And the Winner Is …

scottyWell you have to have a master of ceremonies don’t you? So Scotty it is! My dog was going to do the honors but he’s a little under the weather so he’s just spectating and letting Scotty handle the rest. Thanks to Navi for making me aware that Scotty existed!

So first I’d like to thank those of you who took pity on me and fed my desire for more battle pet stories! Thank you so much! We had three competitors and a winner will be selected by /roll because I sure can’t pick one. I decided to roll in alphabetical order so here they are:

Effy of Awaiting the Muse’s Tiny Dreamer

The tale of how Kamalia finally answered the siren’s call of Pet Battles

Saundin the Rescuer from Sohei of Non-Squishy Heals

rollCat was on a taxi flying to a spirit tamer do dailies when she decided to roll. Oh Effy! A 65, that’s great! Oh no, Kam rolled a 35. And here’s Sohei’s roll, he’ll have to do well to beat Effy’s roll! Oh my! Sohei knocked it out of the RNG field with an 81! Congratulations Sohei! Saundin’s epic tale of tenacity prevailing won him a Pandaren Earth Spirit. I hope that he plays well with your other pets but tell them to watch out. He’s unfortunately fond of stunning everything he gets near.

I did a quick check and found Saudin on Shadow Council but want to double check before I send off the Earth Spirit, just let me know that’s the correct Saudin and I’ll have it in the mail.

EDIT: I checked your about page to make sure it was you and now Saudin should have a package! I ran all the way to Goldshire and was mauled by wolves before I remembered postage, lol.

Once again thank you so much! You can never be too rich, too thin or have too many battle pet stories!

10 Responses to “And the Winner Is …”

  1. Yea! Great writing to read! Thanks Tome, and congrats to the winners!

  2. Congrats, Saundin, with a great story! Thanks for hosting this, Ancient! ❤

    ~ Effy

  3. All of you are winners in my book. What great stories.

    As for you striking out too thin, well, Delgadita would take exception.
    All her robes just hang on her. It’s pretty sad, really.

  4. Awesome stories! Congrats to saund and I did so love reading all your stories. Great comp ancient 🙂

  5. Oh, Oh, OH! Thanks so much, I have been so behind with being away for the week I am only just catching up on blogs. I am so sorry for not even realising for DAYS!

    Argh, how embarrassing!

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