I Excel at …

Procrastination! It’s my best thing! I wanted to do Matty’s Movie Mog Contest and I picked the classic, Blade Runner because I wanted to do Pris up there. I really didn’t think this through though. First, Sasche insisted she wanted to be the model … um … that’s not really what I had in mind but to keep the peace I relented. sasche_prisThere’s Sasche as Pris, the “basic pleasure model” replicant. Yeah Sasche, I’m just not feeling it. Oh well, as long as you’re happy. Someone would have had to have been on one LONGASS space trip or something to consider Sasche “basic pleasure model” material. WHAT? I’m sorry, I’m sure you were quite the beauty before the whole undead thing happened. Really.

So my problem is I just can’t get a handle on how to dress any of the other characters. I guess I could kinda cheat and do Roy from a scene where he’s only wearing pants. And I wanted to do Deckard but I can’t seem to come up with anything.

So I decided to show Matty that I AM trying and post what I have so far. I know it’s not much but hopefully if I procrastinate a little longer I just might be inspired. Or not. Who can say.

So that’s where I stand, how are you doing?

EDIT: Yay! I’m done! And under the deadline! Okay, here goes.

realroyHere is Roy delivering his famous monologue.


Okay, this is what had been stumping me. Deckard HAS to wear a duster. HAS TO, and it was really hard finding one. FINALLY I found the Duster of Replication. WHAT? It is too real; you just have to look really hard to find it.





the action or process of reproducing or duplicating

I’m sure Matty will allow it … maybe?

23 Responses to “I Excel at …”

  1. That is awesome, and I think you are very brave for letting it slip that a Forsaken warlock may not be suitable for a pleasure model…what if she heard you? Oh, that’s right. Her ears fell off. But be careful – those minions have excellent hearing! And there is no cheating – if the character is only wearing pants, cool! I’ll be working on mine later this morning.
    PS Love it by the way! (Sasche, don’t hurt me!)

    • You know, aside from the whole skin and bones thing I don’t even think a non-undead Warlock is suitable pleasure model material. Their idea of “pleasure” might be a whole other thing, lol!

  2. Aside from the skin and bones I think you’ve done great job replicating the look. Finding solid colored clothing/armor in WoW is NOT an easy task. It seemed like it took me forever to piece together my outfits. I’m not 100% happy with mine….but it’s the best I could find. Check them out if you like.


  3. Hmm…. That gives me an idea: Rocky Horror Picture Show.

  4. I too have been procrastinating. So far I have it narrowed down to 2 potential movies one of which I tried fleshing out to no avail. So, I’m giving the second one a shot tonight and hopefully I’ll have a litle more luck with it.

    Having never seen Blade Runner I only have your picture as a reference, but from that it looks like you’ve done a really good job translating it into WoW :).

  5. I don’t know… I think a Forsaken model is pretty true to Pris herself. I mean, well, not the whole, you know, pleasure bit but, er, her stop-start movement and her general weirdness. The outfit’s a great match, at any rate!

  6. Procrastinating is about as far as I have come 😦
    I can’t even decide on a movie.

  7. I love what you did, surprising yes but it works =}

    • Thanks! You should contact Akismet and tell them you’re not spam. It looks like they’re doing the same thing to you that they did to Erinys. As many times as I unspam you it still puts you back in spam. Tell them to stop! How dare they, lol!

  8. Oh god I am failing. I am disappointed in myself but your mog is awesome!

  9. Wow, great job with Deckard!

  10. LOL all your choices were great but yeah… an undead fem for AHEM. The outfits were classic though, esp the certain ‘additions’ you added.

    It’s annoying in WMV the toons can’t keep their eyes open when they’re not just standing straight.

  11. Love the Harrisson Ford look-a-like, Tome!

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