Ironsally — The Quick OR the Dead


If you’ve never met her, Ironsally is my Ironman Competitor. She took part in the original, die as much as you want WoW Ironman not the subsequent no-death Ironman. She is sporting the very best in poor armor with a whopping iLevel of 107. She likes action, so to keep her from pestering me about getting to 90 I assigned her the important job of Minfernal Watch.

Yesterday I was whining to Navi while hovering over Shatter Scar Vale in Felwood about the lack of even rumors of a Minfernal sighting but no lack of campers. Navi said, “You should try a low population server. What’s that one Arvash is on, I think that’s pretty low population.” “But oh, it’s a PvP server.”

Well no character is up for a challenge more than Sally and she fussed until I agreed to transfer her to Drak’Tharon.

She said, “Where better to continue to 90 when the time’s right.”

“Leveling to 90 in poor gear and no talents while being killed repeatedly by other players!”

“What’s not to like there!”

Something’s not right with that Warlock, but hey, to each his own.

Hi you guys … it’s only me. Not really worth killing, I think you’d get honor subtracted for killing me … just saying. So yeah … now Blizzard has me spending $25.00 for the hope, only the hope of a Minfernal. Matty and I were discussing this. We really think the spawn rates on some of these pets are Blizzards way of getting back at people for being so nasty to them on the forums. But hey! It wasn’t me! I’ve never said anything negative about you guys. I might though if I don’t find a Minfernal soon. No, no. It’s not a threat, I just don’t know how much longer I can keep my composure about THE FREAKING SPAWN RATE!

Deep breaths … deep breaths. happy happy joy joy …

Whew, I’m okay now.

Anyway, the way I see this playing out is that she’ll actually find a Minfernal, be battling it and along will come a level 48 questing through and they’ll kill her right before it’s hers because I’m betting a 48 could SO kill her.

If this happens I swear I will get on a plane and show up in Blizzard’s lobby, menacing them with Robble’s Wobbly Staff until the time they drag me off to jail or they change THE STUPID MINFERNAL DROP RATE!


What me? No I’m fine … really … really.

EDIT: 4:50 pm a little over 24 hours after transferring to  Drak’Tharon.

drakLogged in flew around and there one was on the southern edge of Shatter Scar Vale. At first I wasn’t going to check as I thought it was that toad that hangs out there. Was the 25.00 worth it to transfer. Oh yes. When Ironsally starts trying to level there she might feel differently but I’m thrilled with my common Minfernal. Now I’m off to the Argent Tournament to camp that Scourged Whelpling for Matty. YAY!

20 Responses to “Ironsally — The Quick OR the Dead”

  1. Let me know and we’ll book it first class, baby! I’ve got a scourged whelping bone to pick with them….

  2. Oooo, you’re on Drak now? Hit me up sometime and I’ll invite you to the guild =) Arvash#1842

  3. Go Ironsally! She’s already brought you luck so leveling should be like a walk in the park (either that or someone read this post and couldn’t face being chased around the lobby with a wobbly staff).

  4. Oh good Arv knows you’re there! Hopefully nobody from his guild kills you… Tell them not to Arv!

  5. Nice! Grats on the Minfernal! =)

  6. Grats on the miniinfernal! I got mine a few days ago and i guess the luck of Drak has passed on to you! Grats again! Wait you are alliance! Shadow Rising assemble get the alliance spy! JK JK!

  7. Wow, congratulations Tome! I suspect I’ll have to hound Arv and group up with him (or Ironsally now) to improve my CRZ odds.

    • Thanks JD! I am still not over the thrill, not to mention the joy that I didn’t accidentally kill him! We should try, I tried it with Matty and the CRZ seemed to kick us off Drak into a PVE server.

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