A Tale of Love and Death for Amijade

sascheAt the moment my life is filled with pain. My Hunter has been sitting in The Slithering Scar which isn’t easy as she’s phobic about bugs. She’s waiting for Clutchmother Zavas to spawn because Euphyley told her how to get a great pet! This morning, sans contacts I logged in. Nothing, I’ll just clear the bugs to wait. NO! OH NO! Yup, it was Clutchmother. Just what Euph said not to do. She’s so ashamed and mad at herself.

I have never seen a Minfernal, even on the map let alone in person. So much pain. What does this have to do with Warlocks? Oh, a lot.

When feeling low there is no greater time to call upon your Warlock. Why? To inflict PAIN ON OTHERS! TONS OF PAIN! OODLES OF PAIN! HAHAHAHAHA!

In a fit of anger at the audacity of another Tainted Cockroach spawning and getting her hope of a Minfernal up, Ironsally went on a rampage, killing every rotten Coackroach in Felwood. Die you wretched creatures, DIE! It felt good but we can do better! Unleash level 88 Sasche in her quest greens! She prowls the land looking for rares leaving wanton destruction in her wake!

She talks a friend into accompanying her to AQ40 where she pulls the entire population of bugs! HAHAHAHAHA! DIE! DIE DIE! She kills with no remorse, she’s a Warlock AND Forsaken, can’t do that on goody-goody Druids can you. No, Cat only kills things that attack her, she probably picks up spiders and puts them outside. She’s probably a member of D.E.H.T.A., wouldn’t do for a Druid to act in such an unseemly manner, oh no … pffft.

It’s so refreshing to be truly evil and not have to apologize, can’t do it irl, Druid won’t do it, so it’s left up to us. The Warlocks. To run cackling through throngs of the enemy trailing deadly fire, Wrathguard Felstorming unlucky survivors! YES! YES! YOU WILL FEEL MY PAIN! And I’m an Undead Warlock so I have THE EXTRA PAIN I tell you, and you will feel it! My clothes don’t match and I look disastrous! YOU WILL PAY! aaaiiiEEE!

Yes, remorselessly dealing death and pain. No apologies. It’s even expected. Where else can you get that? Nowhere.

Ah … I love the smell of burning bodies in the morning.

/hugs my little Warlocks. I ❤ you!

13 Responses to “A Tale of Love and Death for Amijade”

  1. Tome,

    Thank you! This made me week! When I talk about being passionate about the class can I link to this? Would you mind? /bows humbly

    • Of course you can! I love Cat very much, Druid’s are wonderful, but if I want to have pure fun Warlocks are my first choice. Sasche’s been knocking off rares in her rags, lol. She doesn’t care who she runs into!

  2. OMG… I’m scared of Sasche now!!!

  3. Awwww, poor hunter…I prolly should have warned you that Clutchmother Zavas blends in really well with the other rares in there. ='(

    lol @ the warlock rampage though. Makes me want to dust mine off. 😉

    • Good news, Euph! I decided to make one last check before I logged off to feed the dogs dinner and she was there! At last the BIG WORM is mine! We had a hard time fitting in the bank, lol.

  4. Hhmmmm….have her big blue give her bony shoulders a massage and get those minions to fix her a martini…

  5. Oh no about the rare but wow, I didn’t know she was that aggressive.

  6. […] Tome of the Ancients – Tome writes about her life and adventures in WoW and the different toons she plays. Her humor and writing style reminds me of…me! While that might not be a compliment for her to hear I hope she knows I always smile when I read her posts. Despite the fact she has many alts, she could never convince me otherwise that she’s not a warlock through and through. Reading her post called, A Tale of Love and Death for Amijade, made me proud not just because she named me outright, but because listen to how much fun she had onher warlock Sasche! That is how it should be.  BTW Tome, I had you on this list well before you wrote that post! […]

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