Cheaters, Rodents and Amorous Intentions

sumpCat finally accumulated her 2,000 Domination Point Commissions to buy her long sought after Rodent Crate. Finally! The Sumprush Rodent will be mine! Does it make me a bad person that I let 10:00 minutes tick by while I got myself a rare before I notified the general population that a crate was up? And while I’m on the topic of bad behavior, some of these pet tamers cheat.

Yes, really. They’re cheaters.

Every time I battle a tamer team with a flying pet, that sucker blasts me with Moth Balls and then next turn bombs me with Moth Dust! I know! As you can clearly see here that would require switching spells in a fight, something I’m not allowed to do … so CHEATER, CHEATER! I’m contacting the Pandarian Pet Battle Panel of Ethics over this, so just you look out!

WARNING: Whew, hope I’m not too late. Quick witted readers alerted me to the fact that everyone HAS NOT finished the Operation Shieldwall storylines. If you haven’t, WARNING. Spoiler alert. Consider yourself warned. Proceed at your own risk!


This just tickles me so much, your mileage may vary, I’m easily amused. Every time Cat does Chasing the Chicken for the Tillers I still get a laugh from the prim, prissy way she holds the Amorous Rooster out from her side, as though it’s contagious, while she marches to the water to drown the rooster’s ardor. I’m sorry, it just never gets old to me, she cracks me up.

biggreenJust wanted to say thank you to Euphyley for her post about how to obtain the giant grub of green death who might become untameable in patch 5.2. Best to be safe! Wasn’t that easy squeezing into the bank though. So if a Gorishi Grub appeals to you, here’s how to find him.

firespiritSasche is still leveling her professions so she was thrilled to receive a fire spirit two days in a row from a Blingtron 4000 Gift Package. I had not known they existed, very welcome profession points! Thank you Blingtron creators! We love you guys!

jainaYeah … not good, not good at all. I fear Jaina may flip out and go all medieval-on-you-ass again over this. At completion of the Operation Shieldwall storylines this is where it ends, Anduin crumpled on the floor. I’m afraid things are going to get ugly. I am really interested to see this from the Horde side. Sasche, could you kick it up a notch? No stopping to smell the flowers. What? Oh sorry, forgot you were a herbalist.


As a reward for using a Flare Gun to summons a pick-up for Anduin your reward is a Grand Gryphon. Oh, big whoop. Another Gryphon. Yay … not. Well, was I ever wrong. I love this Gryphon, the model is beautiful. I love it so much Cenarion War Hippogryph was even ousted from the mount bar of fame to make a spot.

Sasche, that means you’ve got a Grand Wyvern to ride! Hurry up, just one more level to go!

Hmm … at least four more hours to go. Let’s see how long I can dither over condiment choices at the grocery store.

23 Responses to “Cheaters, Rodents and Amorous Intentions”

  1. Congrats on your ROUS. That gryphon looks fantastic. I never liked the Cenarian mounts so this gives me incentive to get the rep on my Draenei. Yeah, that could take a while 🙂

    • Thanks, isn’t he great! You were the only person on at the time and I knew you already had yours. Hopefully someone got lucky who was in the vicinity.

      It really is a beautiful model, I am so taken by this Gryphon.

  2. 1. They are cheaters.
    2. You need to put in a spoiler alert.
    3. You inspired me to go on, however.
    4. Thank you for the green grub information and lucious links. Thinking about it.
    5. Will say again: you inspired me. Now I need to go help poor Anduin off that floor!

    • Oh no! I always think everyone’s ahead of me and it’s old news!

      If you decide to go for the grub, don’t be like me and kill Clutchmother Zavas to make room for her, lol. She just looked like another bug to me. I’m not discerning enough about bugs I guess.

      • No, apparently I need to spend entire Saturdays proving to myself that the RNGs hate me instead of finishing epic quest chains in a timely manner. I am a dork.

  3. 6. I LOVE the rooster one too! Kindred spirits, Tome. Think to myself, “I’ll cock-a-doodle-doo YOU!”

  4. I love that gryphon model, I use mine all the time. They did such an amazing job on the detail.

    Grats on your grub! Those bankers must have been terrified! 😉

  5. Oooooh. Dangit, like I didn’t have enough things distracting me already.

    /parks huntard in Un’Goro silithid hive

    • LOL! It didn’t take too long to find her, um … twice cause the first time I didn’t recognize her and killed her. She took pity though and spawned for me again that evening. But a Hunter has to have a giant green grub, you gotta.

  6. Congrats on your rat!! I read it and didn’t worry about spoilers because I won’t be doing alliance side any time soon… and you look so grand on that mount 🙂

  7. I’d heard that Anduin makes some bad choices during the Operation:Shieldwall storyline, but wow, those must have been some epically stupid decisions to leave him like that at the end 😦
    Betcha the “two princes” part of the Wrathion questline refers to Wrathion and Anduin. 😉

    • Yes, he’s young and a little naive and thought he could reason with Garrosh and we all know how that would turn out. Reasonable is not one of Garrosh’s strengths. I’m going to miss a lot though because I won’t be doing the Wrathion questline, I’d better read up.

  8. […] blog. Sometime later, I saw Euphy’s post on the green version from Silithus which Tome and Matty both […]

  9. […] I logged on to Juna, who I had parked in the Silithid hive in Un’goro after reading Tome’s post about the Gorishi Grub. I could hear the sounds of her being attacked before the screen finished […]

  10. I love those grub hunter pets!
    I need to start doing dailies again so I can get my box of rodents.

  11. OMG Anduin … I just havent been feeling this operation shieldwall thing so I’ve bearly dented it now of course you tell me there’s a mount reward so ugh if I’m not gonna have to get busy anyway haha. The green worm awesome, I know what I’m doing today!

  12. […] I was going through my mount journal yesterday, I noticed something I had not expected. A while ago Tome had written about her Operation: Shieldwall Grand Gryphon which looked so gorgeous, I was tempted […]

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