Okay, here goes.

realroyHere is Roy delivering his famous monologue.


Okay, this is what had been stumping me. Deckard HAS to wear a duster. HAS TO, and it was really hard finding one. FINALLY I found the Duster of Replication. WHAT? It is too real; you just have to look really hard to find it.





the action or process of reproducing or duplicating

I’m sure Matty will allow it … maybe?

The WoW Bird of Happiness

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navibirdThis morning I’m doing the Tiller dailies and wondering why it’s taking Cat about five minutes to down a single Hozen … oh … Safari Hat again. Navi whispers that she just got a Flawless Battle-stone! Yay! I said it had been quite a while since I’d seen one, need one to drop for my Minfernal. Navi said come to Dath’Remar! Right now!

I had a character there, so logged in. Navi gave her the Battle-stone for her common Minfernal! How wonderful is that! She’s like one beautiful bird of WoW happiness! Sorry he singed your feathers! Thank you so much Navi!

I hurried to tell Cat as she’s the pet enthusiast, that Warlock only wanted to turn him into one of her minions.

minandcatAs expected Cat was thrilled and so grateful. She showed him off to all her friends at Halfhill. Best not to mention her clothes, she’s kind of touchy about that. She’s not in a good look place right now.

micookYeah … I’m not sure. She’s showing him the kitchen? Do Minfernals cook? Maybe she’s just showing him around the cottage to make him feel at home.

So how do I repay Navi? I think she’d want me to try to make someone else happy. Wait a minute. There’s going to be a server reset? Where’s Matty, let’s try one more time to go to the magical land of Drak’Tharon. Last time we tried we got booted to Pve, lets give it a try!

mattyYAY! YAY! It worked this time, we stayed on Drak’Tharon the magical battle pet server! Matty’s finally captured her Scourged Whelpling! The WoW bird of happiness passed it on! YAY! You’ve been scourged!

Sha of Ignorance, WoW Ding Pixies and Oh nooo …

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shaignorI’m not sure why but this expansion I’ve really dropped the ball on keeping up with things. Previous expansions I read up on everything whether I intended to do it or not. Not so much this time. Okay, I’m lying I DO know why, pet battling. There it is.

So anyway Sasche managed to get in a group for the Sha of Anger. They didn’t want to take her at first as she wasn’t yet 90 but players must have been scarce so they stopped being picky. I hadn’t read about the fight and couldn’t really see very well because I was constantly being stampeded over by a herd of Furious Goats.

Ultimately he died and yay! Sasche can’t believe her luck! She got the Malevolent Gladiator’s Drape of Prowess! She’ll have something nice to wear when she hits 90! Yay! And off she ran so pleased with her luck. Did she loot the boss? Oh hell no, she didn’t.

It really pays to read up BEFORE you do something. On reading about the Sha AFTERWARDS a quest is available if you loot the Claw of Anger from him which would have awarded her with some nice sandals.

So see, my job here is to do things wrongly so you don’t have to. First time you do the Sha of Anger, loot that big guy.

legaciYes, didn’t you know? They exist! WoW Ding Pixies! Really, and that’s what they look like! I know! Who knew! Sasche had about an hour before she had to log and was so close to 90. The beautiful Pixie appeared and whisked her off to do some speed-questing and ding! 90!

Then the Pixie crafted her Spelltwister’s Grand Robe and Gloves! Thank you beautiful Ding Pixie who is actually Legaci a member of our little Horde guild!

What did Sache do to celebrate her big iLevel jump? She went shopping for gems, and then immediately killed Yorik Sharpeye. Oh Sasche! Why did you do that! He’s a friend of Cat’s, they chat while she pet battles. Sasche didn’t care.

deadundeadWhat happened next? Hey Matty, this hotel is damned inhospitable too! Sasche, I TOLD you Cat would be upset, she probably screwed around with the transponder on your Wyvern, I wouldn’t go killing Yorik again … Druids can sometimes exhibit a Warlocky streak too.

Cheaters, Rodents and Amorous Intentions

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sumpCat finally accumulated her 2,000 Domination Point Commissions to buy her long sought after Rodent Crate. Finally! The Sumprush Rodent will be mine! Does it make me a bad person that I let 10:00 minutes tick by while I got myself a rare before I notified the general population that a crate was up? And while I’m on the topic of bad behavior, some of these pet tamers cheat.

Yes, really. They’re cheaters.

Every time I battle a tamer team with a flying pet, that sucker blasts me with Moth Balls and then next turn bombs me with Moth Dust! I know! As you can clearly see here that would require switching spells in a fight, something I’m not allowed to do … so CHEATER, CHEATER! I’m contacting the Pandarian Pet Battle Panel of Ethics over this, so just you look out!

WARNING: Whew, hope I’m not too late. Quick witted readers alerted me to the fact that everyone HAS NOT finished the Operation Shieldwall storylines. If you haven’t, WARNING. Spoiler alert. Consider yourself warned. Proceed at your own risk!


This just tickles me so much, your mileage may vary, I’m easily amused. Every time Cat does Chasing the Chicken for the Tillers I still get a laugh from the prim, prissy way she holds the Amorous Rooster out from her side, as though it’s contagious, while she marches to the water to drown the rooster’s ardor. I’m sorry, it just never gets old to me, she cracks me up.

biggreenJust wanted to say thank you to Euphyley for her post about how to obtain the giant grub of green death who might become untameable in patch 5.2. Best to be safe! Wasn’t that easy squeezing into the bank though. So if a Gorishi Grub appeals to you, here’s how to find him.

firespiritSasche is still leveling her professions so she was thrilled to receive a fire spirit two days in a row from a Blingtron 4000 Gift Package. I had not known they existed, very welcome profession points! Thank you Blingtron creators! We love you guys!

jainaYeah … not good, not good at all. I fear Jaina may flip out and go all medieval-on-you-ass again over this. At completion of the Operation Shieldwall storylines this is where it ends, Anduin crumpled on the floor. I’m afraid things are going to get ugly. I am really interested to see this from the Horde side. Sasche, could you kick it up a notch? No stopping to smell the flowers. What? Oh sorry, forgot you were a herbalist.


As a reward for using a Flare Gun to summons a pick-up for Anduin your reward is a Grand Gryphon. Oh, big whoop. Another Gryphon. Yay … not. Well, was I ever wrong. I love this Gryphon, the model is beautiful. I love it so much Cenarion War Hippogryph was even ousted from the mount bar of fame to make a spot.

Sasche, that means you’ve got a Grand Wyvern to ride! Hurry up, just one more level to go!

Hmm … at least four more hours to go. Let’s see how long I can dither over condiment choices at the grocery store.

Ironsally — The Quick OR the Dead

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If you’ve never met her, Ironsally is my Ironman Competitor. She took part in the original, die as much as you want WoW Ironman not the subsequent no-death Ironman. She is sporting the very best in poor armor with a whopping iLevel of 107. She likes action, so to keep her from pestering me about getting to 90 I assigned her the important job of Minfernal Watch.

Yesterday I was whining to Navi while hovering over Shatter Scar Vale in Felwood about the lack of even rumors of a Minfernal sighting but no lack of campers. Navi said, “You should try a low population server. What’s that one Arvash is on, I think that’s pretty low population.” “But oh, it’s a PvP server.”

Well no character is up for a challenge more than Sally and she fussed until I agreed to transfer her to Drak’Tharon.

She said, “Where better to continue to 90 when the time’s right.”

“Leveling to 90 in poor gear and no talents while being killed repeatedly by other players!”

“What’s not to like there!”

Something’s not right with that Warlock, but hey, to each his own.

Hi you guys … it’s only me. Not really worth killing, I think you’d get honor subtracted for killing me … just saying. So yeah … now Blizzard has me spending $25.00 for the hope, only the hope of a Minfernal. Matty and I were discussing this. We really think the spawn rates on some of these pets are Blizzards way of getting back at people for being so nasty to them on the forums. But hey! It wasn’t me! I’ve never said anything negative about you guys. I might though if I don’t find a Minfernal soon. No, no. It’s not a threat, I just don’t know how much longer I can keep my composure about THE FREAKING SPAWN RATE!

Deep breaths … deep breaths. happy happy joy joy …

Whew, I’m okay now.

Anyway, the way I see this playing out is that she’ll actually find a Minfernal, be battling it and along will come a level 48 questing through and they’ll kill her right before it’s hers because I’m betting a 48 could SO kill her.

If this happens I swear I will get on a plane and show up in Blizzard’s lobby, menacing them with Robble’s Wobbly Staff until the time they drag me off to jail or they change THE STUPID MINFERNAL DROP RATE!


What me? No I’m fine … really … really.

EDIT: 4:50 pm a little over 24 hours after transferring to  Drak’Tharon.

drakLogged in flew around and there one was on the southern edge of Shatter Scar Vale. At first I wasn’t going to check as I thought it was that toad that hangs out there. Was the 25.00 worth it to transfer. Oh yes. When Ironsally starts trying to level there she might feel differently but I’m thrilled with my common Minfernal. Now I’m off to the Argent Tournament to camp that Scourged Whelpling for Matty. YAY!