Sha of Ignorance, WoW Ding Pixies and Oh nooo …

shaignorI’m not sure why but this expansion I’ve really dropped the ball on keeping up with things. Previous expansions I read up on everything whether I intended to do it or not. Not so much this time. Okay, I’m lying I DO know why, pet battling. There it is.

So anyway Sasche managed to get in a group for the Sha of Anger. They didn’t want to take her at first as she wasn’t yet 90 but players must have been scarce so they stopped being picky. I hadn’t read about the fight and couldn’t really see very well because I was constantly being stampeded over by a herd of Furious Goats.

Ultimately he died and yay! Sasche can’t believe her luck! She got the Malevolent Gladiator’s Drape of Prowess! She’ll have something nice to wear when she hits 90! Yay! And off she ran so pleased with her luck. Did she loot the boss? Oh hell no, she didn’t.

It really pays to read up BEFORE you do something. On reading about the Sha AFTERWARDS a quest is available if you loot the Claw of Anger from him which would have awarded her with some nice sandals.

So see, my job here is to do things wrongly so you don’t have to. First time you do the Sha of Anger, loot that big guy.

legaciYes, didn’t you know? They exist! WoW Ding Pixies! Really, and that’s what they look like! I know! Who knew! Sasche had about an hour before she had to log and was so close to 90. The beautiful Pixie appeared and whisked her off to do some speed-questing and ding! 90!

Then the Pixie crafted her Spelltwister’s Grand Robe and Gloves! Thank you beautiful Ding Pixie who is actually Legaci a member of our little Horde guild!

What did Sache do to celebrate her big iLevel jump? She went shopping for gems, and then immediately killed Yorik Sharpeye. Oh Sasche! Why did you do that! He’s a friend of Cat’s, they chat while she pet battles. Sasche didn’t care.

deadundeadWhat happened next? Hey Matty, this hotel is damned inhospitable too! Sasche, I TOLD you Cat would be upset, she probably screwed around with the transponder on your Wyvern, I wouldn’t go killing Yorik again … Druids can sometimes exhibit a Warlocky streak too.

7 Responses to “Sha of Ignorance, WoW Ding Pixies and Oh nooo …”

  1. LOL that last shot is hilarious but oh no about no looting the Sha and the goats made me laugh as well. Did you use an extra roll as well?

  2. OH NO! Alliance Hotel!

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